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Andi Mack: Disney Channel Orders Series from Lizzie McGuire Creator

Disney Channel has ordered the Andi Mack TV show to series. The family and children's show, created and executive produced by Lizzie McGuire's Terri Minsky, stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee in the title role. Minsky developed the Finding Carter TV series which was cancelled after three seasons on MTV. She also created Less Than Perfect and The Geena Davis Show. Disney ordered the pilot in November 2015, which is titled Andiland on IMDb.Fans may recognize Lee as Violet, from the 2015 "Violet" episode of ABC's Scandal, and as the "Girl Soldier" in a trio of 2016 episodes of Shameless, season six on Showtime. The Andi Mack TV series cast also includes: Lilan Bowden as Andi’s sister Bex, Lauren Tom as Andi’s mother Celia, Joshua Rush as Cyrus, and Asher Angel as
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Disney Channel Orders Pilot from ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Creator

Disney Channel Orders Pilot from ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Creator
Disney Channel has greenlit a pilot from “Lizzie McGuire” creator Terri Minsky, Variety has learned.

Newcomer Peyton Elizabeth Lee (pictured), who’s had small parts in “Shameless” and “Scandal,” has been cast in the lead role.

The story introduces Andi Marcus as she’s about to celebrate her 13th birthday. She’s eager to have just a little teenage fun and adventure, but that may never happen because her strict mother is doing everything in her power to keep her from turning out like her older sister, Bex, who dropped out of school as a teenager and left home and now, in her late 20s, still doesn’t know what she wants out of life — but when Bex returns home andpromises she is ready to get her life together, Andi’s life is turned upside down and leaves her questioning everything she’s ever known.

The pilot marks Minsky’s return to Disney Channel.
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“Haht” of Gold: Top 10 Oscar-Winning Actors from Massachusetts

It is not too shabby in what the Northeast (New England) part of the United States has produced in terms of past and present actors/actresses making their show business dreams come true. Film careers can be a lot like ice cubes–they start out solid and cool but if you sit around in stagnation your efforts and hard work can melt away before one’s very eyes. Certainly no one can accuse this talented crop of thespians of being one-hit wonders on the big screen. After all, one does not become a recipient of an Academy Award by just sheer luck and charitable fortune.

As a native Bostonian and life long New Englander, I felt compelled to spotlight those Massachusetts-born and bred actors from the same region that had ultimate success on the big screen in winning the Oscar for their acting achievement and contribution to the motion picture industry.
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Interview: John Francis Daley of ‘Bones’ Opens the CineYouth Festival in Chicago

Chicago – The annual CineYouth Festival in Chicago opened on May 9th with a very special guest – John Francis Daley – who is an actor (“Bones,” “Freaks and Geeks”) screenwriter (“Horrible Bosses”) and director. The CineYouth Festival is May 9th-11th and is presented by the Chicago International Film Festival.

John Francis Daley was born in Wheeling, Illinois, but grew up backstage while his father, R.F. Daley, performed on Broadway. His first break came at nine years old when he joined the touring company in the stage version of “Tommy.” In 1999, he played the role of Sam Weir in the formidable cast of “Freaks and Geeks,” which included future stars James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segal. After doing stints on “The Geena Davis Show” (2000-01) and “Kitchen Confidential” (2005-06), he landed the role of Dr. Lance Sweets on the long-running “Bones.”

John Francis Daly at the CineYouth Festival in Chicago, May 9th,
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Exclusive: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Writers Interview

Exclusive: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Writers Interview
Writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein take us inside the magical world of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, in theaters March 15

Screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein both took very different paths to where they are today as one of Hollywood's hottest writing teams. John Francis Daley got his start in acting with the cult classic series Freaks and Geeks and films such as Waiting before landing a role as Dr. Lance Sweets on the hit Fox series Bones in 2007. Jonathan M. Goldstein started out writing for TV shows such as Big Wolf on Campus and The Geena Davis Show, which is where he met John Francis Daley for the first time. In 2011, their writing skills were put on the map with the hit summer comedy Horrible Bosses (they're also writing Horrible Bosses 2), and they return to the silver screen this weekend with The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.
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Geena Davis to star in TNT bounty hunter pilot

Geena Davis to star in TNT bounty hunter pilot
Geena Davis has landed another TV show: TNT announced today that it has ordered an untitled drama pilot starring the Oscar winner (The Accidental Tourist) as an unorthodox bail bondswoman. Inspired by the true story of Mackenzie Green, the show chronicles the tales of a bounty hunter who relies on unconventional methods to get the job done.

Davis headlined two short-lived ABC series, the 2005-2006 drama Commander In Chief as well as 2000-2001 comedy The Geena Davis Show. She also starred last year in the A&E miniseries Coma.

The bounty hunter pilot will be executive produced and directed by Dean Devlin,
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Jonathan Goldstein on Co-Writing Horrible Bosses, Lawyer Roots, and What's on the Cutting-Room Floor

Jonathan Goldstein on Co-Writing Horrible Bosses, Lawyer Roots, and What's on the Cutting-Room Floor
Jonathan Goldstein is the more experienced half of the Horrible Bosses writing partnership. His partner (and this week's Verge designee) John Francis Daley is a Freaks and Geeks alum with a new career in penning comedies, but Goldstein has a varied history in TV writing on The PJs, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and $#*! My Dad Says. He met Daley when he worked as a writer on The Geena Davis Show, a show on which Daley costarred. We talked to the veteran about his box office success with Horrible Bosses, making a transition to a film career, and getting anxious when actors want to improvise.
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‘Horrible Bosses’ Screenwriters on Their Creative Process

‘Horrible Bosses’ Screenwriters on Their Creative Process
Getty Images John Francis Daley

The challenge of working on “Horrible Bosses,’ according to screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, was trying to make the film’s premise — three average joes plotting to kill their work supervisors — credible. Insert the heinous employers played by Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and a barely recognizable Colin Farrell, who drive their respective employees Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis to premeditated murder.

“Most people dream and want to kill their bosses, but nobody ever really does it,
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Top 8 actors that were huge in the 90s and what movie killed their career

Our favorite actors come and go as newer and younger stars replace them. This process happens every 10 to 20 years, while some actors continue to hold on strong well into their death. What we’ve got for you is a list of actors and actresses that were huge in the 1990s, but that are now ever hardly seen, and what movie killed their career. The list of actors and actresses we have for you below appear in random order, as the amount of “Fail” in each one of them is too great to rank.

Tom Sizemore

This guy was huge in the 1990s, no doubt. If you can think of a big movie from the 90′s, Tom Sizemore was probably in it. Just check out his list of films from that decade: Passenger 57 (1992), True Romance (1993), Wyatt Earp (1994), Natural Born Killers (1994), Strange Days (1995), Heat (1995), Saving Private Ryan (1998), Enemy of the State
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Armchair Casting Director: U.S. remake of 'Prime Suspect'

Armchair Casting Director: U.S. remake of 'Prime Suspect'
Ever since NBC announced that it would be doing an American version of the English-accented Prime Suspect, I've known who should play Helen Mirren's part, and if you've ever tuned in to Friday Night Lights, so have you: Connie Britton. Hands down. No contest. End of discussion. Not only is she a one-woman home run, but since Fnl is wrapping production in May on what's likely to be its fifth and final season, the coach's wife will be available to tackle the leading lady role for which she's so long been ready. That said, if the Peacock's vision is
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CBS goes the distance for 'Exit 19'

CBS has taken Exit 19, greenlighting a drama pilot presentation starring Geena Davis.

Exit 19 will star Davis as a quirky homicide detective on the mean streets of Manhattan who also is a single mom to two kids in the Long Island suburbs.

The project was developed at ABC Studios by writer Michael Nankin and studio-based producers Gene Stein and Nina Wass, whose overall deal there was terminated during the writers strike.

Stein and Wass then took the script to Davis, with whom they had worked on ABC's comedy series The Geena Davis Show. Davis, who had a holding deal with CBS Paramount Network TV, in turn took the project to CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler, who ordered a major rewrite.

Jeff Bell was tapped to pen the new script, which was greenlighted by the network.

Bell, Stein and Wass will executive produce, while Davis will serve as a co-executive producer.

CBS Paramount will produce with ABC Studios.

Wrubel inks at ABC TV Studio

Wrubel inks at ABC TV Studio
Former Will & Grace executive producer Bill Wrubel has inked a two-year deal with ABC TV Studio.

Under the pact, he will serve as a co-executive producer on Ugly Betty, the studio's dramedy for ABC, and possibly develop new projects.

The recruitment of Wrubel is part of a changing dynamics behind the scenes of the popular freshman series, which is returning for a second season in the fall.

A large number of writers -- five -- were let go after the first season. Sources said the show is looking to trim its writing staff, adding fewer, more established writer-producers like Wrubel.

"This is standard attrition after the end of Season 1 of a hit show," a source close to production said. "Season 1 is about exploring themes and finding the show's voice, and now that we've successfully accomplished that, Season 2 of the show focuses on a core upper-level staff."

In addition to Wrubel, Dawn DeKayser (ABC's The Geena Davis Show) also has been added to Betty as a producer.

Developing situation at CBS for Davis

Geena Davis has inked a development deal with CBS. Under the pact, the network will develop a series to star the Oscar-winning actress targeted for next season. The deal marks Davis' first collaboration with CBS. It also reunites Davis with CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler, her friend from their days at Boston University. Davis won an Oscar in 1989 for her supporting role in The Accidental Tourist and was nominated in the lead actress category in 1992 for Thelma & Louise. Her feature credits also include the two Stuart Little movies, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Beetle Juice. On the small screen, Davis most recently toplined and co-executive produced the ABC family comedy The Geena Davis Show. Davis, whose series credits also include NBC's Sara and Buffalo Bill, is repped by CAA, manager David Eidenberg and attorney Craig Jacobson.

Geena Davis Causes Mayhem On Set

  • WENN
Geena Davis Causes Mayhem On Set
Geena Davis is causing mayhem on the set of her new sitcom "The Geena Davis Show" (2000) by insisting she practices archery between takes. The actress who placed tenth in this year's American national rankings as an archer, hopes to make the Olympic team in 2004. But cast and crew have been dodging arrows on the set of her show as Davis demands practice time. She says, "I have a target set up outside of our stage and I go out and fling a few arrows when I can. I refuse to give anything up."

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