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5 Jan. 2004
Who Done It?
When Greg & Kim return from a trip, they find the ceiling is broken and there is a major water leak from a broken toilet. When the toilet is repaired and a part to a radio is found, Greg turns detective to find out who broke the radio.
12 Jan. 2004
Greg Needs a Friend
Greg gets tickets for the jazz festival and no one wants to go with him. The others try to find Greg a friend to go with to the festival. Greg meets a cool guy and strikes up a friendship, but Greg finds he cannot keep up with cool guy.
2 Feb. 2004
Big Jimmy Babysits
Jimmy's father visits. Big Jimmy offers to take all the children to a park but Christine, Greg & Kim do not think he is responsible enough. They arrange for a babysitter to go with Big Jimmy and the children.
9 Feb. 2004
Mama Said Knock You Out
Christine & Jimmy join Kim and Greg at their gym. Jimmy finds out that Christine is powerful in the ring, and he sets up a match between his boss and Christine. He wants Christine will beat up his boss.
16 Feb. 2004
Dead Aunt, Dead Aunt...
Kim and Greg go to a Marriage Encounter Weekend. With Christine & Jimmy at home, there is a message on the answering machine about an aunt dying. Jimmy tells Greg and he is happy to leave the encounter even though it is not his aunt.
23 Feb. 2004
Greg and Jimmy's Criminals
Greg's boss agreed to mentor a convict at a work release program. Mr. Savitsky then passes the task to Greg who passes it to Jimmy. Jimmy has fun, so Greg gets another convict to mentor. As the four of them bond, things backfire.
1 Mar. 2004
The Owner's Suite
Greg gets four tickets to the owner's suite for the Laker's game. Greg wants to take Kim & his parents. Greg's plans go awry when Kim & his mother back out, so Jimmy & his father go. Jimmy & his father have more fun than Greg & his father.
22 Mar. 2004
The Premiere
When Greg decides not to attend a movie premiere, Jimmy takes his ticket and goes there. He tells someone he meets that the movie was lousy. What he doesn't know is that the person he was talking to, is the movie's director, Kevin Smith. So he complains to Mr. Savitsky who in turn calls Greg in to rip him a new one. But Jimmy tells Greg what happened so they tell Savitsky, who tells Jimmy to pretend to be Greg and apologize to Smith.
19 Apr. 2004
Kim and Gordon
Kim wants to change the design of the fireplace but Greg does not want to help. He also does not want to do it because she will end up involving Greg anyway. Kim hires a decorator to prove she does not need Greg's help at all.
3 May 2004
A List Before Dying
At the studio, a piano almost falls on Jimmy. After escaping death, Jimmy goes through his box of "stuff" and finds a list of items he wanted to achieve when he got older. He begins to try accomplishing items still to do.
10 May 2004
Couples Therapy
Kim invites friends of hers and Christine's over, but does not want Christine & Jimmy to be there. Christine is upset and crashes the Warner's dinner. Since one of the friends is a marriage counselor, he tries to help the two couples.
17 May 2004
Shirley Cooks with Love
Greg used film of Christine and Jimmy's wedding to create one video as a gift to them. The video includes not just the wedding, but preparations, family comments, and the fact that Jimmy was hesitant and Greg accidentally proposed to Kim.
24 May 2004
Living with Mr. Savitsky
Mr. Savitsky has a DUI and asks Jimmy to be his driver. Jimmy invites him over for dinner to Greg's place and Mr. Savitsky has such a good time he invites Jimmy and his family to move into his home. Life is good, until it is too much.

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