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10 Jan. 2001
Losing Streak
Ed's parents, Alan and Natalie,visit but are clear hey aren't thrilled with his new life. Ed takes on a case involving the lottery. Carol finds herself coaching a team with a losing record while a vandal hits the bowling alley.
17 Jan. 2001
Opposites Distract
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24 Jan. 2001
Hook, Line and Sinker
Ed is surprised when the new DA, Bonnie Hane asks him for a date which bothers Carol. Mike is sure Carmela is attracted to him. Ed has a case involving a singing fish. Phil promises the cast of Happy Days at the bowling alley.
7 Feb. 2001
The Music Box
Carol learns her music box is valuable but it's immediately stolen. Ed's extra effort for it's return raises Bonnie's suspicions. Mike works to avoid throwing away his keepsakes. Warren joins a bowling team to impress Jessica.
14 Feb. 2001
Valentine's Day
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20 Feb. 2001
Big Rudy, former owner of Stuckey Bowl, wants his business back and is willing to use underhanded means. Bonnie takes a new job and upsets Ed by her choice. Molly likes a new guy Jeff from book club but he likes Carol.
28 Feb. 2001
Live Deliberately
Phil wants Ed to give him a cut of the bowling alley profits, Warren tries to live a simplified lifestyle while trying to impress the girl of his dreams, Ed represents a client who believes life is too short and wants to try everything, Ed becomes obsessed with reliving all his achievements from his youth.
28 Mar. 2001
Ed and Carol are on opposite sides when Coach Kerwin is sued by gifted student Salinger. Ed gives Shirley a shot as his legal assistant. Mike tries to fight back against the the disdain experienced Dr. Jerome.
4 Apr. 2001
The Test
Ed's high school girlfriend Kara wants his help testing her husband George's fidelity. Then she asks Ed to handle a contentious divorce. Budget cuts end the school's music program leading Carol to lead the fight to save it.
2 May 2001
Windows of Opportunity
Ed's new case involves an overweight man whose brother is going overboard to get him to stay on his diet. Warren has an awkward 1st date with Donna. Ed reluctantly hosts a bowling alley wedding with a young couple Ari and Barbara.
9 May 2001
Mind Over Matter
Ed wants to seek landmark status for Stuckey Bowl when a group meets for a 59th reunion. Ed takes on a case involving costly placebos being despensed by Dr. Kendall. Jeff reveals to Molly he asked Carol out first.
16 May 2001
Mixed Signals
Ed turns Stuckey Bowl into a casino for a night and asks Carol to go with him. She wonders if it's a real date. Warren wavers between asking Jessica or Donna to prom. Dr. Jerome is getting a tribute and Mike's in a quandary.
23 May 2001
Prom Night
Ed's former co-worker Bud Frankel appears and makes Ed an attractive job offer. Ed and Carol plan their prom date and talk about the almost kiss. Warren is desperate and hires an escort for his date. Phil auditions for a TV show.
10 Oct. 2001
The Stars Align
Just as Ed and Carol grow closer Bonnie returns. Nancy quits her job leaving Mike as the only wage earner in a job he hates. Warren is accused of criminal behavior when he provides beer to someone injured and Ed takes his case.
17 Oct. 2001
Ed's new client George MacPherson wants to change his name, thinking it will change his life. Carol is having a personality issue with her new boss Dennis Martino. Mike can't work the nerve to quit so he starts doing quirky things at work.
24 Oct. 2001
A Job Well Done
Ed's client Ron Leveritt is being sued by an employee because of the outfits he asks them to wear. Molly is against him taking the case. Mike wants his wife to have another baby. Carol wants her students to read The Great Gatsby.
31 Oct. 2001
Crazy Time
Dr. Crazy, a children's entertainer, needs Ed as a lawyer when he's sued for what advice he gave to a kid. Molly is unsure where a new relationship is headed with Jim. Warren makes a fool of himself at a pep rally despite his friend's warning.
7 Nov. 2001
Ed takes a divorce case representing Sonja, who might have married for a green card. He also contacts ex-wife Liz to get closure. Phil investigates who's giving away free games. Mike finds he has more to learn from Dr. Jerome.
14 Nov. 2001
Ed becomes obsessed with Joe Baxter, another attorney who owns a bowling alley. Carol continues her rants about Dennis Martino while Philip is shadowed by a strange dude. Warren tells people he's on the wrestling team when he's not.
21 Nov. 2001
The New World
Dennis gets sued with a bogus $10,000 lawsuit and Ed tries to discern the real reason he'd prefer to pay the outrageous settlement rather than have his day in court. Ed also becomes suspicious of the relationship between Dennis and Carol.
5 Dec. 2001
Goodbye Sadie
Carol urges Ed to take the case of drama teacher Arnold Bancroft, fired because of racism but Ed suspects homophobia. Carol is reluctant to give up her old car. Diane's cousin Alison helps Warren create an exclusive party.
12 Dec. 2001
Charity Cases
Ed is concerned when his client Leonard Prescott wants to practice philanthropy on a scale he can't afford. Carol is jealous when Dennis seems to have a girlfriend. Mike and Nancy differ on how to raise their daughter.

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