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Wuts Wrong With FOX
Whitneeblink1825 August 2003
Wuts wrong with Fox? Don't get me wrong, they got some great shows, but how could they let this one slip? I have Always been into the supernatural side of life and this show grabbed me from the first preview I saw. Wut really grabbed me was that these monsters are actually based on real life legands or real life as I believe. I only missed the show twice! And I hate myself. The show was great Not to say Ethan Embry TOO!!!(GOD is he hot???)But Fox made a big mistake of letting this show go.
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Could have been *amazing*
ombudsgirl20 November 2003
I had vaguely heard about this show when it aired, but since it was extremely elusive (and I was sick of "Blair Witch," which Fox used as the main selling point) I missed out. Three years later, I get my hands on the episodes...What a waste! This show could have been so, so good! I'll bet if they'd given it a chance and "introduced" it on a Sunday, it would have hooked in a bigger audience.

But yeah, the stories were great, the actors were great, there was potential for a lot of development...Someone mentioned Derek's "Get her!" attitude, citing Ghostbusters and I cracked up. Someone should petition for a DVD, even if it's just a bare-bones 13-episode set without features. Though commentary by the actors and crew would probably be hysterical.
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Sorry it didn't make it past 13 Eps
S. Bull10 October 2006
This is one of those Gems that get missed by the general viewers due to poor scheduling.

there should really be a revival of this show. I cant even find it on the internet at all anymore

As the internet was getting hotter this show was like Xfiles internet style. Monsters, Ghosts, Goblins ETC.

Good Casting and acting. Me and my whole family really enjoyed watching this show weekly and never missed an Eps.

If they ever make it to DVD i will have one of the first copies in the area.

Keep looking cause this show was great.
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A very good, promising show
manny23920 October 2000
I liked Freakylinks, it has a ton of potential as long as it continues to branch out. The one problem I have is that the show needs to develop the individual characters more so that we can relate to them and like them better. It seems like the show rushes to the action part, when we should be getting to know the characters a little more so that we can see how they react, what they are all about, and just give an overall personality to the characters and the group. Overall a solid show, and if they clear up those flaws and improve on them, they can easily develop a Star Trek, or X-Files or Xena or Hercules-type cult following that cashes in and becomes a big hit for years to come.
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This was the best Sci-Fi TV show that I have ever seen!
imbored978425 May 2002
This was an excellant show. It was very freaky, and had a website that went along with it. Everything seemed so real. It's a real shame that this show wasn't given more of a chance. It had a horrible timeslot and the reviews were mostly bad. It's a shame, because this show had so much potential. I still often wonder what really happened to Adam, Derek's brother.
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SpackerMatt8 October 2000
FL is a great show. Truly wonderful. FL is a little cheesy and rough around the edges, but the premiere had me a little spooked out. There were surprises aplenty, and some pretty good performances throughout. Some of the story is a little hard to follow, but since it's a good show, you can keep up with it. FL in my opinion, is the second best new show this season, and I think it should succeed. The commercials (especially the ones they showed in theatres) rocked. NEWAY, what bothers me most, however, is that it has horrible buzz. The show premiered and no one liked it, and before it even premiered people were already saying it sucked. Well, I hope it stays on air because it is great. Ethan Embry holding his brother in the tub really got to me. Don't skip it. 9/10
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why did it end????
queenofmisery10 July 2003
yeah, yeah, it seemed like a weird spin off of the blair witch project which could have shown a lack of creativity, but no. it wasn't. if you're a fan of science fiction and just feel either curiosity or just plain thrive on paranormal activity, this is right up your alley. lead role Ethan Embry gives off a pretty believable performance while trying to figure out why his twin brother (who died of unnatural causes) isn't among these friends that solve mysteries and battle personal demons at times. all in all, it was an interesting show.
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Appealing cast, good potential.
meadowlark12 October 2000
Not a bad first episode--in the vein of The X-Files and Millennium. I like that. Not as witty as Buffy and not as heavyweight as The X-Files (yet), but the premise and its principle characters show promise.

The premise is that a group of twenty-somethings maintains a web site that features their investigations of weird occurrences. There is a wealth of such material to exploit, so the writers should never run out of plot ideas. This time around, there were quasi Blair Witch scenes which were not all that well integrated, but I hope the producers keep trying to head in that direction, so long as they don't simply become imitative. Overall, the plot was still a bit ahead of the execution.

The cast is very appealing. The lead guy (Ethan Embry) has a believable face, albeit not all of his acting seems to have caught up with his face. I think he will settle into it, though, and will become believable through and through.

With all the elements it has going for it, FreakyLinks has good potential for growth. I plan to continue watching it, and I hope it earns its keep.
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Great While It Lasted
Thor200012 May 2001
Have you noticed the annoying trend nowadays on television ? It's when a show debuts, becomes an instant hit and the idiot television heads cancel it ! What is this ? Freaky Links was a great show ! It wasn't "Kolchak" or "Friday The 13th" scary, but it did fill in the void left behind on Friday nights by so many other great shows unjustly cancelled in spite of viewer success. The paranormal investigators behaved and acted like real amateur ghost hunters going after strange stories, but I do have to admit that some of the episodes were below the par of the pilot. It also tried to copy "The X Files" with Dennis Christopher as the shady guy behind the scenes; he was so unnecessary. If anything, it could have been more successful as a cross between "Kolchak" and "Scooby Doo" minus the dog of course and more scenes in creepy out of the way places at night, but I guess we'll never know how big it could have been unless the characters come back in a feature length movie.
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Crushed potential
Zoecb27 October 2004
I really liked this show!

Yet another piece of evidence to add to the "US networks need to open their eyes to the quality and stop pulling the plug on good shows" pile. I saw a few episodes of this on French TV - it was pretty successful in France for its brief run, magazines were full of it. I particularly liked the episode "Live Fast, Die Young" which featured Paige Moss (Buffy guest star) - it reminded me of a teenage version of the X files. This show had a fantastic concept, loads of potential for twists and character development, but hey, what can we do?

Also, you can tell a lot about a show from its opening credits. With a theme tune like that it would have gone far - excellent mission statement:

"What you don't know can't hurt you, what you look for might get you."
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koolstilez5 January 2007
What a Brilliant show! Too bad it was axed. I wondered what had happened to it! Just like every other brilliant series that comes out. It is joined by the likes of Dark Angel, Tru Calling, Firefly and many others that share the fate of T.V networks relying on ratings to continue a series! Now all I see on T.V these days is Law & Order this and CSI that and the 50other Law,Legal and Terrorism related shows that cover every aspect of these topics. New shows continuing to flood every T.V station on the planet. Wtf has happened to the good old Sci-Fi/Paranormal shows that we all loved. I think I need to tune into another planet!
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Network Interference
jonschaper5 February 2004
This show greatly suffered from network interference. The creators originally planned for their show "Fearsum" to be scary but with a dark sense of humour. The network decided that they would rather call the show "Freaky Links" and make it lighter in tone. What resulted was a very uneven program which was very good when the creators stuck to dark humour, but became cheesy, self-parody whenever they gave in to the network's demands. Even before the pilot aired, some of the creators began publically distancing themselves from the results. That's the unfortunate thing about TV: artists have to bow to the demands of those who finance the programs, and those who finance the programs usually don't know a single thing about good art. Without such interference, Freaky Links could have become an excellent replacement for the X-Files which, at that time, had largely worn out its welcome with its increasing emphasis upon "mythology" episodes filled with plots going absolutely nowhere.
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Good show; Bad timeslot
Marma1ade9 June 2003
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Freaky Links, and quite disappointed to see that it had been cancelled. I unfortunately missed the first couple of episodes cos of the timeslot. (If u think 9pm is a bad timeslot in the US and UK, it's even worse in South Africa: 11pm on a Friday.)

I think the show has (had?) real potential to develop into the next must-see show. It is a bit reminiscent of the wackier episodes of X-files, and the "non-Apocalypse" episodes of Buffy and Angel. Overall, quite a good mix of off-the-wall (desert squid) and terrifying (the harbingers).

What a pity that we won't see how the characters and the relationships (esp. between Derek and Chloe, given that she was his brother's girlfriend) develop.
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should never have been cancelled!
chemicalsmile516 October 2002
I can't believe they canceled this. Freaky Links was such an awesome show! It was quirky and scary, and the little things on this show were just, very cool. Sure, the monsters were a little odd and low-budget,(the Desert Squid?) but that just made the show more endearing. Ethan Embry was his cutest here, with his wide-eyed scared look. I don't understand why people wouldn't like this. My only conclusion is since they were stupid and put it on Friday nights at nine (hello? of course all the teen who are your audience are going to be out!), it's entirely Fox's fault.
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Why must good things end so quickly?
Allanonx4 June 2003
FreakyLinks was really a good show and had so much potential. There was an infinite amount of directions, twists and turns the show could take and offer the viewers a ride I'd pay good money for. So of course it was ended way before it's time. Why is it that shows like Buffy and X-Files run for years until the shows are nothing more than look-overs in the tv guide, but shows with so much potential, cool characters and style like FreakyLinks get stopped after 17 episodes.FreakyLinks was a funky show with trend setting qualities that now will join other great shows canceled before there time,like Birds of Prey and Dark Angel, in the Great Hall of under-rated shows.
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One of the best shows i've ever seen,an amazing crossover between x files and the blair witch.
okelay7 July 2002
here we got three elements: -paranormal phenomena -internet,websites and digital movies -urbans legends and mithology or in another words: x files, internet and the blair witch. all of three are good, great, famous all of three mixed are just unbelievable good.

i think that, beside x files, this is the best show i've seen in my whole life. and i have seen almoust everything that fox,warner or sony airs. for a moment, a week or two, i even consideer ir better than x files. it could it be great, a classic, a replacement even for show like x files, dark angel or roswell.

it's got great storys, great actor and a really good way of telling then i just *loved* the derek barnes character. young, dedicated, honest, cute, smart, good friend, loyal, ready to take chances for what he believed,in a word: amazing.

the show was always different, but it had always good elements. the freakylinks team risk their lifes looking for the true story even thought no one believed them , or even take them seriously. they didnt only report it, the lived it. freakylinks is the prove that is better having 100 people watching who really care, that 1000 watching that dont give a s***. i want to be a filmmaker, and seen things like this make feel like if i could do something as half as good, i'll be in heaven.
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Excellent show
Mike5 June 2002
This is a great show and I just started watching it a while ago. The stories are great, the actors are great and from the reviews ive just read ive found out that the shows been cancelled in America. What the hell!? This show rocks! It shouldn't have been cancelled! Even here in England it has a rubbish timeslot of 9.00pm on a Friday. These channels should clean up there mess and give shows as good as this an earlier slot! I really hoped Freakylinks would take off! Oh well at least the current series is available to watch. Great show : 8 out of 10!!
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really cool and original show
arm865 January 2001
when i first saw a preview for this i thought that it would just be another blair witch ripoff. but i was wrong. i never saw blair witch but i love this show. each episode has interesting plots that you have to keep up with. i hope this show is on for a long time.
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Does not keep me on the couch
dcantrell3 November 2000
This show came on after something else that was on FOX that we were all watching. Out of laziness, I decided to not reach for the remote and change the channel. That was a mistake. I got to see the season premiere of The Road Rules-Files. No, I mean X-Real World. No no, that's not it. Umm, FreakyLinks, yeah, that's it. The MTV Road Rules style show about X-Files type stuff. What a bunch of c**p. It's not all that amazing. Go ahead and change the channel or get off the couch and go do something else.
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It's a Super Freak! Super Freak!
cjbaker18 October 2000
Finally, a television show that has the potential to scare the crap out of you! Freakylinks gives horror fans a taste of something the X-files just can seem to grasp: fun and mindless terror. Ghosts creeping up behind you, ghouls jumping out from every which way, and all of those other things that go bump in the night. If you're looking for a good, edge-of-your seat thriller, Freaklinks is just that. The show follows Derek Barnes (played by Ethan Embry) who is making a living off of running his deceased brother's spooky website. Barnes and his friends investigate and film - in Blair Witch-like fashion - cases of strange and unusual phenomena and post them on the Freakylinks website. Anything from 400-year-old ghosts to exploding lap dancers is game. While the show's minor characters could use a little polishing (as is the case with every new TV show that comes along), the script and storyline itself is fantastic. That, along with Embry's always exuding boyish charm and sincerity, should make viewers want to delve into the paranormal with the Freakylinks team week after week. Or at least I hope so, for ratings sake.
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has great potential
star1216 October 2000
As a huge fan of Ethan Embry, I looked forward to this show somewhat nervously....the last tv show he worked on was so bad that it was cancelled in 4 episodes. I was pleasantly surprised by Freaky Links. I found it to be fresh, creepy, and interesting- a Blair Witch meets the X Files kind of show. I really like the characters, and I'm really looking forward to finding out more about Derek's brother, Adam, and to seeing Derek's relationship with Chloe progress. I think this show could potentially take over from The X Files, but for a younger generation, if it's given a chance and not killed by the bad buzz. I say stick with it and you'll end up with with a great show in a couple of episodes.
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Totally Awsome!!!!!
ryanmcintosh008 October 2000
Set in Florida, the show, originally titled Fearsum, centers on Derek Barnes, who runs, a Web site devoted to the paranormal mysteries. Assisting him in his quest for the truth is his partner, Jason Tatum, and webmaster Lan Williams.

Derek didn't actually found the site. His brother Adam did. But Adam's dead. He committed suicide two years ago. Here's where FreakyLinks tries to get freaky. Adam may not be dead after all. In the series debut, Derek gets an e-mail containing video of Adam looking very much alive, and he and his friends set out to find out what's going on.

The premise is actually intriguing. Unfortunately, the execution is awful. The main culprit is a convoluted plot. As he reinvestigates his brother's death, Derek contacts Adam's girlfriend, Chloe, who shares all this information about a case Adam was investigating at the time of his death. Why didn't Chloe reveal this info at the time of Adam's demise?

Don't miss this show!!!!
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very cool show.
Lord_Angelus31 October 2001
"Freakylinks" is a very cool show!!! The actor is very good. Pretty cool story line. Some of the story is pretty freaky.
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This was a good show
star1monk2 August 2001
ok. I see how everyone else things this show was no good. I liked the plot, and granted the shows writers could have used a little help. But it was getting alot better. I hated to see the show get cancelled. I blame it on the fact that FOX doesn't seem to realize that most people are not home on a Friday nights at 9. They do that to all the good shows.They did it to Freakylinks, and they did to the lone gunman. All i have to say is this show was cool,and FOX needs to stop putting shows that are meant for younger veiwers on fridays.
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Freakylinks Was A Really Good Show
quickzx2gurl15 March 2001
I really liked the first episodes of FreakyLinks. The episodes after were also really good. I think the show came off to be a really good idea. I also liked every show that was on, they all had good story lines and it made the stories really good. I wish the show didn't get taken off the air because this show can really go some where. So I hope this show gets picked up by another channel.
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