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Entertainment Weekly
There are stretches of big fun in Big Trouble, and little pleasures too.
The script is consistently humorous, even if a few punch lines are predictable and the wit is neither highbrow nor split-a-gut funny.
Miami Herald
Timing is key in a comedy like this, and Sonnenfeld keeps everyone and everything clicking. The pacing is swift and the laughs are steady.
With a cast of characters so large that Robert Altman would feel at home, Big Trouble manages to do a lot of clever little things and generate quite a few big laughs without wearing out its welcome.
Chicago Sun-Times
It's the kind of movie you can't quite recommend because it is all windup and not much of a pitch, yet you can't bring yourself to dislike it.
Baltimore Sun
A comedy that doesn't work if you think about it too much. Cut it some slack, however, and you just might have a good time.
Wall Street Journal
With all its misfires, though, and with a Strangelovian twist that's a dud, Big Trouble remains a reasonably pleasant way to spend an hour and a half and still get change.
It seems naive, almost delusional.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The folks at Disney's Touchstone Pictures would have been wiser, however, just to have forgotten all about this hyperactive farce.
New York Daily News
A mediocre movie that will be wiped from its stars' résumés with head-spinning speed.
Rolling Stone
The big problem with Big Trouble, despite a fine cast and director (Sonnenfeld made "Get Shorty" and "Men in Black"), is that the damn thing isn't funny.

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