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Wall Street Journal
Mr. Tykwer's hands the movie changes almost magically from drama to chase to romance. As it does so its moral weight lessens; by the end there is less than what first engaged the mind. What meets the eye, though, is unforgettable.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Odd, and awkward in places, but its lyricism and power stay with you.
The result is both engrossing and moving, a poem about a love that breaks barriers and passes understanding.
Chicago Sun-Times
Poetic in its sadness, and Blanchett's performance confirms her power once again.
A mystical tale of two souls, joined in love but divided in society, seeking redemption and understanding before they pass to another plane.
New York Daily News
Too bad Heaven creeps into town when it deserved more fanfare. Consider it buried treasure, a thriller for the art- house crowd.
Tykwer doesn't aim for the heights of excitement and invention he reached in "Run Lola Run," but he blends an impressively varied palette of moods into an intriguingly unpredictable story that's never short of ideas.
Miami Herald
If Heaven doesn't quite achieve the transcendent power that Kieslowski might have attained, it comes close. One shot in particular, with the couple making love under a tree in silhouette, is a thing of quiet, sublime beauty that is eloquent in a way words never could be.
It's maddeningly chowderheaded, simplistic, pretentious, and not a little silly. You can't take your eyes off it.
Heaven is saved only by the power of an occasional hypnotic image.
Entertainment Weekly
Further sad evidence that Tom Tykwer, director of the resonant and sense-spinning ''Run Lola Run,'' has turned out to be a one-trick pony -- a maker of softheaded metaphysical claptrap. It's enough to make you want to see him run again.

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