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16 Feb. 2005
I Wish That I Had Sammy's Girl
Five year old Sammy has a girl friend. Kim arranges a play date for them. It is not so much fun when Claire and Logan start to play together. Greg & Kim try to make Sammy seem more attractive to Claire again. The competition is on!
23 Feb. 2005
Jimmy Has Changed
Jimmy feels tired, sweaty, and uninterested in sex. His doctor tells him he has male menopause. Jimmy gets some antibiotics and feels less than a man.
2 Mar. 2005
Logan learns to read before Sammy. While Greg & Kim worry, Jimmy & Christine each feel they are responsible for his delay. When they watched Sammy when he was young, they were not always careful and Sammy's head got bumped a few times.
9 Mar. 2005
High School Reunion
Greg goes with Kim, Christine, and Jimmy to their high school reunion. Greg gets mistaken for a cool kid that attended the school; he enjoys the popularity. Jimmy gets jealous because he was always the coolest kid in school.
16 Mar. 2005
Greg's New Assistant
Greg loses another assistant at the studio, so as Christine finishes up at college, she gets the job as Greg's assistant. Christine quickly finds out why all the assistants quit ... Kim expects them to do jobs for her as well as Greg.
30 Mar. 2005
Won't Ask, Won't Tell
Christine calls Jimmy and starts rambling. Jimmy tunes her out until she asks if something is OK. He has no idea what she said. Turns out she realized it and set him up with a list of tasks. Kim joins in on the prank.
6 Apr. 2005
The New Neighbors
The house next door becomes available for sale. Jimmy & Christine plan to place a bid on it. Greg & Kim would rather have an upscale couple living there. The upscale couple gets the house, but then the Hughes and Warners drive then off.
13 Apr. 2005
Tree Hugger
Now that Jimmy & Christine are in their own home, they start to make changes. Jimmy wants to cut the lemon tree in his back yard, but Greg does not want him to do it. To cut or not cut turns into a childish war.
20 Apr. 2005
Senior Olympics
Jimmy's father is in town helping Jimmy & Christine with home improvements. Greg's father is in town to participate in Senior Olympics. Big Jimmy decides to compete in the Olympics against Greg's father.
25 Apr. 2005
A Little Breathing Room
Even though Jimmy & Christine have their own home, it seems they are over at the Warner's place just as often. Kim complains and Christine overhears it. Both couples try to find new friends, but they encounter problems in their search.
18 May 2005
Broken by the Mold
Greg lost his job at the movie studio and is depressed. Meanwhile Kim finds a damaged wall in the house which reveals water damage and mold. The Warners have to stay with the Hughes while the house is being repaired.
14 Sep. 2005
The Radford Reshuffle
When a new man takes over the studio, his first act is to fire some people and among the people he lets go is Savitsky. Upset at how he's being treated, he asks Greg to come with him and they'll start over together. But when he has a health scare, Savitsky decides to retire leaving Greg unemployed. But when Greg is barred from the studio, he has to find a way to get in so he can beg for his job back, which won't be easy.
21 Sep. 2005
Greg's a Mooch
With Greg out of a job, Kim and Greg are worried. Then Greg realizes how much fun it can be without a job and decides to take advantage of Jimmy and Christine for once. Jimmy kicks him out of the house. Greg gets a job.
28 Sep. 2005
Dominic's First Date
Dominic is 10 and going on his first date. Jimmy & Christine have different opinions on how to prepare him. Meanwhile, Kim has a box of personal items she wants Greg to burn when she dies; now he is curious and wants to read the letters.
5 Oct. 2005
On Your Marks, Get Set, Mow
Jimmy enters his lawn mower in a lawn mower racing contest and Greg decides to help him with the preparations. Greg Biffle, a NASCAR race driver guest stars as another lawn mower racer.
12 Oct. 2005
A friend brings some barbecue and everyone agrees it is delicious. Greg wants to buy more, but the restaurant is in the hood. Greg overcomes his fear and goes to buy some. When Greg runs late, Jimmy is afraid. Greg plays a trick on him.
19 Oct. 2005
Jimmy from the Block
Now that Jimmy & Christine are homeowners, they have become the popular family in the neighborhood. Greg does not care but Kim is upset. Kim throws a party to show they are just as popular.
2 Nov. 2005
Baby, Baby Not
After seeing a friend's new baby, both Christine and Kim want another child. Both Jimmy and Greg do not want another child and try to avoid sex. Christine and Kim think of devious ways to have sex.
9 Nov. 2005
Jimmy the Teacher
Jimmy starts helping the neighborhood children learn how to do things that their fathers do not teach them.
23 Nov. 2005
Marital Aid
Greg & Kim meet a new couple. The husband constantly belittles his wife. Kim starts treating Greg better. When Jimmy feels like Christine is nagging him, Greg tells Jimmy to invite the new couple over so she realizes how great Jimmy is.
14 Dec. 2005
Jimmy Sponsors a Vacation
Jimmy treats everyone to a vacation. Greg comes up with reasons why not and is eventually overridden. Kim and Greg find out Jimmy has found every shortcut way to save money on food, transportation, and entertainment.

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