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Chicago Sun-Times
There was a lot I liked in Cletis Tout, including the performances and the very audacity of details like the magic tricks and the carrier pigeons. But it seemed a shame that the writer and director, Chris Ver Wiel, took a perfectly sound story idea and complicated it into an exercise in style. Less is more.
Miami Herald
Harmless, mildly enjoyable.
It's a respectable B- movie -- airy, inconsequential and a little too cute at times, but fairly entertaining all the same.
Ladling in so much schmaltz that even his in-house critic says, ''This thing's worse than `Terms of Endearment.'''
New York Post
It's almost worth the price of admission to see Allen paying homage to "Singin' in the Rain" in the final sequence. Almost.
Charlotte Observer
The yarn itself is a winning one.
Screenwriter Chris ver Weil's directing debut is good-natured and never dull, but its virtues are small and easily overshadowed by its predictability. It's the kind of film that plays better on video than in theaters.
Entertainment Weekly
Allen is no more convincing than the writer-director, Chris Ver Wiel, who strings together faux-QT, faux-Elmore Leonard clichés like so many necklace beads and pretends that's the same thing as making a movie.
New York Daily News
It all makes the head spin -- in the direction of the exit sign.
Who is Cletis Tout? Who cares?

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