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Season 1

1 Oct. 2000
32-year-old Lydia DeLucca astonishes everyone by breaking off her six-year engagement and enrolling in college.
7 Oct. 2000
The Screw-Up
A series of financial setbacks prompts Lydia to consider dropping out of school.
14 Oct. 2000
Whadda You Want from Life
Lydia is torn between dating a 23-year-old student and going back to Lou.
21 Oct. 2000
He's Very Heavy, He's My Brother
Lydia is concerned about Paulie when he moves in with her following an argument with their father.
28 Oct. 2000
Bad Hair Week
Jackie becomes unglued when her irresponsible mother pays a visit. At the same time, Lydia threatens her relationship with Jackie when she chooses to attend a college lecture rather than keep a commitment. Lou inadvertently hurts Paulie's feelings.
4 Nov. 2000
The Tell-Tale Uterus
Lydia starts to have second thoughts about breaking up with Lou when her biological clock starts ticking. Unfortunately, Lou is dating someone else. Jackie dates a certain doctor. Dolly revamps her look.
11 Nov. 2000
Lydia and the Professor
Lydia's relationship with her English professor could jeopardise both of their futures at the university. Dolly is depressed when Frank spends his free time in a karaoke bar. To broaden their horizons, Jackie and Candy join a Salsa dance class.
18 Nov. 2000
The Tutor
At the same time that a 13-year-old prodigy is tutoring her in math, Professor Cahill stuns Lydia by suggesting that she drop his class so they can date. After cancelling a date with Candy, Paulie and Candy both avoid each other, though for different reasons.
25 Nov. 2000
Saint Bernadette
Lydia is upset when her lifelong role model for the modern independent woman gives up her idyllic life to get married to a man whom she has known for only three weeks.
16 Dec. 2000
When Good Ideas Go Bad
Lydia is conflicted when Lou buys "their" dream house. Dolly gets hooked on the Internet. Jackie opens her salon to younger clientele.
6 Jan. 2001
After the death of one of her friends, Dolly divides her possessions between her kids while Lydia tries to spend some quality time with her. Lydia has trouble with a photography assignment. Paulie suffers an embarrassing on the job injury.
13 Jan. 2001
Lydia has everything happen to her, from car breaking down, her apartment being robbed and finding out the subject for her college paper is used by someone else. After feeling a failure, she pulls herself up and accomplishes all that was going wrong.
20 Jan. 2001
Heart Problems
The family becomes overly protective after Frank suffers a mild heart attack; Victor avoids dealing with his 11-year-old daughter. Candy reveals a startling revelation to Paulie.
3 Feb. 2001
Touched by a Biker
After losing her job at the bar, Lydia has trouble making ends meet while meeting her community service requirement. Jackie is wary about trusting Victor. Paulie rebounds from his breakup with Candy by working closely with Plum on the campus watch.
17 Feb. 2001
Or What's a Heaven For?
To Dolly's dismay, Frank quits his job at the tollbooth without consulting her. Lydia tries to help J.T. get his G.E.D, despite his resistance. Victor proposes to Jackie.
24 Feb. 2001
Banister Head
When Lydia suspects Paulie of wrongdoing, she gets herself into trouble. Frank tries to start a new career as a restaurateur. Jackie ponders Victor's proposal.
10 Mar. 2001
Miracle at the Cucina
In the week of Cucina DeLucca's grand opening, the DeLucca family has a scare when Lydia learns there's a lump in her breast. Paulie meets Plum's father.
7 Apr. 2001
No Good Deed
Lydia and Jackie think that they've hit the jackpot when they win $10,000 in the lottery. Unfortunately, a man with a gun claims that the ticket is his. When the friends figure out that the gun isn't real, they beat the man up, only to have him sue them for $250,000.

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