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Season: 1
Year: 2000 | 2001

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

1 November 2000
At Balmont Stevens Inc, a small New York Wall Street brokerage firm, stockbroker Jack Kenderson is headed to the altar with his fiancée, Alex Brill, to the dismay of the loathsome office lout Freddie Sacker who tries to encourage Jack that he should remain a bachelor. He later fights off the advances of his former classmate, Catherine Miller who joins the firm as the new head broker. But shocking news from a friend revealing Alex's previous relationship provokes Jack to break their engagement. The ambitious, but naive intern, Tim Sherman, tries very hard to adjust at Balmont Stevens but soon becomes the butt of Freddie's shenanigans and his supervisor Tom Divack's demands. Meanwhile, receptionist Donna Pasqua tries to get Chris McConnell to notice her more after their previous one-night-stand. Elsewhere, veteran broker Evan Mitchell becomes attracted to an exotic dancer at a club. Also, Catherine soon clashes with the sexist Freddie over the ability to make more money.

Season 1, Episode 2: Propheting on Losses

8 November 2000
Jack, still angry with Alex, tries to deal with the fact that Alex thought of him as her second choice. He later is reacquainted with his long-time friend, Devyn Alden, who is suffering a personal tragedy that yields him insider-trading information. Meanwhile, Chris suffers financial reversals that may cost him his job. Alison decides she wants to pursue a threesome with Evan and another party. But Evan isn't too thrilled about the idea. Freddie starts a distasteful office pool, to humiliate Tim, by determining the actual size of Tim's "manhood." Divack intercepts the pool and sticks up for Tim by wanting to get a piece of the action, but Freddie backs out. Also, Catherine continues to clash with the lecherous Freddie over his sexual advances on her.

Season 1, Episode 3: High Yield Bonds

15 November 2000
Jack falls prey to a seductress with an agenda. Meanwhile, Sacker sinks to new lows in order to raise cash to purchase for himself a high-rise condo. Also, a crass client has eyes for Catherine despite her reluctance.

Season 1, Episode 4: Closet Cases

22 November 2000
Bridget begins her career at Balmont Stevens by making enemies of both Alex and Catherine. Meanwhile, Evan learns that Alison used to perform in pornographic movies. Donna's error in a secret stock exchange hurts her career and Divack tells Chris to steer clear of her until all is settled. Tim tries to impress a corporate executive, named Carl Kettner, by being friendly but Kettner gets the wrong impression and assumes that Tim is gay... like him. Also, Alex returns Jack's engagement ring after learning that he and Bridget have met before she started working at the firm.

Season 1, Episode 5: Hostile Makeover

29 November 2000
Jack and Alex must work together to save a fashion house from a hostile takeover. Freddie continues hounding Catherine over her latest client acquisition. Elsewhere, Tim is revealed to be financially supporting his wild and irresponsible younger sister, Gillian, over her independent lifestyle.

Season 1, Episode 6: The Ultimatum

6 December 2000
When Alex gets a job offer in Paris, Jack must decide whether to take back his ex-fiancée or bid her 'adieu' for good. Meanwhile, Catherine is tempted by a peddler of pleasure pills, and later gets stuck in an elevator with the man. Evan is assaulted, then offered hush money not to seek justice. Also, Chris meets Tim's sexy sister, Gillian, and despite Tim's warnings to stay away from her, Chris cannot resist the sinister seductress and her world of drugs and partying.

Season 1, Episode 7: Miracle on Wall Street

13 December 2000
On Christmas Eve, Divack makes Jack break bad news to Chris, who feels outclassed by Gillian's rich friends. Meanwhile, Evan falls for a Saudi Arabian heiress. Also, Sacker faces an embarrassing medical predicament when he goes to the doctor for a routine physical and learns he may have prostate cancer.

Season 1, Episode 8: Rebound

20 December 2000
Gillian makes Chris a tempting proposition. Meanwhile, Alex swoons over a sweet-smelling sports agent. Freddie is anxious about his impending cancer surgery and gets some emotional support from his ex-wife, Joanne, despite her still loathing him over their marital breakup years earlier. Elsewhere, Tim woos Donna, who's stuck on Chris.

Season 1, Episode 9: Past Performance


Season 1, Episode 10: Junk Bonds


Season 1, Episode 11: Turf Wars


Season 1, Episode 12: Framed


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