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David Beckham tackles acting. Will he be the new Eric Cantona – or Stan Collymore?

As the footballer warms up for Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie, we score the hits, misses and fouls of other athletes turned actors

Two questions spring to mind following the news that David Beckham has been given a cameo role in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie. Historians will know the answer to the first one. Would it be inaccurate for the knight he plays to strip down to his Y-fronts, disclosing enviable musculature and more than 30 tattoos?

The second question is even more pressing: Do sports stars have anything to offer acting other than short-term capitalisation on their former celebrity in clunking bit parts and fatuous comedy turns? Alan Shearer is a case in point. If you think the Newcastle United and England striker is the last word in wooden on Match of the Day, then you haven’t seen him in the 2000 football movie Purely Belter which,
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5 Ways Stormy Monday Is The Best Geordie Film (And A Great British One)

Recently I went to the BFI (British Film Institute) Mediatheque in Newcastle upon Tyne, not far from the WhatCulture! head office. Inside the old building of the Discovery Museum where the Mediatheque is located, I found a small dimly lit art-deco room, and was able to choose from a huge selection of British films available to view for free from the BFI archives and collections. Browsing through the list of clips, scenes, shorts and films, I stopped and chose one immediately. Stormy Monday.

Stormy Monday is a 1988 British romantic thriller, the feature-film directorial debut of Mike Figgis, who went on to direct the Oscar-winning Leaving Las Vegas in 1995. Figgis creates a special atmosphere within Stormy Monday, framing a young Sean Bean alongside Melanie Griffith at the height of her career. The story revolves around Bean’s character Brendan, as he is drawn in unknowingly to the criminal underworld of Tyneside.
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The Be All and End All — review

The strength of this directorial debut by an experienced producer resides in the warm friendship it establishes between its central characters, the 15-year-old Liverpool schoolboys Robbie (Josh Bolt) and Ziggy (Eugene Byrne), both newcomers to acting. However, the story in which they appear is a little tricky and at times somewhat distasteful: Robbie, who has an incurable heart disease and is determined to lose his virginity before his imminent death, persuades his chum to find a woman to have sex with him for love, money or feminine duty. There is a likable performance from Liza Tarbuck as the big-hearted nurse in charge of Robbie's hospital ward, but the direction is often uneasy and the acting tentative.

A couple of years ago, Mark Herman's Purely Belter, a lively tale of the friendship between two Tyneside teenage lads, made impressive use of Antony Gormley's steel sculpture Angel of the North.
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Competition: Film4 Boxset Giveaway

From 6 September seven individual titles and three fantastic box sets will be available to own; ranging from black comedies to heart-wrenching dramas and incredible documentaries, there’s something for everyone in this superb collection, and Pure Movies is giving away three copies of each! The very best of British is on offer with The Ploughman’s Lunch starring Jonathan Price and Tim Curry; the heart warming Purely Belter; inspirational Alive & Kicking with Jason Flemyng and Sister My Sister starring Joely Richardson and Jodhi May. Australian film Proof delivers black comedy while slapstick Death to Smoochy showcases hilarious performances from Edward Norton and Robin Williams and finally Next Stop Wonderland is the perfect date DVD. The Brit Indie Collection box set and the Great Brit Flick box sets are exceptional collections of the finest in British Filmmaking, both packed with incredible extras, they are essential buys for all lovers of quality British cinema.
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Win a Plethora of Film4 Blu-ray Box Sets

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This is another one of those competitions that I wish I could enter! We’re giving three lucky people the chance to win one copy of each of the following box set meaning each winner will add 11 of the greatest Film4 movies ever made to their collection!

Titles include:

Brit Indie Collection 4 disc DVD and Blu-ray boxset

Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, Sexy Beast, Gangster No. 1.

Great Brit Flicks 4 disc boxset

Once Upon A Time In The Midlands, Brassed Off, Fever Pitch, Local Hero

True Inspiration 3 disc DVD and Blu-ray boxset

In The Shadow Of The Moon, The Motorcycle Diaries, Touching The Void

These box sets include the Brit Indie Collection 4 disc DVD and Blu-ray boxset, Great Brit Flicks 4 disc boxset and True Inspiration 3 disc DVD and Blu-ray boxset are out and available to own on Monday 6th September 2010 from 4Dvd.

Other being released that day are: The Ploughman’s Lunch,
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