Bulletproof Monk (2003) Poster

Plot Keywords

scroll monk
tibetan monastery
tibetan monk nazi
time fight
chase martial arts
violence woman strangles man
woman breaks woman's neck neck breaking
woman's neck broken woman kills woman
villainess woman kills man
tattoo corpse
marquee prophecy
supernatural power punjabi
mercenary exhibit
wheelchair explosive
held at gunpoint film projector
neon light watching a movie
grandfather granddaughter relationship police car
movie screen theatre audience
police officer newsstand
foot chase newspaper headline
fall from height shot to death
rite teacher student relationship
fireplace dancing
siren ritual
subtitles german army
custom massacre
soldier mysticism
tradition shrine
little boy temple
butterfly year 1943
chinese training
gang chrysalis
handcuffed flying kick
blood splatter blood
film within a film fighting
two word title tai chi
beretta showdown
machine gun mp 40 machine gun
knife fight knife throwing
combat catfight
the force super powers
stick fight bo staff
hand to hand combat opening action scene
rooftop fight love
mentor protege relationship disarming someone
sai punk
two man army suspense
dodging bullets slow motion scene
dual wield stylized violence
sword cane semiautomatic pistol
gun fu gunfight
shootout martial artist
martial arts master mixed martial arts
kissing brawl
tough girl tough guy
action hero hero
syringe injection
bare chested male fistfight
explosion fall
box office flop man with no name
mountain mountaintop monastery
abbey exploding car
english subtitles in original immortality
asia buddy
desert eagle based on comic book
subway station secret scroll
russian mafia magic formula
execution enlightenment
wire fu tibet
street gang redemption
pickpocket movie theater
buddhist monk buddhist monastery
buddhism betrayal
torture subway
projectionist movie theatre
monkey mansion
electrocution chosen one
bullet time helicopter
based on comic

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