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Season 1

8 Oct. 2000
An aspiring dancer and her would-be professional-wrestler husband decide to pursue their dreams in Las Vegas. We meet Nikki, who uninvited met Dwight at his going away to college party two years ago. They eventually cling to each other. After taking Nikki's advice to follow his dream and disregarding his mother's wish to see her son attend college, Dwight joins a wrestling camp, and incurring the wrath of his mother who cannot stand Nikki as she visits them.
15 Oct. 2000
Dwight makes his debut as The Crybaby in his first professional wrestling match, but his embarrassment leads him to ditch the script. Meanwhile, Nikki is up for a solo act in a musical production at the casino, but the lyrics could harm her big chance.
22 Oct. 2000
Nikki learns that the next show at the casino requires the dancers to perform topless- or take the month long run off without pay. Dwight's medical insurance is canceled because of an injury he sustained in junior high school, and he can't wrestle until he gets a new policy. Before leaving for home, Marion tries to persuade Dwight that he's throwing his life away.
29 Oct. 2000
No Sex, No Mary, No Title
Nikki and Dwight have a hard time trying to squeeze having sex into their busy schedule. Dwight impresses Jupiter at practice and gets a chance to wrestle on television, but he'll have to abstain from having sex for two weeks to conserve his energy. Meanwhile, Nikki competes for the position of dance captain, but loses it to Mary.

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