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Extremely funny!

Author: (Kelly-15) from Austin, Texas
12 October 2000

I stumbled upon this show in my lifelong obsession with all things Seth Green, and I have to say, I'm hooked. This show is SO funny! The jokes are great, the characters are engaging, and basically it's just a welcome change from all of these shows coming out with famous stars that aren't funny at all. I really need to know the name of the actor who plays Kinicke (sp?-I haven't seen Grease in a while)- he is amazing! Of course, the most amazing part is that these people somehow manage to make Seth Green look tall. Interesting. Anyway, watch this show!

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this is like The Wonder Years with an "R" rating

Author: Zane Thompson from Arizona
3 October 2000

I watched the first episode last night and I was nearly in tears from laughing so much. Eli Marienthal is a talented and likeable young actor, and could be the next Frankie Muniz if he gets the right roles. About the show---the numerous male adolescent sex jokes and penis jokes did not offend me one bit---this kind of humor is right up my alley. So please, please NBC, do not axe this show like you did with Freaks & Geeks.

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A new GREAT funny show! Better than Malcolm in the Middle

Author: Pat1973 ( from Frankfort Illinois
3 October 2000

Ok first of all the great cast is why I like this great show! Tucker is a comedy show about Tucker and his mom moving in with her sister(Tucker's Aunt) and her son and her husband. The story is that Tucker's mom is moving on from her deadbeat husband who fell for another women and so that's why they are here in her sister house to live! It's a show that is better than Malcolm in the Middle. It's kinda like that show but a whole lot funnier! The pilot is so funny I laughed my butt off! Every word and action in this fast paced show is great! Watch it! I know it's only the first episode but I'm already a lifetime fan and I'm going to watch it every week! Don't miss a must see comedy! Watch and tape theses shows! Out of 4 stars I give it 4 stars! It's that funny!

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Side Spliting!

Author: mad_4_movies from London, England
27 September 2003

Ive seen a lot of teenage comedy programmes and this was up at the top! Its so funny! All the actors were great and Seth Green was so funny! Its such a shame that they arnt showing it any more because if it was put on the right time and night then this probably could have been as big as Malcom in The Middle. Its exactly my kind of humor and is just the type of thing that you feel like watching on a Friday night.

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very funny, loved the uncle. needs more of him.

Author: ratfishranch from california.usa
6 October 2000

my family and i really enjoyed the first show. it brought back memories of when i was going through the tough teenage wife and my kids really loved Uncle Jimmy. we thought he was so cool, the way he delt with Tucker and his wife. we would love to see more of him. keep up the good work, and keep us laughing

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Bring this out on DVD!

Author: newtt11 from United Kingdom
4 January 2007

I loved tucker!!!!! It was so great and true and funny........i cant believe it was cancelled ..........we never found out if he got the girl! This needs a DVD release now!!!!!!!! Plus it's got Seth green and Alison lohman : so they can use them to sell it!!! Katey Segal was so funny as the evil auntie-she reminded me of my own aunt who i had to stay with sometimes! I just remember how much i loved the episode where it was thanksgiving dinner- and they all went to the resteraunt where tucker's mom worked to see her and then tucker had this big dream sequence where his mom + dad got back together+ it was really hilarious when the auntie pulled the waitress outfit off.........hilarious. Yet another great nickelodeon show that has been buried instead of given a great DVD release-along with Sabrina the teenage witch and Are you afraid of the dark?.....Get them out on DVD now, Nickelodeon!!!!!!

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very good show

Author: lorelei11 from New Jersey
11 November 2000

I loved Tucker while it lasted... the uncle and the cousin were great, but my absolute favorite character was Kinicky, one of Tuckers first friends. He really cracked me up, especially in the scenes between he and Leon in the mini golf episode. Also, I liked him in the 2nd episode when he was first introduced. ("think she likes penguins?"..."who doesn't?"(Kinicky) hahaha. So anyway this show was awesome I can't believe it got cancelled.

It was my new favorite...but oh well maybe fox family will pick it up...(hint hint)

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Too good for NBC!

Author: idonotgetit from South Carolina, USA
30 October 2000

Okay, so this series won't get any points for originality, how many shows today do?! It's a little corny at times and the whole Seth Green thing seems a little wierd, to me, but this is a very funny show.

The language and the references to sex (which shouldn't be changed at all) make this a little more than I would expect to see on NBC. Maybe when they cancel it (and they will) the Comedy Channel will pick it up. I just hope someone keeps it going because it is really funny.

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An inspired stinker

Author: Mr. K from Portland, OR
19 October 2000

This sit-com is really far too mean-spirited to be taken humorously and too sappy to be taken seriously. It tries to stimulate nostalgia, but instead gives us a frustrating look of the world through the eyes of a helpless, hopeless, horny young man. Oh, he's a fine performer and does a remarkable job with the role he's offered, but the character itself receives little sympathy from me. The writing is banal at best. The concept doesn't lend itself to much longevity that I can foresee. However, this looks exactly like the type of show that would burden itself with the introduction of another kid, or a new dad, or something further down the line to help boost forthcoming sinking ratings (if it even survives long enough for that to be a concern, probably a moot point). I was interested to see Katey Sagal's name in the credits. I was more interested in just how much I can't stand her character. Of course, it was designed that way. I'm not supposed to like her. But, good Lord, I think they need to let off the gas with the 'evil aunt' element. She didn't have to be so hate-inducing. We want to like her on some level. This show won't work if we don't. Otherwise, we'll just go through the paces of Tucker vs. Aunt like Oliver Twist plowing through unhappiness with his evil caretakers. This show needs to be more human in regards to its characters. It needs charm. Otherwise, this show will soon be a parting memory.

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This show rules!

Author: Cucumber-4 from California
7 October 2000

This show is the best!! It has great acting, great jokes, and it's just an all-around GREAT SHOW!!! I've been to the set, and everyone's really nice! I really hope this awesome show does well. I give it (*****) out of (*****). Keep it, NBC!

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