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I Like This Show

Author: KatharineFanatic from United States
10 September 2001

"Mysterious Ways" is the kind of TV show that grabs you and won't let go. It deals with a variety of subjects that engage, enlighten, and entertain, all while promoting basically good messages and ideals. Declan Dunn is an anthropologist who loves to investigate the mysterious. Along the way, he attracts the attention and friendship of a hospital psychiatrist, Peggy Fowler, and his less-than-normal friend Miranda. Together, they investigate the unexplained... a host of miracles, strange coincidences, unfatal falls, and "voices." Ultimately, they wind up healing the souls of the people they meet, and learn a few life lessons along the way.

For me what makes the show excellent is the complete inability to foresee the climax. Generally I can guess what's going to happen (both in movies, television and books) but this show never ceases to surprise me. I like the element of the unknown... the church window that cries blood, the ghosts that push cars off the train tracks. I like it that often there is an explanation by science, but it's never quite that simple. That, combined with the overall charm of Declan's bumbling character, Miranda's style ("take your IQ, add black velvet, and you're halfway there!"), and Peggy's disbelieving but slowly-coming-around nature.

It's a show in which you don't check your brain at the door. And it's a fun, often amusing and normally shocking, way to spend an hour a week.

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Don't pass up this unique experience

Author: saga_heart from Chicago, IL, USA
28 May 2004

One of the biggest losses was the cancellation of Mysterious Ways. The first time I saw it was in Sept. 2000. The title caught my eye and decided to watch it. It left me in amazement! I loved it! And this was just the first episode I saw. Some shows grow on you, this one steals your heart and mind.

I totally disagree that this show is a cheap imitation of the X-Files. The X-Files deals with government conspiracies, alien invasions and gives you a sensation of doubt and uncertainty. Mysterious Ways relaxes you and gives you hope that not everything is what it seems and that anyone can experience a miracle, where this word is not meant to be a "Divine intervention", but rather the emotions and possibilities that are within us all.

Take the characters, a bumbling anthropology professor whose heart is the only thing in its right place, a scientific minded calculating psychiatrist and a true genius that is a social misfit. How can these three people have anything in common? How could they get along if placed alone in a room? And yet, each has this trait which takes them above all this and helps them build a friendship of love and loyalty. In a world where they are all alone, they form a union where each accepts the others and is in turn accepted. The message that they scream is that the true miracle is that we all can get along and that we should, if we can get outside our selves for a moment. Who can forget the episode when Declan discovers a lump near his underarm, or when Miranda mysteriously learns to play the violin, or when a college student is found to have "superhuman" strength, or when the tomb of an ancient monk is discovered. (etc, etc.)

The show was marketed at 30 to 40-year olds, and apparently there weren't enough of them to keep the ratings up, so the show was cancelled leaving us with game shows, reality TV and sitcoms. Not that these are bad, everyone is entitled to veg-out once in a while, but shows that make you want to be a better person and that make you think and leave you feeling like there is hope out there and that we can make a difference are scarce, and this was one of them.

If you ever come across it, don't pass up this unique experience.

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The X-Files Meet Touched By An Angel

Author: texasgal1976 from Texas
3 August 2000

After viewing The Pilot, I thought that The Adventures of The Believer & The Skeptic had already been done well and better on The X-Files. The Second episode, however, changed my mind. Adrian Pasdar and Rae Dawn Chong are engaging leads and are believable as the passionate Professor of Anthropology and the bitter scientist/Psychologist. Episode II was better written and was reminiscent of other feel good shows like Touched By An Angel, Early Edition, and Highway To Heaven. Mysterious Ways is worthy of a second glance.

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I love it.

Author: cineasten89 from Sweden
16 July 2005

It is the kind of TV show that won't let you go after watching the first episode. What gripped me in this TV show is the different characters, the different story and the amusing mind of humor even in serious events. It's the kind of TV show that don't try to tell you that there ARE really something mysterious, maybe alien like, in the world, but try to tell you that there may be something mysterious, maybe alien like, that is behind anything special event, for example suicide or murder.

I love it completely, liking all actors and characters, and every episode awaits always another new surprise.

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Hidden treasure

Author: prplnite1 ( from Massachusetts
16 March 2003

This is a terrific show that is hidden on the Pax network. This means that it is hard to find the show times. But, if you do, it is definitely worth it. The 3 main actors: Pasdar, Chong and Downs are reliable professionals who produce quality shows. I think it showed on NBC one time, but I don't know why it wasn't picked up for more episodes.

Pasdar plays an anthropology professor who delves into the unknown. If you liked the X-Files, but don't want the gore, then this show is for you. It's intelligent without insulting the viewer's IQ. And, it has surprise endings that leaves you guessing. I rate it 5 stars.

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I just love this show

Author: ali-37 from New York City
12 June 2001

I'm not sure if this show is still being filmed. I've been watching it on Pax-TV and have fallen in love with the characters, the plots, the acting. I can't believe they allow such profoundly spiritual programs to air in this day and age. The stories are not only interesting, but uplifting and inspiring. I hope that even if NBC cancels it, that Pax-TV will order new shows. I recommend it to everyone as an antidote to the crass programs proliferating the airwaves. No, I am not a right-wing extremist. I just like to watch quality television and this is it.

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Author: Sunlight_Girl from Canada
17 February 2006

I know this show was canceled about five years ago, but I just started watching the reruns a couple months ago, and fell in love with the show. True, the episodes aren't in order that way, but I don't think it really matters. Peggy Fowler, the psychiatrist (is that what it's called?) is a really interesting character, because you find out more and more about her as the series continues. Of course, Declan Dunn is great; I love his klutziness, and how he always jumps to conclusions, and Peggy and Miranda step in to help him, though more skeptically. Which brings me to Miranda Feigelstein (is it Feigelsteen or Feigelstein?), another amazing character. She's just so serious, and so focused, you can't help but love her character. An amazing show, and I'm very sorry it was canceled.

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Amazing Show that should be on DVD

Author: londonsampa from Sao Paulo, Brazil
2 November 2004

I've followed the two years of this amazing and marvelous show and as thousands and thousands of fans worldwide I've got to know from numerous discussion boards over the internet would love to have it released on DVD.

Even though it has already been cancelled and it's no longer being aired in many countries, the producers should think carefully about it.

There's a real market opportunity out there and they're simply turning their back to it. If they did so, both sides of the story would be pleased because they would have the return over their investment and the fans would be satisfied to be able to see the show again and again as many times as one wishes.

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Will Wonders Never Cease?

Author: Benoît A. Racine (benoit-3) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
16 April 2010

I'm really out of the loop. It took me 10 years to discover this series even existed. I was watching TV this morning at 6 AM when I came across the first episode of the series ("Amazing Grace") on the W channel (yes, the fat chick channel!) concerning a boy's mysterious survival of a drowning experience. Adian Pasdar, in a diving suit, was having an amusing if improbable discussion with Rae Down Chong on a frozen lake. The natural, offbeat and yet perfectly logical and even witty banter of the two characters was so far removed from the usual TV clichés and so brilliant in its own unassuming way that I just had to see this story to the end, even though parts of it seemed to indicate that this was a - ugh! - Canadian production (the BC setting, among other things). I was mortified to learn later that this is a cult series that actually went under the radar and only survived two years on prime time television and didn't even make it to DVD yet. That's too bad because here is a series that replaces the usual formulas with a meaningful, affecting subtext and lets the viewer do some of the brain work for a change. In a way, the fact that such an excellent, well-written, uplifting and thoughtful series didn't succeed in the open market is yet another confirmation that most US TV production is essentially lowest-common denominator "trash with dismemberments and major boobage" but that is very little comfort to me. I guess I will have to wake up at 6 AM every day and watch the W (!) channel to see the rest. I believe Adrian Pasdar is the most original TV actor I have seen in a long time. His very existence and survival in the world of television is something to be wondered at and a possible clue to the existence of God. Seriously.

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In love with Mysterious Ways

Author: heather.tetrault from Boston, MA
29 August 2000

I fell in love with this show within the first 10 minutes of watching the pilot episode. I've watched X-files since day one, and believe it is one of the best shows to ever have tackled the "unknown"...... but Mysterious Ways has more heart and that is what sets it apart. The acting is fabulous! Adrian Pasdar is very charismatic, and his character is wonderful, (I've already fallen in love with Declan!) And Rae Dawn Chong adds a powerful and insightful side to the duo that just makes me want to know her character in real life. I think these two have a great relationship on screen. Both Adrian and Rae detailed movie and t.v. histories, but I think this show will really help them along. Looking forward to the next episode already!! Monday is my new favorite day of the week!

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