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How unfortunate that the $treet was canceled
yoncenator19 October 2003
Those ba$tard$ at FOX canceled this show cause it wasn't an immediate #1 show. This show had so much talent and promise. PLUS two of the best looking women ever to grace the media. Both Jen Connelly and Jen Garth. I KNOW that those execs were kicking themselves when they could've had a show with THE current academy award winning actress on prime time. That just doesn't happen. Too bad FOX just didn't have any balls, and rather would pay millions per episode for the lowest common denominator and same old money makers instead of backing talent and style that you only see on premium cable TV. How unfortunate. The $treet was the only series I've ever video taped to make sure that I saw it and I'm really glad that I saved those.
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Should have gotten a chance.
oliverburnett4 January 2002
This show was pretty good and its too bad that FOX didn't give it a chance. I don't think it was on 2 months before they axed it. They should have changed its time slot because it was up against The West Wing. It was FOX's loss because this could have been the next big thing.
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Why in gods name did FOX cancel this?
jesper-lindholm9 February 2005
Hi. I just want to cry out and say that FOX is an idiots network to cancel The $treet. I have watch some episodes here in Sweden and I really think that this show is one of the best I've seen. It's definitely the best if you ignore the shows on HBO. I can't decide if I'm sad or angry that there will be no more episodes at all. It's really a shame.

I would like to know what's in those execs minds when they do things like this. How does there brains work. I would say that there heads doesn't work at all.

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Awesome show, Can't believe they cancelled it
atinoco24 October 2002
This show was just awesome, it was the only show I watched on TV for some time.....Interesting characters, Great Cast, Interesting plot, Gorgeous Women, and also full of information on the Stock Market. This show has actually introduced me to some of the basic concepts related to the NYSE, was a great advantage on some college courses involving the Stock Market. I was very disappointed when it got cancelled, it was my FAVORITE show at that time, I don't understand why it got cancelled, but, I see lame and crappy shows running for at least a year while some good ones, like The Street, get cancelled. I would love to see this show back on TV, it just ROCKED.
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It should have been on longer!
Christopher Smith27 September 2001
From watching the new shows this season, it makes me think how many great shows premiered last year, but when off the air. This is one of them. I guess it was a little too racy for network television. If it had been on HBO, it would have probably lasted a long time. The show was smart, funny, well acted, and best of all, it was original. Almost all shows today are just rip-offs of some other shows. This wasn't and that is why I loved it so much.
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I hope the producers can find a new home for this "edgy" show
Shapster1117 December 2000
Now that Fox has cancelled The Street let me offer some regrets that the network did not attempt to change its time slot. Going up against a show like The West Wing almost doomed it to failure and that is a shame.

The Street was a microcosm of a youthful Wall St. firm at mach speed. As has been popularized today the dialogue happened fast and furious...way faster than in real life. But that is what kept it vibrant. I am at least a generation or two older than the people depicted in the show yet I really related to the energy the show produced. The give and take between characters was very good on both the personal side as well as the professional side. The depictment of this Wall St. firm as both cut throat with good friendships is what life is...especially in the frenetic pace of the business of finance.

I really liked that in character development no one person was all good or all bad. Each inter-twined along the delicate fence of ideals and truth. I really hope that Darren Star Productions finds a new home for this show. I am anxious to continue watching the evolution of the characters and stories.
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Best show ever made hands down
tarek-el-yafi11 September 2006
I watch a lot of TV and I love shows like Sopranos and Entourage but this show was probably the best show I have ever seen. The sets and the dialog were spot on. The characters were all deep and well defined. Most were likable and there was the right blend of realism and fiction to hold interest. Anyone who does not like this show is insane.

At the same time this was aired in England I was watching Titans and Popular and The Street was far superior to both but both lasted longer I just don't get it. If you find a place to watch or buy this series do it asap.

You will love this show!!!!
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Come on don't watch this crap
moni22 August 2004
I'm stunned. I'm totally stunned from the opinions of the other critics here.

Come on, a show for Wall street? It would be interesting if it wasn't actually a show for the main character's penis, for Christ sake! I pity the Americans. If sex is the only thing you think and act of, you should all commit suicide when you get older and stop doing it. In short - don't watch this pile of crap - it isn't actually for the $street, it is for the peni$$$ This dull show doesn't deserve the 10th row I am pressed to write for the comment.

0/10 from me.
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"Sex and the City" for men? No thank you.
Victor Field16 June 2001
There was a British TV series from the late 1980s called "Capital City" which also dealt with the wheelings and dealings of financial types in the London equivalent of Wall Street, and which if memory serves was better - at least I managed to get through more than two episodes of it.

Unlike the Fox Network, Sky One did at least show all the produced episodes before removing it, though I'm damned if I know why - the deadly combination of impenetrable money-making jargon could have been forgiven if creators Jeff Rake and Darren Star (who, what with this, "Grosse Pointe" and "Central Park West" on his CV, should call himself Darren Blackhole... and yes, I do know he was also responsible for "Sex and the City," "Melrose Place" and "Beverly Hills 90210") had remembered to include even ONE character who wasn't a complete slug. My condolences to Jennifer Connelly for getting mixed up in this, and to W.G. Snuffy Walden for contributing another fine theme to a hopeless show.

Plus, any show where a character proclaims the superiority of Xena over Buffy DESERVES to be cancelled.

(Incidentally, am I the only one who thinks the music for the Darren Star Productions logo sounds like the opening notes of the theme from "The Simpsons" lowered an octave or two?)
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Oh, please.
Rio-715 November 2000
Don't even start with this one.

The writers (creators, or whatever) of 'Sex In the City' have brought us another cute little TV show about one thing...S-E-X.

Just out of curiosity, I tuned into the first episode and changed channels within 5 minutes. I have grown tired of the repeat sex plots on TV these days. Basically, whoever created this show is trying to bring SITC to Fox. I was not impressed.

A show about bimbos trying to gain power on Wallstreet by "opening themselves up" to Wallstreet men may be sound cool to some people, but the idea is getting very worn out. I have no respect for characters as shallow and as the ones I witnessed. I am saddened that stars like Tom Everett Scott, Jennifer Connelly, and Molly Ringwald are present on this show. Talk about a true waste of talent.
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