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Portland Oregonian
A deep and extraordinary film that isn't afraid to look evil in the face -- or, for that matter, to acknowledge that evil can be more complicated and even attractive than we'd want to admit. It's very, very difficult to watch, but you shouldn't miss it.
Rolling Stone
Unique and unforgettable.
New Times (L.A.)
There are a couple of technical rough spots, but this daring film challenges most widely held notions about religious conviction while providing a complex portrait of an identity crisis that's run amok and a good mind that's jumped the tracks.
It is a challenging film, if not always a narratively cohesive one.
Ryan Gosling's riveting as a neo-Nazi who was raised in Jewish faith
Chicago Sun-Times
The film's anti-Semitism is articulate but wrong, and the conflict between what the hero says and what he believes (or does not want to believe) is at the very center of the story.
Those who see it at fests, and in carefully tailored specialized release, will be struck by the adroitness with which it addresses touchy issues, as well as by the outstanding performance of Ryan Gosling in the difficult leading role.
The A.V. Club
If nothing else, The Believer trusts that faith can not only withstand a little skepticism, but also gather strength and meaning from it.
Flawed but undeniably provocative and brilliantly acted by Gosling.
New York Post
Treads an awfully thin line between the provocative and the exploitative.

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