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Season 1

24 Jul. 2000
Amazing Grace
A young boy is miraculously rescued after falling into a lake.
31 Jul. 2000
Gray Lady
A psychic woman believes the spirit of her dead husband will return to her exactly 1 year from the date of his death, to prove once and for all there is life after death.
7 Aug. 2000
The Midas Touch
When an unusually high number of successful people come from one small town, Peggy and Declan investigate, only to find a woman whose touch imparts luck.
14 Aug. 2000
Camp Sanopi
After a rafting accident, Declan awakes in mystical Camp Sanopi.
21 Aug. 2000
Spirit Junction
Local legend tells of a group of spirit children who push cars off the railroad tracks where they had perished.
28 Aug. 2000
Two boys in Declan's class appear to be separated twins. Time will tell how the two are connected.
4 Sep. 2000
Peggy treats a lady who believes she is hearing the voice of God.
11 Sep. 2000
The Ties That Bind
Miranda and a patient of Peggy's (whom Miranda has never met) are inexplicably connected and mysteriously drawn to Alaska.
12 Sep. 2000
Declan and Peggy investigate a young woman who believes she is being tormented and then possessed by demons.
7 Nov. 2000
Crystal Clear
A window washer falls 200 feet without a scratch. Which begins a series of weird coincidences.
14 Nov. 2000
Stranger in the Mirror
One of Declan's college students sees an older African-American man as his reflection in the mirror.
21 Nov. 2000
Declan and Peggy investigate a woman whose automatic writings predict the future. Declan is amused, until she warns him of his sister's death.
28 Nov. 2000
Peggy is having a hard time dealing with the death of a patient, especially as she is being visited by his ghost.
19 Dec. 2000
Reason to Cry
Declan investigates a stained glass window of the Virgin Mary, that cries tears of blood.
1 Jan. 2001
The Greater Good
Declan and Miranda discover a burial cloth that appears to cure all illness.
8 Jan. 2001
A police officer, who repeatedly relives the day his partner dies, is determined to change the outcome.
9 Jan. 2001
A man has a premonition of his plane crashing the night before it actually happens.
15 Jan. 2001
Strike Two
A guy gets struck by lightning and miraculously gets his hearing back, but with strange side effects.
22 Jan. 2001
Dead Dog Walking
A woman having surgery for a brain aneurysm, has a near-death experience. Meanwhile, Peggy finds a new friend, who brings up red-flags for Declan. Also, Delcan's Mole goes missing!
29 Jan. 2001
A young girl goes to sleep in her room at night and wakes up elsewhere, with no memory of how she got there.
6 Feb. 2001
Do You See What I See?
Declan's mentor, who doesn't believe in "miraculous phenomena", has begun seeing things.
1 May 2001
John Doe No. 28
A man dies, but wakes up in the morgue with no memory of who he is.

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