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A slick, smart-alecky rat-a-tat crime comedy.
Miami Herald
Timing is key in a comedy like this, and Sonnenfeld keeps everyone and everything clicking. The pacing is swift and the laughs are steady.
Film Threat
Light-hearted and enjoyable film that will have you exiting the theater with a smile.
Austin Chronicle
A gleefully overplotted crime yarn that channels in sanitized form the perverse subtropical-noir sensibilities of Carl Hiassen.
Wall Street Journal
With all its misfires, though, and with a Strangelovian twist that's a dud, Big Trouble remains a reasonably pleasant way to spend an hour and a half and still get change.
New York Post
There are some decent jokes along the way. And none of the performances is bad. But they are limited by the script, which allows each character only one comic note.
Portland Oregonian
It's something we might mildly enjoy on an airplane (well, not anymore) or on a lazy Sunday TV day when nothing else is on, but in theaters, it's a clunker.
New York Daily News
A mediocre movie that will be wiped from its stars' résumés with head-spinning speed.
What remains discomforting is their sheer failure to be funny.
L.A. Weekly
Lazy, infinitely silly cartoon.

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