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Season 1

12 Apr. 1990
Mumindani no haru
The spring has come to the Moominvalley and Moomin and his friends awaken from their winter sleep. Moomin and his friends finds a mysterious hat with magical powers.
19 Apr. 1990
Maho no boushi
The mysterious hat that Moomin and his friends found has returned to the Moominvalley and the hats owner comes to visit them.
26 Apr. 1990
Hama de mitsuketa nanpasen
Moomin and his friends find an old boat on the beach. The family and their friends then repair it.
3 May 1990
Obakejima e youkoso
Moomin and his friends and family goes on a boattrip to the Hattifatteners Island.
10 May 1990
Nyoronyoro no himitsu
Moomin and his friends and family spend the night at the Hattifatteners Island and goes on a treasurehunt.
17 May 1990
Chiisana chiisana okyakusama
Little Mys older sister, Mymble, comes to Moominvalley. At the same time two tiny creatures come there too, Thingumy and Bob, with a giant suitcase that they protect. Though they are not the only visitors, The Groke is not far behind.
24 May 1990
Sutsukesu no nakami
The Groke returns to the Moominvalley to claim the content of the suitcase Thingumy and Bob protects but Moominmamma has a plan how to help them.
31 May 1990
Hikooni no majutsu
Moomin and his friends find out that the magic silk hat belongs to the Hobgoblin.
7 Jun. 1990
Sugata no Mienai Otomodachi
Too-Ticky brings Ninny to Moominhouse. Ninny has been frightened so often by her aunt that she has become invisible. Moominmamma concocts an infallible remedy, but will that and kindness be enough? Stinky does his best to see to it that it doesn't.
14 Jun. 1990
Egao ga Modotta Ninni
Very slowly, Ninny comes back into view, but her face is still missing. Stinky does his best to stop her from becoming visible, resorting to very nasty tricks when the children play hide and seek.
21 Jun. 1990
Snork Flies in the Sky
Snork try out his latest invention - wings. The Snork Maiden does her best to try to stop him.
28 Jun. 1990
Moomin kaizoku to tatakau
Moominvalley is hit by a terrible storm, and an old sailing ship is wrecked offshore, finally sinking. Pirates have made it to the shore unhurt and trouble starts when the captain, a terrible villain, grabs Snorkmaiden and holds her hostage, demanding a new getaway ship from the people in Moominvalley. The Inspector is frantic and helpless, and it is left to Moomin to rescue her.
5 Jul. 1990
Chikyu saigo no ryu
After a tremendous downpour, Moomin finds a very small dragon in a puddle. Smothering this most exotic of pets with love, he expects great devotion in return, but finds that love is a fickle thing indeed, and particularly difficult to contain in a glass jar.
12 Jul. 1990
The Nextdoor Neighbor Is a PTA Mom
Mrs. Fillyjonk and her three children moves to the Moominvalley.
19 Jul. 1990
(Floren Gets Amnesia)
Floren falls and hits her head and gets a temporary amnesia. She now thinks that she is the princess of the Moominvalley.
26 Jul. 1990
(A Martian in Moominvalley!)
A UFO crash in Moominvalley and Moominmamma and Moomin finds a strange machine.
2 Aug. 1990
Moomin Papa no iede
Bored and stuck in his memoirs, Moominpappa craves adventure. Stinky decides to comply and provides a set of gigantic footsteps, leading up from the sea to Moominhouse.
9 Aug. 1990
(Magic Seed from the Sea)
Moomin and his friends finds a box filled with strange-looking seeds which they plant outside their house.
16 Aug. 1990
Moomin-dani wa jungle
Moomin and friends have a great time in the jungle. Suspiciously helpful, Stinky offers to get them some animals, too, so it will be more like a real jungle. He is as good as his word, but the animals that he provides are not exactly of the kind they had in mind.
23 Aug. 1990
Moomin toratachi o sukuu
The Moomins have befriended all the wild animals that Stinky let out of the zoo, and when the zoo-keepers come to take the animals back, the Moomins, aided by the Inspector, fend them off. But, also, the hot spell doesn't last.
30 Aug. 1990
Snufkin no tabidachi
Winter is coming, and Snufkin prepares to take his annual trip away from Moominvalley.
6 Sep. 1990
(Moomin and Mee's Big Adventure)
Moomin and Little My awaken early from their wintersleep.
13 Sep. 1990
(Moominvalley's Winter Inhabitants)
Moomin and Little My is still awake after awakening from their hibernation. And they get to meet the inhabitants who visits Moominvalley during the winter.
20 Sep. 1990
(Snufkin Doesn't Come Back)
The Spring has come to the Moominvalley but Snufkin is nowhere to be found. He usually comes back the first day of Spring. Where is he?
27 Sep. 1990
(On Papa's Dream)
The Moominfamily and their friends decide to take a boat trip to a Lighthouse. But when they get there the Keeper is gone and the light has not been lit for a very long time. What happened to the Keeper and why did he leave the Lighthouse?
4 Oct. 1990
(Days When the Lighthouse Shines a Light)
The Moominfamily and their friends still lives in the abandon Lighthouse and tries to solve the mystery of the Keeper.
11 Oct. 1990
(Rich Mrs. Jane)
Moominpappas old aunt Mrs. Jane comes to visit the Moominvalley to Moominpappas great horror.
18 Oct. 1990
Ukabu bakemono-yashiki
The underwater volcano wakes up and a giant flood drench the whole Moominvalley.
25 Oct. 1990
Hanarebanare no kazoku
Moomin and Floren gets separated from the others in the great flood. Moominpappa, mamma, Sniff and the maid of the Theatre then creates a play to get a hold of Moomin and Floren.
1 Nov. 1990
Yorokobi no saikai
Moominpappas play is done and everyone in Moominvalley comes to see it.
8 Nov. 1990
Snork no soratobu fune
Snork is visited by the Muffle, a mysterious inventor who has arrived to help him.
15 Nov. 1990
Maboroshi no kiniro no sakana
The Hemulen tells about a lake on the other side of Lonely Mountains, where a legendary golden fish is said to live, that once was seen by his great-grandmother.
22 Nov. 1990
Maho no lamp ni negai o komete
Digging for beautiful seashells on the shore, Moomin and Snorkmaiden find what looks like an old oil lamp.
29 Nov. 1990
Tako ni notta My
One night, there is a big wind in Moominvalley. The next morning, the children find a large kite high up in a tree.
6 Dec. 1990
Kaette kita majo
One day, the children meet a new girl, who is sitting on a stone waiting for her grandmother to come and take her home to their house in the Witches' Forest.
13 Dec. 1990
Kurisumasu-tte nani?
Moominfamily has already started hibernating when they are woken up by a busy Hemulen, who tells them they can't possibly go on sleeping when Christmas is coming!
20 Dec. 1990
Fuyu no ikimonotachi no omatsuri
Waking up in the midst of winter, Moomin decides to show Snorkmaiden what winter is like.
27 Dec. 1990
Nemuri no maho
Spring has already come to Moominvalley, and Snufkin is back from his journey. Moominfamily sleeps on and apparently nothing can wake them up.
1 Jan. 1991
Mayonaka no Fushigina Oto
Everyone in Moominvalley is awakened at night by faraway explosions that no one is able to explain, and no one is really able to say where they come from...
10 Jan. 1991
Hanabi no himitsu
The beautiful young girl whom Sniff rescued woke up and said she had come to see the Hemulen who, however, denies any knowledge of any young girls whatsoever - his only worry being that he gets no answer from the Federation of Botanists about a totally new plant he has discovered.
10 Jan. 1991
Mumindani no Kaijiken
Moominvalley is peaceful, as usual. For once too peaceful, for there simply aren't any crooks there for the inspector to arrest...The Chief Constable informs him that the whole police station will be discontinued as totally unnecessary, and it seems to be up to Moomin and his friends to see it that there is something for the Inspector to do, after all.
24 Jan. 1991
Majo no Hoki
Moominvalley is about to experience a solar eclipse, and everybody is preparing for it.
31 Jan. 1991
Sakasu no Hiroin
Torrential rain has caused a new flood in Moominvalley, and a whole circus has floated off.
7 Feb. 1991
Sutekina Otanjobi
Moominmamma's birthday is approaching, and although Moominpappa says he has a very special present for her, in reality he doesn't have a clue of what to give her. What will he do now?
21 Feb. 1991
Papa wa Oukanemochi
The unthinkable happens - Moomin is driven out of Moominhouse!
14 Feb. 1991
Mumin no Tateta Ie
Moominpappa is informed that he has inherited a country estate.
28 Feb. 1991
Onsen ga Deta
Moominvalley is invaded by three men looking for a hot spring, around which they are going to build a big health spa.
7 Mar. 1991
Shabondama ni Notta Mumin
The Snork has invented a fantastic fabric strengthener for his flying ship, and he shows this to Snorkmaiden.
14 Mar. 1991
Mama no Himitsu
One of Moominfamily's favorites is pumpkin pie, so when all of Moominmamma's plants just produce leaves but no flowers, it is a small catastrophe.
21 Mar. 1991
Kareki no Naka no Koe
Moomin and his friends play hide-and-seek in the woods and find out that not only does a tree conceal a secret, but one that is very much alive.
28 Mar. 1991
Furoren no Chonoryoku
Snorkmaiden takes shelter under a big tree in a thunderstorm, and is struck by lightening. She is all right when she wakes up, except for one thing - she is able to see into the future now.
4 Apr. 1991
Takarasagashi de Osawagi
Everyone in Moominvalley is certain that gold has been found and the gold rush is on.
4 Apr. 1991
Mizu no Yosei
A magic pond is found in Moominvalley.
18 Apr. 1991
Mimura ni Okurimono
Mymble has found a treasure, and the Fillyjonk becomes determined to spoil her happiness.
25 Apr. 1991
Sabishisona Papa
Moominpappa becomes forgetful and sad. Is it time for him to go through a second youth?
2 May 1991
Tabi ni Deta Mama
Moominmamma departs on a journey to find a new dish after her family grows tired of her cooking.
9 May 1991
Furoren no Kosodate
Snorkmaiden raises a child, not knowing if the children is nice, or one of the less so.
16 May 1991
Mumindani no Kontesuto
A contest takes place in Moominvalley.
23 May 1991
Papa no Omoide
Young Moominpappa escapes an orphanage and sets sail.
30 May 1991
Mi no Itazura
Moomin becomes a fortune teller.
6 Jun. 1991
Mumin wa Tensai Uranaishi
Moomin becomes a fortune teller.
13 Jun. 1991
Maho no Kotoba
Alicia learns witchcraft and Snufkin tries to catch a very hungry fish.
20 Jun. 1991
Okesutora-go no Boken
A youthful Moominpappa builds a house.
4 Jul. 1991
Sudachi no Hi
Moomin helps birds to leave the nest.
11 Jul. 1991
Mumin no Himitsu
Moomin keeps a secret from his friends.
18 Jul. 1991
Mumindani no Kyuketsuki
A vampire escapes from the zoo and takes refuge in Moominmamma's kitchen.
25 Jul. 1991
Kowareta Papa no Daiji na Isu
Moominpappa's chair breaks, and so does his spirit.
1 Aug. 1991
Mama to Unmei no Deai
Young Moominpappa meets Moomin Maiden, now Moominmamma.
8 Aug. 1991
Densetsu no Fushichou no Kiki
An injured bird, which the Hemulen cannot identify, is rescued by Moomin and healed.
15 Aug. 1991
Osakana Pati de Nakanaori
Snork and Snorkmaiden are upset at each other, and it is up to their friends to reconcile the siblings.
22 Aug. 1991
Hikaru Kinoko no Shotai
A mysterious glowing mushroom is encountered by Moomin.
29 Aug. 1991
Mumin to Iruka no Yujo
Moomin befriends a dolphin.
5 Sep. 1991
Mumin Tankentai
Moomin forms an explorer team to investigate a cave.
12 Sep. 1991
Utau Hana no Purezento
Thingummy and Bob return with a present.
19 Sep. 1991
Mumin no Suteki na Yume
Moomin dreams of going behind a waterfall and sets out with Snuffkin to find it, onmy to end up discovering something greater.
26 Sep. 1991
Kowareta Ouchi
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3 Oct. 1991
Kansei! Sora Tobu Fune
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3 Oct. 1991
Mumin Ozora e
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