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Entertainment Weekly
As tricky and satisfying as any of David Mamet's airless cinematic shell games. Mamet's films are all plot and no atmosphere; this one has a squalid, urban-greed-meets-the-gutter mood that lends its filigreed cleverness an unusually resonant kick.
Elaborately layered movie about schemes and more schemes that pile up faster than chips on a blackjack table. The other half is realizing, about halfway through the film, that you won't figure it out until it's over.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Bielinsky's movie builds like a poker game in which the players, having invested everything, cannot afford to fold.
New York Daily News
Clever, compelling, funny and unpredictable, and it has a lollapa-looza of an ending.
Two suggestions as you watch it: Never take anything for granted, and keep your hand on your wallet as you leave the theater.
Charlotte Observer
Has more twists than the Pacific Coast Highway and more layers than a stack of silver-dollar pancakes. If you can wrap your mind around one unlikely condition, the picture provides unalloyed pleasure for connoisseurs of cinematic con artists.
Rolling Stone
Leaves you feeling tense and terrific. It's fun to be fooled.
Wall Street Journal
An accomplished and enjoyable Spanish-language debut feature by Fabían Bielinsky.
Fast-paced and unerringly surprising.
USA Today
If you want a brain puzzler that will ensure a lively conversation on the way home, Nine Queens is the real deal.
Chicago Sun-Times
A con within a con within a con. There comes a time when we think we've gotten to the bottom, and then the floor gets pulled out again and we fall another level.

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