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2 Oct. 2000
Greg & Kim live in their own home in California. Christine (Kim's sister) & Jimmy live in a nearby apartment. Jimmy talks Greg into allowing Kim and Christine to have a day without the children; he and Greg take the children to a casino.
9 Oct. 2000
Weaning Isn't Everything
Greg is surprised to find out that Kim is still breast feeding Sammy even though he is one year old. Greg says it is OK to breast feed for the health, but Kim says it is for another reason.
16 Oct. 2000
The Good Couple
The two couples take their children to the park. Greg & Kim meet a young couple with a child and think they will be a fun couple to know; Christine & Jimmy meet an older couple with a child and Jimmy is chagrined to be with older people.
23 Oct. 2000
You Wanna?
While Kim and Christine go to the theater, Greg and Jimmy go to a sports event and then stop off at a strip club. That evening, Greg & Kim have adventurous relations; Kim is pleased until she finds out why Greg was so enamored.
30 Oct. 2000
Kim and Christine's father comes to visit. The father gets along great with Jimmy, but not with Greg. Jimmy can get away with saying anything and the father does not get upset. With Greg, things do not always go well.
6 Nov. 2000
Greg's Big Day
Greg's birthday is coming up, and Kim wants the family to go to Disney Land. Jimmy talks Greg into partying like when they were young. Greg & Jimmy go out, but partying is different when you are older.
13 Nov. 2000
Look Who's Not Talking
Kim invites Christine to join her in a Mommy and Me class with their children. Kim's day is structured with the class, a walk, the park, and more. Christine is worn out. Kim and Christine argue over parenting styles.
20 Nov. 2000
Jimmy Gets a Job
When Kim finds out Christine & Jimmy are not having a birthday party for Dominic's birthday, she has one for him. Jimmy gets a security guard job where Greg works at the movie studio and invites the Greg's boss to the party.
27 Nov. 2000
Kim's father visits. When he sees the sleeve guards Kim created, he convinces her to sell at a craft fair. Jimmy plays on a security guard baseball team and wants Christine and Dominic to watch the game.
4 Dec. 2000
Talk Time
Kim & Greg have dinner with friends. When they realize they only talk about Sammy, they decide to take a wine tasting class to have something else to talk about. Jimmy & Christine decide to join them in the class.
18 Dec. 2000
All I Want for Christmas Is My Dead Uncle's Cash
Jimmy inherits money from a deceased uncle. He repays Greg the money he owes him, and then spends the rest on gifts and other items. Now, he has no money to pay the taxes on the inheritance. Kim has a holiday picture taken of the children.

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