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Chicago Sun-Times
I cannot in strict accuracy recommend this film. It's such a jumble of action and motivation, ill-defined characters and action howlers.
Mr. Showbiz
Quite handsomely produced, and there's a definite swashbuckling verve to it. Most of the characters have been contemporized, but the actors are engaging.
If this is Dumas, there's a "b" in the middle and an extra "s" at the end.
Miami Herald
Its failure to be extraordinary is thus all the more cutting, and its redundancy all the more unforgivable.
Boston Globe
The images are pretty, and Gene Quintano's screenplay gets everybody from point A to point B, though with no discernible knack for wit or subtlety.
Chicago Tribune
A grotesque slumgullion of kung fu, studio schlock and pseudo-Dumas swashbuckling that leaves you longing for Doug Fairbanks --or even Don Ameche and The Ritz Brothers.
Entertainment Weekly
Musketeer's fight scenes are underlit, overmiked, and appallingly edited, with none of the spacious grace that even routine Asian action flicks get right. Worse, the narrative scenes make less sense.
The movie lacks the one thing that the classic "Three Musketeers" story can't do without: panache.
Philadelphia Inquirer
What a stupefying thing it is.
New York Daily News
The Musketeer is the worst Hollywood period film in -- it seems like ages since "American Outlaws."
New York Post
An example of lazy, dumb and couldn't-care-less hack movie making.

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