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Season 2

29 Oct. 2001
Chapter Twenty-Three
Attorney Ronnie Cooke, visiting speaker, witnesses a fight in Harry's class. To diffuse the situation Harry suggests the boys settle their differences with a boxing match in the room, which of course lands him in hot water with Guber. Marla is offended by the invitation of being the faculty sponsor of a Fat Girls Club. Steven reprimands Harvey for insulting his students and Danny Hanson for admitting to fantasizing about some of his students.
5 Nov. 2001
Chapter Twenty-Four
Ronnie Cooke quits her law firm and joins the faculty at Winslow High and is immediately assigned a class of remedial students. Meredith Peters, now outfitted with a hook for her missing hand, is working at the school as a teacher's assistant. One of Lauren's students, interviewing for admission to Princeton, reveals a medical condition she fears will keep her out of college. The teachers hold a secret meeting regarding recent actions taken by the school administration.
12 Nov. 2001
Chapter Twenty-Five
With Ronnie's help, students sue Harvey for his continued abuse of one particular student. Jamal Crenshaw is accepted to college with the help of a plagiarized essay. Guber starts dating Meredith Peters. Steven assigns the annual "Gun Lecture" to Marla with surprising results.
19 Nov. 2001
Chapter Twenty-Six
Scott represents Harvey in court. Marla has a confrontation with Meredith Peters, whom she has dubbed "The Hook Lady." Ronnie's on-again off-again boyfriend, Matthew, tries to impress her class in the value of Shakespeare. The school newspaper continues to offer sexual advice. Steven's daughter is expelled from her private school and enrolls at Winslow.
26 Nov. 2001
Chapter Twenty-Seven
Danny Hanson comes home to find his fiancé in bed with another man whom Danny attacks and send to the hospital, landing himself in jail. Scott declines Meredith's invitation to spend the night. One of Lauren's students is close to signing a record deal which would mean dropping out of school. The sex advice columnist's identity of finally revealed.
10 Dec. 2001
Chapter Twenty-Nine
Scott and Meredith shop for a new hand. The school production makes an interesting change to Our Town. The writing of one of Harry's students concerns him. Brooke Harper gets her hopes up after seeing her divorced parents sharing a kiss after a night out as a family. Debbie Nixon receives disappointing news from the college of her choice. Scott discovers a secret of Jeremy Peters'. Ronnie is serenaded at the school Christmad pageant.
7 Jan. 2002
Chapter Thirty
Steve is asked to be by the side of a former student, now on death row and scheduled for execution. Scott finds it difficult to keep Jeremy's secret from Meredith. Ronnie's class is disrupted by a student with ADD whose creative abilities are hampered by his medication.
14 Jan. 2002
Chapter Thirty-One
Debbie Nixon's mother believes he daughter is having an affair with Danny Hanson. Meredith fears that Jeremy has tampered with her prosthetic hand, sending them to therapy where he reveals his feelings. Harvey is selected to give a speech on what teaching means to hi for a chance to win a $250,000 grant for the school. A student's photography assignment concerns Marilyn, and possibly social services and he police.
21 Jan. 2002
Chapter Thirty-Two
Lauren invites Scott to the symphony, much to the concern of Meredith. A student "falls" down a flight of stairs, but whether or not it was an accident is unclear. Danny and Marla dispute the place of God in a public school. Concern continues to grow over Harvey's speech for the $250,000 grant.
28 Jan. 2002
Chapter Thirty-Three
Danny discovers Brooke making out in a parked car on school grounds with a man ten years her senior. Harry discovers his dungeon students apparently bullying weaker students, but not all is as seems. Harry subsequently challenges Scott to a debate between the dungeon students and the debate team.

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