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5 Jan. 2001
Subject: The Harbingers
Derek finally gets a break in the freaky case of his twin brother Adam's apparent return among the living, when he learns that Adam may have been involved with a group of ominous self-proclaimed psychics from Florida.
12 Jan. 2001
Subject: Still I Rise
Derek and his team investigate rumors of sightings of a dead rapper. It turns out that the rapper isn't actually dead but in hiding from what he claims are supernatural pursuers.
19 Jan. 2001
Subject: Me and My Shadow
Chloe councils a terrified young boy who claims that his shadow has been possessed by something evil. Chloe believes he's just having psychological issues, but freaky things start happening.
26 Jan. 2001
Subject: The Stone Room
Jason and his friends investigate the freaky goings-on in his estranged father's Baltimore law firm.
15 Jun. 2001
Subject: Sunrise at Sunset Streams
Something is on the prowl in a retirement community. Derek knows this, but a certain financial benefit prevents him from acting in time.
1 Jun. 2001
Subject: Live Fast, Die Young
Derek sees a video of an adrenalin junkie surviving an impossibly high fall. The guy and his friends are in fact careless adrenalin vampires, who inject themselves with adrenalin instead of blood and want Derek to join them.
8 Jun. 2001
Subject: Police Siren
A cop tries to save a woman from a car but the vehicle explodes. However, the woman's remains are nowhere to be found even though she was clearly seen in the car just before it exploded.
22 Jun. 2001
Subject: The Final Word
A special news report covers Derek and his team's attempt to try to prove that a man accused of murder is innocent and that the real killer was supernatural.

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