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I don't know the ending yet.
Ben Larson6 May 2011
I was drawn to this film because of Amy Lindsay. To say she is the only one I knew in it is an understatement, and I only know her from a film I watched tonight.

She plays a reporter, and did a good job. She's no A-list actor, but she did keep my interest.

The rest of the cast is forgettable. Most didn't even have names in the film, just listed as cult leader or cult member or no name at all.

The premise would only work with someone as gullible as Jim Longfoot (Billy Parish), a native American in part, who really doesn't want to be known as such. He ends up in a whirlwind romance with Heather (Michelle Jones), who is ostensibly raped on their honeymoon by a cult.

Only after the reporter, played by Lindsay, gets involved do we learn the true story.

An action film with lots of shooting by cult members who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
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