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Tom Cavanagh (Ed) wears a blue power bracelet that he got as a gift in every episode.
Entitled "Stuckeyville", the original CBS pilot was devoted to setting up the premise of the series. It featured Ed's string of misfortunes, his nostalgic return to Stuckeyville, and his fateful encounter with Carol. When the show finally reached the air on NBC, the entire CBS pilot had been edited down to a brief montage at the beginning of the NBC pilot.
The name of Ed's old law firm (Farmer & Sheehan) is an in-joke reference to Late Show with David Letterman (1993) stagehands Pat Farmer and Kenny Sheehan.
An early episode has Ed defend a client's intellectual property rights. David Letterman, whose company produces the show, was threatened with legal action by NBC over intellectual property rights when he moved his show from NBC to CBS. Both involved what could be called "stupid human tricks."
As a running joke, several episodes mention the name "Godfrey".
Justin Long's TV debut.
Ed's ex-wife, Liz was originally played by Janeane Garofalo in the original pilot that was turned down by CBS.
In the season finale, Justin Long, who plays Warren, tells the escort he hired to take with him to the prom to pretend she is a sophomore at Vassar. Long graduated from Vassar in 2000.
Stuckybowl (including the interior) was located in Northvale, New Jersey. (It used to be called Country Club Lanes and was closed down around 1997 before Ed moved in.) It has since been demolished to make way for adult condominiums.
Many of the scenes of the main characters walking on the streets of Stuckeyville were shot in the town of Westfield, NJ. Shots include the Rialto, and restaurants such as LIME and the Elm Street Cafe.
Megan Ward was a finalist for the role of Carol.
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