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Rated Episodes

# Episode User

1.7  Area 51 Base: Is Area 51 America's Hidden Spaceport? 6.7 6
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.7/10 X  
1.11  Oak Island: Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island? 5.0 5
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.0/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

# Episode
1.1  Egyptian Pyramids: What's Behind the Door in the Pyramid?
1.2  Noah's Ark on Ararat: Is It Really Noah's Ark?
1.3  Roswell UFO Crash: What Really Happened at Roswell?
1.4  Shroud of Turin: Is It the Burial Cloth of Jesus?
1.5  Crop Circles: Secret Messages from Crop Circles?
1.6  Prayer Intervention: Is There Really Power in Prayer?
1.8  Biblical End Times: Are End Time Warnings True?
1.9  Easter Island: What's So Mysterious About Easter Island?
1.10  Ark of the Covenant: The Golden Ark with Incredible Power?
1.12  Biblical Adam and Eve: Adam and Eve - Fact or Fiction?
1.13  Kecksburg UFO Crash: What Really Happened at Kecksburg?
1.14  Did Jesus Exist and Perform Miracles?
1.15  Jesus' Birth: Is the Miracle of Christmas True?
1.16  Ancient Anasazis: What Really Happened at Mesa Verde?
1.17  Medical Mysteries: Did Ancient Doctors Know More?
1.18  Custer's Last Stand: What Really Happened at the Little Big Horn?
1.19  Ancient Prophets: Could Ancients See the Future?
1.20  Mysterious Dolphins: Are Dolphins Smarter Than Us?
1.21  Six Day War: Was the Sixth Day War a Miracle?
1.22  Jesus' Silent Years: Where Was Jesus All Those Years?
1.23  Asteroid Collision: Is There a Doomsday Asteroid?
1.24  Martian Civilizations: What's Really on Mars?
1.25  Philadelphia Experiment: Has Time Travel Been Discovered?
1.26  Bigfoot Sightings: Real Monster or Urban Legend?
1.27  Bermuda Triangle: What's the Secret of the Bermuda Triangle?
2.1  Pearl Harbor: Day of Infamy... or Deceit?/Butch Cassidy: Was He the Smartest or Luckiest Outlaw?
2.2  Lincoln Assassination: Who Really Killed President Lincoln?/Walls of Jericho: Did the Jericho Walls Tumble Down?
2.3  Ancient Discoveries: What Did Ancient Inventors Know?/What New Findings Are in the Bible Code?
2.4  Episode #2.4
2.5  Did Moses Part the Red Sea?/Who Are the Super Brain Kids?
2.6  Sodom and Gomorrah: Did God Destroy the Cities of Sin?/The Dark Ages: What Caused the Dark Ages?
2.7  Princess Diana: Who Killed Princess Di?/The Rapture: Will We Be Left Behind?
2.8  Episode #2.8
2.9  Who Killed Kennedy?/Was There a Miracle at Fatima?
2.10  Biblical Flood: Was There a Noah's Flood?/UFO Flyovers: What Are the Lights Over Phoenix?
2.11  Prisoners of War: Where Are the POW's?/Jesus Christ: Did Jesus Really Walk the Earth?
2.12  Dinosaur Extinction: What Killed the Dinosaurs?/Biblical Treasures: Where Are the Lost Bible Treasures?
2.13  Egyptian Sphinx: What's Under the Ancient Sphinx?/Tower of Babel: Did God Destroy the Tower to Heaven?
2.14  TWA Tragedy: What Brought Down TWA Flight 800?/Secrets of the Bible: What Do the Dead Sea Scrolls Tell Us?
2.15  The Kennedy Curse: JFK Jr.'s Death - Accident or Assassination?/Animal Instinct: Do Animals Have a 6th Sense?
2.16  Episode #2.16
2.17  Did We Really Land a Man on the Moon?/Who Wrote the Bible?
2.18  Teamster's Mogul Murder: Who Really Killed Jimmy Hoffa?/Mary Magdalene: Was Mary Magdalene a Saint or Sinner?
2.19  Is Someone Altering the World's Weather?/What Sank the Unsinkable Titanic?
2.20  Self-Igniting Bodies: Does Spontaneous Human Combustion Really Exist?/King Tut's Tomb: Is There a Curse on King Tut's Tomb?
2.21  America's Aviation Heroine: What Happened to Aviator Amelia Earhart?/Terrorist Attacks: Did the Bible Code Predict September 11?
2.22  Global Climate Changes: Will Global Warming Change Our Lives?/Biblical Paradise: Have We Found the Garden of Eden?
2.23  Episode #2.23
2.24  America's Lost Colony: Has the Lost Colony of Roanoke Been Found?/Prophetic Last Days: Have We Entered the End Times?
2.25  Deadly Insects: Are We Creating Killer Insects?/Fields of Mystery: Are Crop Circles the Language of Aliens?
2.26  Political Victim: Vince Foster - Suicide or Political Execution?/Attack on America: Were There Miracles Amidst the Mayhem of 911?
Has the Lost Colony of Roanoke Been Found?/Are the End Times Here?
Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?/Mary Magdelene: Saint or Sinner?