Dummy (2002) Poster


Plot Keywords

wedding unemployment
friend wedding planner
restraining order ventriloquist
yiddish suburb
klezmer girl
model ship jewish
band accountant
unemployment office wood
wig watching tv
watching a movie visualization
video tape ventriloquism class
unwed mother underwear
twenty something theatre production
tears talent agent
suitcase subjective camera
spray paint song
singing shopping
shopping mall self deception
schnook saw
remote control reference to the glass menagerie
reference to john philiip sousa rain
psychopath popsicle
policeman pier
pickup truck parking lot
pancake old people's home
office worker musician
mother son relationship mothball
model builder mental retardation
mental instability massaging toes
marching music makeup
magic shop loser
lesbian lawyer
knife kinetics
jew jewish wedding
jewish american princess jehovah's witness
hit by a car handkerchief
gun grandmother grandson relationship
graffiti glue
friendship fourth of july
flashback father son relationship
employment counselor electronics company
dysfunctional family dock
dinner depression
dating crying
costume copy machine
conscience community college
comedy circuit clothes
class cigarette smoking
bureaucracy brother sister relationship
briefs boyfriend girlfriend relationship
blintz babysitter
attorney apology
alter ego actor
teacher stalking
singer police
mother daughter relationship hobby
gunfire fireworks
fight family relationships
fired from the job adult lives at home
ventriloquist's dummy shyness
puppet master independent film
title spoken by character

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