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6 Jan. 2003
Trophy Husband
Dominic participates in the school sport events and does poorly, but still receives participation trophies. Jimmy does not think he should have trophies for not winning and needs to learn about losing. Dominic overhears the comments.
20 Jan. 2003
Space Jam
Kim decides that they should rent a storage unit to hold the excess items she and Greg own; Christine & Jimmy store excess items as well. Greg and Jimmy end up visiting the storage unit to play with their "stuff" from before the marriages.
3 Feb. 2003
Let's Get Jaggy with It
Greg's parents visit. His dad won a walk on part in the TV series JAG; his mother wants to visit the set of Frasier.
10 Feb. 2003
House of Cards
Christine tells Jimmy no need for a gift for Valentines Day. She gets Jimmy a card, but does not like the one he got for her. She wants him to be more romantic.
17 Feb. 2003
Hustlin' Hughes
Jimmy's father visits. Jimmy gets four tickets for the baseball fan expo. Jimmy does not want the father to lie to Dominic about teaching Johnny Bench to hit in the minor league. Turns out the father did help the baseball teams.
24 Feb. 2003
Flirtin' with Disaster
A gorgeous, sexy woman starts working with Greg and starts flirting with him. No one believes that she is coming on to Greg. Greg is upset that she seems to have a lot of responsibilities and power for a new employee.
10 Mar. 2003
Savitsky's Beach House
Greg & Kim attend a birthday party at his boss's luxurious beach home. Kim then arranges to have a surprise party for Greg at the beach house, but he is uncomfortable because Jimmy & Christine might break something.
31 Mar. 2003
March Madness
Greg gets tickets for he and Jimmy to attend a basketball game in New Orleans the same weekend as Kim and Christine's grandmother's birthday party. The wives are upset.
14 Apr. 2003
Good Squirrel Hunting
A squirrel is living in the backyard, bringing peanuts. With Sammy allergic to peanuts, Greg tries to get rid of the squirrel.
28 Apr. 2003
Jimmy's Dumb
When Jimmy helps Dominic with homework, he realizes he does not know the science answers. Jimmy decides to attend a science class to learn more.
5 May 2003
Sorority Girl
Christine joins a study group at college. Others in the group are from a sorority and Christine tries to fit in.
12 May 2003
Savitsky's Tennis Club
Greg's boss invites him and Kim to a charity dinner. Greg is told to bring others for the table. Greg wants he and Kim to charm the boss and his new wife, but it turns out to be Christine that impresses the boss.
19 May 2003
When Jimmy Met Greggy
Jimmy tells Greg he would not have met Kim if it were not for Jimmy. Flashbacks show how Jimmy and Greg met. While Kim is in college, she met Greg. She and Greg visit Jimmy and Christine.
22 Sep. 2003
Natural Born Delinquents
As Greg tries to teach his children to obey him and follow rules, Jimmy allows his children to bypass rules and get away with things. Greg decides to make Jimmy's children be obedient.
29 Sep. 2003
Hooked on Comics
Greg's parents visit. Since his father's retirement, he has taken to collecting comic books and dressing up as a super hero.
6 Oct. 2003
Spare Parts
Greg helps Billy to get an audition for a bit part in a movie. Then, Jimmy wants Greg to help him get his movie idea shown to producers.
13 Oct. 2003
Speed Dating
Jimmy drives Billy to a speed dating event and ends up getting seated at the tables to meet women. Jimmy gets positive comments and requests from the women.
20 Oct. 2003
Big Brother-in-Law
Jimmy auditions for the Big Brother TV show and is accepted. The other contestants love him. Greg wants him to win so he gets enough money to move out of Greg's home. Meanwhile, the house is calmer without Jimmy around.
27 Oct. 2003
Dominic's Buddy
When Jimmy finds out Dominic has been picking on a boy at school, he tells Dominic to be friends with him. As the boys play together, Dominic becomes more like Ronnie instead of Ronnie becoming more like Dominic.
3 Nov. 2003
It's Take Your Child to Work day. Since Jimmy's job is more active and fun, Sammy has more fun staying with Jimmy rather than Greg. Greg decides to take the boys to Legoland to show they can have fun with Greg just as much as Jimmy.
10 Nov. 2003
The Day of the Dolphin
Greg wants a golf vacation for his birthday and starts to drop hints to Kim. But Kim has other ideas - Sea World, to train with the dolphins. Jimmy finds contact information for his old girlfriend on the Internet.
17 Nov. 2003
Jimmy and Chuck
Chuck Norris plays himself as an actor preparing for a security guard role in a movie. Jimmy shows him the ropes for being a security guard at the studio.
24 Nov. 2003
A Bunch of Ice Holes
Jimmy and Greg's father-in-law plan to go ice fishing, but Jimmy hurts his back. Greg is talked into going with him. Kim house sits for a friend; Kim and Christine go to check the house and stay to enjoy the luxuries.
15 Dec. 2003
Pimpin' Ain't Easy
Greg's boss is being considered for a museum board member, and Greg suggests Kim help with art tips to help him. Greg also suggests Kim attend the museum party with his boss, but regrets it when the boss makes passes at Kim.

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