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I know I'm in the minority, but...

Author: SimpsonFan from Earth
28 February 2002

I know I'm in the minority, but I kind of liked Cursed/ The Weber Show. I think Steven Weber is a fine actor and very funny. Cursed was nowhere near as great at Weber's last sitcom, Wings (which was truly an unappreciated gem, IMHO) but it had some good moments, and I think that if it had a little more work, it could have had potential. I also thought it was funnier than that awful Friends!

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What was wrong with the show?

Author: mattymatt4ever from Jersey City, NJ
1 March 2002

I am very picky about sitcoms. Even the ones that are hot right now (i.e.: "Just Shoot Me," "Will and Grace") are either OK or utter crap. I really admire Steven Weber, I think he's a highly underrated comic actor. And the show was good. Believe me, even some of the best comic actors can have crappy shows. "The Michael Richards Show" is a good example. But I liked "Cursed" (or "The Weber Show" as it was later titled), I didn't think it was the funniest show on earth, yet I didn't find any flaws in it either. That short, chubby black guy (I forgot his name, but he played Lela Rochon's lover in "Waiting to Exhale") is another fine actor and he was good as well. But the world of television can be really harsh, and usually I don't blame them for cancelling most of these lamebrain shows before the season's over, but this one had potential. Damn you!

My score: 7 (out of 10)

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It was cursed from the start.

Author: Dan Aldridge from Denver, CO, USA
21 December 2002

You can tell a show is doomed when they change the name after the first episode has aired. Why even bother? Just cancel it now and save us the agony of watching the show die! Another sign of doom is that they change the theme song. And, of course, strike three is that Chris Elliott was in it (and as a doctor?!?). Steve Weber is a capable actor and we can never see enough of Amy Pietz.

But I agree with the language comment. I think it's time for an "L" rating to count the number of garbage words in a show. Too bad we don't have writers and producers who know how to produce quality entertainment.

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Cursed - Has there ever been a more perfect title?

Author: Matthew Ward
12 February 2001

The series was cursed from the start (no pun intended). I am totally amazed that this show is still on the air. If not for its timeslot, it would have been cancelled by now. The cast is not to blame - the writers are. Steven Weber is a fine actor as is Amy Pietz, but this show is not meant for them... they made a mistake taking these roles...

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one of the worst shows ever

Author: JIS ( from eastern Canada
5 January 2001

I have to say, having this bit of dribble replace must see tv's Frasier was incredibly disappointing. I love Steven Weber and I had high hopes for this show, but the humour is not only childish, it's just plain dumb. The show is not funny. Chris Elliot is normally a riot but his character is so stupid and so annoying (and the fact that someone so moronic is a doctor doesn't add anything), he makes watching the show unbearable. A name change and a lesbian character couldn't save the show. The best part was the theme song by Liz Phair (which was dropped when the show went from Cursed to the Weber Show). Too bad.

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Should have been given longer

Author: MN_Movie_Critic from Minnesota
26 September 2005

Steven Weber (Jack Nagle) couldn't quite carry this show enough..... ... ... ..... .... Chris Elliot (Larry Heckman) is a sure fire way for poor ratings when he's a major cast member... ...... ......... ........ ......... .......... ........ ... ..... .... The woman who played Katie (Paula Marshall) the (pretend) lesbian was a cutie who I think is absolutely adorable............ But her lines were too weak. I've never been a fan of Amy Pietz (except for Caroline in the City)... .... .... .... ... .... ... ...... ....... ...... ..... ...... .... ... .. ..There were Cursed / Steven Weber shows that were rather funny and others that simply stunk....................................................

It should have been given more time to find it's audience...............................................

(Remember Seinfeld & Cheers weren't hits early on.)

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Yes, but whom? The show or the viewer?

Author: Thomas Clement (Mr. OpEd) from Los Angeles
28 October 2000

I like practically everyone involved with this show, especially the mesmerizingly odd Chris Elliot and Amy Pietz, about the sexiest thing on two legs. And Weber is the perfect stone-faced star, especially considering what keeps happening to him (ala Keaton, Buster).

The show has promise, but its potty-mouth dialog is tedious and tired. And aside from Elliot, the laughs are thin and far between.

This year, I down-grade any show that uses a-- (what happened to "bottom," "hinder," "fanny" "back-side," et. al.?). It's a touchstone for childish writing. The premier already set a record as I actually lost count.

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Cursed?? YOU BET I DID!!

Author: movieman_kev from United States
12 November 2003

The only reason that I even gave this a few chances was for the fact that Chris Elliott is uber-hilarious. That said, while "Cursed" wasn't the WORST sit-com i ever saw,(that dubious honor would have to go to "Roc") it was still as painful as a prostate exam where both the doctor's hands on on either one of you shoulder

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