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Season 3

25 Sep. 2002
Human Nature
Carol is upset with Ed over kissing her when she's about to leave with Dennis. Ed takes the case of Jack Carmichael, who's being prosecuted for conning people including Mike. Kenny bowls a perfect game, quits and leaves town.
2 Oct. 2002
Miss Stuckeyville
Ed and Carol spar about her upcoming wedding, Ed trying to convince her it's a big mistake. Diane enters the Miss Stuckey pageant and plans on reciting poetry. Eli is hired to replace Kenny, which leads to major issues with Phil.
9 Oct. 2002
The Road
Ed leaves town to avoid the run up to Carol's marriage. Nancy is given the challenge of problem student Johnny to get the counselor job. Carol gives in to Dennis on a wedding detail and starts resenting it.
16 Oct. 2002
Charlotte & Wilbur
Ed steps in for Eli in an upcoming jitterbug contest. Warren protests the concept of the SAT tests and tries to lead a boycott. Carol breaks the news of her engagement to her father Richard but he has a surprise of his own.
30 Oct. 2002
The Divorce
Ed is hired by a radio team Desmond and Curtis to help them but things get worse things due to Carol. Mike and Nancy go to a counselor to deal with minor annoyances. Carol and Ed face a friendship crossroads because of the wedding.
6 Nov. 2002
May the Best Man Win
Ed is suprisingly going to be best man for Dennis and lets Phil plan the bachelor party. The two rivals for Carol get along briefly at the celebration but they revert to form at the pie shop the next day.
13 Nov. 2002
The Wedding
Ed, with Jennifer's encouragement, plans on riding a horse into Carol's wedding proclaiming his love. Warren meets older Stella and thinks it might lead to a big moment. A remark from her father gives Carol pause about marrying.
20 Nov. 2002
Ed and Carol are locked in the Stuckeybowl by their friends.
11 Dec. 2002
Lloyd is back but needs Ed's help because of his involvement in a pyramid scheme. Ed agrees but this might be the the breaking point with his brother. Concern for Mark's health grows after his father has a heart attack because of his weight.
18 Dec. 2002
Ed is upset when a new lawyer in town encourages neighbors to sue each other and develops a crazy scheme to end the animosity. Carol tells Molly to go for the principal job. Phil intends on being the new diet sandwich king.
8 Jan. 2003
Ed is approached by Frankie, a newly minted attorney, who hopes Ed will hire her. Molly tries to be the principal everyone likes but it backfires. Warren, Diane, and Eli decide to make Mark's last meal before surgery memorable.
15 Jan. 2003
Ed and Frankie work together while taking the case of a man who is suing his sister for outing him, and Mike learns that Dr. Jerome is trying to sabotage him.
22 Jan. 2003
Hyenas & Wildebeests
Carol is sued for a negative restaurant review by Rich Keenan, a bully when they were young. Ed and Frankie take her case. Molly tries to help awkward Ryan and has a connection with his dad Sean. Phil promotes extreme bowling.
5 Feb. 2003
The Case
Ed and Frankie end up with a murder case when they defend Danny Martin, whose best friend died while they reenacted a school prank. Molly grows closer with firefighter Sean but errors when trying to help him with his son Ryan.
12 Feb. 2003
Ed becomes concerned about how he will be remembered. Carol's sister Stella returns followed by her much older boyfriend Evan. Warren makes an unusual Valentine's Day gesture to Stella. Phil and Eli compete to create a Happy Birthday song.
19 Feb. 2003
Good Advice
Ed acts the good samaritan during a car accident but is sued by when an injury incurs so Frankie becomes his lawyer. Warren rushes things with Stella after their night together. Molly and Sean grow even closer.
26 Feb. 2003
Captain Lucidity
Ed is trying to decide whether it would be a good idea to date Frankie. He enters a dream state with Mike as his companion where he revisits moments of his oast and some possible futures. Versions of Taye Diggs even appear.
5 Mar. 2003
Business as Usual
Ed and Frankie take the next step by sleeping together with Carol perplexed with her feelings when she finds out. Toby Gibbons tries to mediate between Mike and Dr. Jerome. Mark feels guilty when Jimmy's gastric goes wrong.
12 Mar. 2003
Ed babysits for the Burtons, while they go on a romantic getaway.
28 Mar. 2003
Second Chances
While Ed tells Frankie about his story with Carol, Eli meets some friends from the past.
4 Apr. 2003
The Movie
While a movie is being shot in the bowling alley, Ed and Carol relive some moments from their past and Frankie tries to reconcile her past and her present.
11 Apr. 2003
The Decision
Ed and Frankie face difficult decisions, while Stuckeybowl celebrates its 75th anniversary.

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