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Season 1

12 Jul. 2001
The Passenger List/The Bokor
The Passenger List: Aviation investigator Jeremy Bell investigates the crash of a plane he himself saw go down. He comes to believe that his daughter may have been on board and becomes desperate to find the truth. It's not too long before it becomes apparent that his daughter has been dead for quite some time before the crash. Could the cracks in the objects all around him be symbolic of cracks in his sanity... Or his reality? / The Bokor: Diane and two other medical students have to cut up the cadaver of a Bokor, an evil voodoo priest, for school. As they cut the ...
12 Jul. 2001
Dead Air/Renovation
While doing his radio show, a "Shock Jock" is in for the most shocking night of his life. / People buying homes should always pay attention to the saying,"Buyer beware," especially when the house is being haunted by the past.
19 Jul. 2001
A View Through the Window/Quiet Please
There's a reason for an invisible barrier to be surrounding the unusual plot of farmland in the middle of the desert. Maybe the army shouldn't be messing with it. / With the weekend killer on the loose,it's a bad time to go camping.
26 Jul. 2001
Now He's Coming Up the Stairs/Used Car
A psychiatrist has the ability to absorb people's mental illnesses. An unhappy wife comes to believe that the used car her husband bought her is possessed by the spirit of a young woman.
Bitter Harvest/My So Called Life and Death
Bitter Harvest: A body causes an accident whilst trespassing on his neighbor's fishing hole. My So Called Life and Death: A girl is asked to babysit her pyromaniac brother on holiday.
2 Aug. 2001
Rest Stop
Four college students find themselves in a dangerous situation after picking up a hitchhiker and stopping at a rest stop.
2 Aug. 2001
After Life
After Life: When a father and husband comes back from the dead, at his own funeral, he has trouble adjusting to life again.
9 Aug. 2001
If a Tree Falls...
Three college friends find that if they can keep their deaths a secret, they can stay alive.
9 Aug. 2001
The Occupant
Who keeps moving Mary's things and making noises in her house? Is someone invading her home, or is it all in her mind?
16 Aug. 2001
While waiting for the men in his old army unit to show up for a reunion, a Leiutenant experiences vivid, difficult memories of being captured. As the night goes on, his "memories" will act as his judge, jury, and executioner.
16 Aug. 2001
Neighborhood Watch
After an ex-sex offender moves into the area, things get out of hand when angry parents form a neighborhood watch.
23 Aug. 2001
Bitter Harvest
They say that Old Man Jennings is a murderer and the son of a witch, but Shane, the boy next door, finds out that the truth is far more terrifying.
23 Aug. 2001
My So-Called Life and Death
While at her family's summer home, Julie believes that the cute handyman is a ghost, but as she tries to prove that to her dysfunctional family, she finds that truth and reality aren't always the same.
30 Aug. 2001
The Doghouse
Barry owes money to a very bad man, but when Amanda saves him from being beaten up, Barry learns that a man with a baseball bat is less dangerous than a woman and her dogs.
30 Aug. 2001
Still Life
Kate's happy life is about to unravel as three different strangers try to hurt her. Is it really happening, or is it all in her mind?
6 Sep. 2001
Hate Puppet
A man's fate becomes tied up with a new novel. Unfortunately, it's a horror novel.
6 Sep. 2001
Inheriting a mansion is not always a good thing--especially this one.
19 Sep. 2002
The Maze
A magical maze teaches an introverted college girl that there may not always be time to learn to get to know people, or love.
19 Sep. 2002
Eli's car broke down in the wrong town. Will he live to regret it?
23 Sep. 2002
The new cargo officer on the ship wants to be helpful and do what's right when he finds stow-aways on the ship, but you know how the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished."
23 Sep. 2002
By using hypnosis therapy for her multi-personality disorder, Syndey is trying to find her true self. She might not like what she discovers.
24 Sep. 2002
A psychiatrist evaluates a patient, who claims that his rituals keep the world from falling apart. The crazy thing is, the Dr. starts to believe him.
24 Sep. 2002
A deaf woman begins to hear a man's voice in her head. Could these be the thoughts of a killer?

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