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Entertainment Weekly
Arenas' life zigzags before us in a manner as heady and unpredictable as it must have felt to the man who lived it.
Rolling Stone
In uniting to honor Arenas, Bardem and Schnabel create something extraordinary.
San Francisco Chronicle
It's an horrific and tragic story, but somehow made beautiful through the care and attention of Schnabel's direction and Bardem's tender, unforgettable performance.
Chicago Sun-Times
There is a little something of the spoiled masochist about Arenas. One would not say he seeks misery, but he wears it like a badge of honor, and we can see his mistakes approaching before he does. This is not a weakness in the film but one of its intriguing strengths
Philadelphia Inquirer
This is a sad, passionate, beautifully wrought story, and Bardem's portrait of Arenas is at once daring and deeply moving.
Chicago Tribune
This is an art film in the true sense of the term, engaging the mind, senses and emotions in a way that only movies at their best can do.
Miami Herald
A dreamy, passionate ode to freedom -- of thought, of expression, of every person's innate right to simply be.
Boston Globe
Most of all it's the emotional and spiritual arc of an exile, in all its terrible isolation, that gives ''Before Night Falls'' its power.
Mr. Showbiz
It's such a sensory experience; in its best moments, the film washes over you like a fever dream.
USA Today
Plays like a labor of love.
New York Daily News
A personal eulogy, from one artist to another, and an indictment of all systems of government that deny people the right to free expression and the full realization of their talent.

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