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Author: CatDog from NY
8 November 2000

The evil NBC network has cut off the 3rd and the final new addition to the Monday night line-up...the question is, why? I can understand why "Daddio" and "Tucker" got canned (both horrible shows, by the way). Now that this show is gone, the whole new Monday prime time is gone. This makes me as mad as the Presidential election the other day, and that means mad!

Anyway, enough of my griping. Let me talk about the show. This show was perfect in almost every way. From the creator of "Law & Order", this show had to be good, and it was. It's got all the elements arranged in one hour of programming: comic relief, high drama, romance; you name it, you were guaranteed to get it. I'm sure you know the scoop already: Oliver Platt stars as the award-winning writer for the New York Ledger, and it's a playout of "digging up the dirt" which is so important in today's society (especially in tabloids). Platt's character was a "fresh new face" in the TV world, and so was the rest of the cast. I especially liked seeing wonderful actresses such as Bebe Neuwirth and Lili Taylor in a show like this. I was fascinated by the way events were played out in this show, especially the last episode before it was taken off of the air. I looked forward to this show long before the series debut, and looked forward to it every Monday...until now.

The burning questions are sadly unanswered when the show withered away. SO much stuff was left at a cliffhanger for me, because we barely got to know some of the characters. Why did NBC have to cancel such a wonderful show? If another network could buy this show like PAX did for "Mysterious Ways", then I would be content. Otherwise, just leave me hanging off a cliff until you get a show just as good. 9.5/10

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Arrgh It's Canned?!?!

Author: jgrayson_au from Australia
31 December 2002

Typical, just when we here in Australia get the show, I find out it's canned. Saw it for the first time last night (new years eve) at like 2am. Excellent show. Oliver platt is a genius, Lili Taylor is one of the most underated actors (and lookers!) around and the show had exceptional writing. I was just about ready to say stuff sleep, stay up and watch it, and I find out it's been dumped. Darn! NBC - FOOLS!

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A great new addition

Author: Joshua Bozeman from Evansville, Indiana
4 October 2000

Only one episode of Deadline has aired, and I'm already a fan. I must admit, I was looking forward to this show way before it premiered, but now that I have seen it, I love it. The show stars Oliver Platt as Wallace Benton, a journalist for a New York tabloid paper called the Ledger. He always gets this information he needs for his stories no matter what it takes.

Wallace works at the same paper as his wife, and they seem to be in the middle of a divorce/separation, tho they're clearly still on really good terms. Benton, along with his journalism, teaches a group of journalism grad students. He uses one of his students, a female-I forget her name, to help him research stories, and she's one of the main characters. He has other students who are in the show less, but they also help him get information for his stories. I love Platt in general, and I think he is perfect in this role. He's passionate about what he does, he works hard, and it looks as tho he's a kind of guy who is always going to try to do the right thing. I like that in a character. Platt is also very funny in this show. I think overall, the show is great. Great characters, perfect casting, and a thrilling plot. I think this show has a bright future.

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It's all about money now...

Author: pdupuis11 from Québec
25 February 2001

Why NBC had to cut this show? Because of the rating? They don't know yet that sometimes, a show needs time to grow? They don't remember that Seinfeld was not a very successful show the first year? It reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons where Homer is the coach of a young football team and has the need to cut everybody off!

It was a good show, not the best ever but a good show. I personally think that it's good enough to keep it on the air, at least for an entire season.

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Oliver Platt is a genius

Author: skoyles from Calgary AB Canada
30 June 2005

Oliver Platt is a genius. One could simply repeat that for 100 lines and sum up this series - and anything else in which this rotund brilliant actor appears. He became Porthos in the bouncy Three Musketeers; he was amazing as Hector in the sadly under-rated Lake Placid; he was the perfect barrister in West Wing. Platt shares an ineffable star quality with Orson Welles and that enviable talent with which Roger Ebert described M. Emmet Walsh which I hereby paraphrase: "No motion picture featuring Olliver Platt can be all bad." In this he joins the company of the great Ian Holm and very very few others. As the star of this sadly-missed series Platt had the chance, for far too short a time, chew the scenery in his own series as a talented, irritating, self-centred, brilliant human being. How much of this is Platt and how much acting is irrelevant. It is simply a pity that the show was so quickly cancelled because, to say it once more, Oliver Platt is a genius.

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Author: Amanda
24 October 2002

I think this show is great. I didn't watch it when it was actually on NBC, but when Bravo played a few of the episodes last week I fell in love with it. I think that it had amazing actors and actresses, and it was quite funny at times. It was interesting.

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The heroic reporter? It's a premise so pre-"Network" out-of-date that it inspires a head-shake of disbelief

Author: liquidcelluloid-1 from
30 December 2006

Network: NBC; Genre: Crime/Mystery; Content Rating: TV-PG (language, adult content, some violence); Available: Sleuth Channel; Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Series (1 season)

Before Dick Wolf became married exclusively to the "Law & Order" franchise, he made an attempt to vary it up with "Deadline", a series that takes all of the pavement pounding, suspect interviewing and case building of "Order" and transplants it into the journalism universe.

The always underrated Oliver Platt headlines as Wally, a famous, rule-bending, ego-maniacal reporter for the New York Ledger. Around him are his journalist students as well as reporter Lili Taylor, editor Bebe Neuwirth and his ex-wife Hope Davis all of which's soul job seems to be to keep him under control. I like Oliver Platt and while he is good here, he isn't great on that level that would elevate the tedium of the rest of the series beyond the safe genre trappings that Wolf has set up for himself. Later, Wolf would find a performance that does succeed in elevating one of his shows with Vincent D'Onofrio in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent".

"Deadline" undeniably has a little more spunk and humor than "Order", most of which is provided by the natural comic personality of Platt. It even slips in some witty journalistic observations via Platt's narration. But it is hard to shake the feeling that we're watching the same show all over again. The structure, the tone, the endings - all vintage "Law & Order". "Deadline" also commits the biggest sin on the head of "Order" in terms of the shamefully broad characters of racial, ethnic and just traditional TV stereotypes. The oddly titled camera can't hide that.

In retrospect, the show is forward thinking in some ways and dated in others. In reruns Wolf proves to be more insightful than I'd expect. "Deadline" is one of the few places you'll hear pre-9/11 references to Osama Bin Laden and stories where Wally fights for free speech in the face of corporate censorship feel prophetic.

However, I just can't get over the fundamental premise of the series. Even in 2000, the idea that newspaper reporters are intrepid truth seekers who actively progress through investigations, interview witnesses, go undercover and even step in to right societal wrongs is from a pre-"Network" era so long ago I can't help but look at it in disbelief. After years and years of lawyers and politicians getting a PR makeover on TV it does only make sense that Wolf and NBC would try to turn another one of the most hated professions in America into something heroic.

* ½ / 4

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