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8 Jan. 2004
Eleven Angry Jurors
A juror dies during a trial in a heavily guarded safe house. A four-year-old case of a missing woman is reopened when the woman's sister gives the CSIs new evidence she withheld during the original investigation.
15 Jan. 2004
A nurse is found dead in her house by her friend, who's also a nurse. The victim died in her spacious bathroom, posed with her head facing the door. According to the friend, she was to have dinner with her new boyfriend, Dr. Michael Clark, who works at the same hospital. Processing the crime scene reveals very little evidence because the killer has thoroughly cleaned the place and used bleach to denature any DNA. Dr. Clark, initially a prime suspect, is later found, albeit in pieces, in garbage bins behind the house. The precision of various cuts suggests that medical...
5 Feb. 2004
Nothing is as it seems when the CSIs are called in to investigate an apparent death in a hotel pool by electrocution. It turns out that the body is a dummy. The real crime scene is inside the hotel when an antique Japanese sword is stolen from an exhibition. As this investigation proceeds, the detectives will find that there are more deceptions in play. Another case involves the death of a teenage girl who's into the vampire cult. All the blood in her body has been sucked out.
12 Feb. 2004
Paper or Plastic?
There's been a supermarket robbery with 5 deaths, one of whom is a police officer. Another police officer was at the scene and is being questioned when a bullet from his gun killed a civilian. The policeman insists that he shot another robber, but his body wasn't found in the crime scene.
19 Feb. 2004
Early Rollout
Two masked men show up at a house and kill the husband and wife execution-style with two bullets at the back of the head. The man's body is then dragged from the fairly secluded driveway towards the street, a fact that greatly puzzles Gil Grissom. The couple lived at a very good and secured community with only two entrances, the main gate to the whole complex, and a personal back gate.
26 Feb. 2004
Getting Off
A man who works at a half-way house is found dead in an area filled with drug addicts and prostitutes at night. His belongings were stolen, form car to shoes. Another body is found wearing only his boxers with signs of a clown's make-up.
4 Mar. 2004
Parts of a body is found tied under a bus taking her fellow inmates to church. Catherine, Sara, and Nick have to retrieve various parts of her body along the road. Autopsy reveals that she was already dead by the time she was tied to the bus. Grissom works on a case of a man stabbed to death in an apartment.
1 Apr. 2004
Bad to the Bone
A very large man is beaten to death by a smaller man with enormous strength. During interrogation, the suspect jumps on Grissom and is subdued by police officers in the room. He ends up dead, not from being beaten, but from cardiac arrest. The findings in his stuffed car, which includes a waitress uniform, leads Grissom to investigate the dead man's motel. The result shocks the team when a skeleton of a woman is found buried in his property.
15 Apr. 2004
Bad Words
A teenager dies from inhaling smoke during a fire before firemen could rescue her. The rest of her family, her mother, younger brother, and grandmother are safe. Catherine, Nick and Warrick works on the case which unveils an unexpected and shocking finding. Gil Grissom and Sara investigates the death of a man found in a hotel's bathroom. Autopsy reveals that he had swallowed 6 pieces of game tiles and had suffocated to death. The tiles lead the two detectives to an annual championship of Logos, a word game similar to Scrabble.
29 Apr. 2004
Dead Ringer
The team investigates the death of three police officers in a time when over 20,000 policemen gathered in Las Vegas for a marathon. One of the bodies, a male, is found by Grissom and Catherine during their run in the race a little off the route. Two others, a man and a woman, died from gunshot wounds in the man's hotel room.
6 May 2004
Turn of the Screws
Three crimes are explored in this episode. Firstly, an employee of an amusement park is found dead due to head injury, near a roller coaster accident where a car came off the tracks, leaving several passengers dead. Foul play is suspected. It is believed the murder and the roller coaster damage are linked. Also, a 13-year-old girl is found dead outside, again cause of death from a head injury.
13 May 2004
No More Bets
The body of a young gambler is left at a neon graveyard. He died from two gunshots to the back of his head. Prior to his death, he won a lot of money from one of Sam Braun's casinos. This makes Grissom remove Catherine from the case.
20 May 2004
A rape victim identifies her attacker from a line-up, after correctly giving the investigators his license plate number and physical description. While DNA is recovered, it indicates that the suspect is not guilty, as only 7 out of the 13 alleles matched. This suggests that the rapist is a relative. The suspect's brothers are all DNA-tested and none are a positive match. The resolution of this investigation is a shock to everyone due to the rarity of a genetic condition.
23 Sep. 2004
Viva Las Vegas
With four cases to solve, it will be a long day for every one of our CSIs. Greg has finally found a replacement and is out on his first official case with Grissom as they investigate a shooting at a night club. In order to become a field officer, Greg must pass this last test. Catherine investigates the death of a stripper in a hotel room with multiple blood sprays on its wall. Warrick solves the truth behind the death of a man electrocuted in his own bathtub. Sara and Nick have the strangest of cases as an 'alien' is found half-buried in Area 51.
7 Oct. 2004
Down the Drain
The team is called in to investigate a dead body found in the drain. The cause of death is quickly concluded as an accident. However, Catherine and Warrick discover pieces of badly deteriorated pieces of human bones in the sewer. The skeleton is that of a teenage boy. The only lead the CSIs have is a house, near the body dump, is full of explosives.
14 Oct. 2004
An Amber Alert is sent out when a young girl, Alycia, is kidnapped. She later turns up, wrapped in a blanket stained with her blood, even though she has no injuries. Investigations reveal that she has been giving her elder brother bone marrow transplant and was going to donate one of her kidneys to him. Meanwhile, Catherine has to deal with Lyndsey who was caught hitchhiking.
21 Oct. 2004
Crow's Feet
The death of two women, both obsessed with being young, leads Nick and Catherine to a 'spa' belonging to a doctor. There, Catherine is more self-conscious than ever about her aging. Another death happened in a house recently fumigated to kill insects.
28 Oct. 2004
Swap Meet
The team investigates two cases. The first, conducted by Grissom, Sara, and Greg, involves a dead woman found in a fountain. Although she drowned, the water found in her lungs does not match that of the fountain. The investigation leads the CSIs to a group of swingers who partied with the victim prior to her death. The second case, investigated by Warrick and Nick, involves the death of a landlord in a gaming arcade. The heavy stench in the room leads to the discovery of another body hidden in a gaming booth.
4 Nov. 2004
What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?
Starting in 1987, three murders were committed on the Western Las Vegas University campus, one of which provided Catherine Willows to investigate a suspect - John Mathers, security guard of the university. Mathers was arrested and convicted. Two years ago he was executed. But the night of his execution another murder with the same M.O. was committed. Eventually, Mathers turned out to be a copycat, responsible only for one murder, and the serial killer got away. And today, the evidence found by Greg Sanders at a fresh crime scene leads Catherine to the conclusion that ...
11 Nov. 2004
Grissom and Catherine are at the Robert Cavallo's retirement dinner. When the sheriff is about to appoint Conrad Ecklie the new Assistant Director for the Crime Lab, Grissom is called away to investigate the death of a young girl at a private party in the Olympia casino/hotel's penthouse. At the crime scene he meets Sofia Curtis from the day shift who works for Ecklie...
18 Nov. 2004
A body of a woman, her throat slit, is found in her car next to the highway. Autopsy reveals that Wendy was once a man who underwent a sex change operation. To solve this case, Grissom and his team ventures into the world of transsexual people where no one is as they seem. Their investigation leads them to a therapist with a hidden past.
25 Nov. 2004
Mea Culpa
During a retrial, a fingerprint appears on a matchbook which was formerly not visible to Grissom and his team. This makes Grissom reopen the case. His decision leaves him an easy target for Ecklie who immediately investigates his past handling of cases. Ecklie's agenda is clear. He is out to destroy and discredit Grissom.
9 Dec. 2004
No Humans Involved
An inmate is brain dead at a hospital from a small riot inside a very crowded holding cell. Catherine leads a team to investigate at the police station. The other case involves the body of a young boy found in a trash can. Autopsy reveals that he died from starvation.

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