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Character error 

When Buffalo Bob gives Joe an Auto Trader he hands him the red copy of an Auto Trader, which is cars priced $5000 or less. He then speaks of a car priced at $14,000 which would have not been printed in that version.
Joe Dirt maintains his parents car was a 1968 Rambler Wagon made by AMC. When he arrives at his parents trailer park he sees his parents old car in the driveway but the car shown is a 1959 Rambler Super Wagon by AMC.
The car he bought from the old woman he calls a Road Runner. Its actually a GTX, a 1967. Road Runners came out in 1968, and look nothing like a 67 GTX.
After Joe gets blown away in the balloon, he says that he got blown to North Dakota, but the red dashed line shows him going to South Dakota.
When Joe is talking to the man at the car dealership about the old Rambler wagon his parents owned, the man tells him that car came with a "6cyl, automatic with three on the tree" A three on the tree is a manual transmission not an automatic
At the end of the movie when Joe is racing Robbie, Charlene says "do you really think that slant 6 can beat this Hemi" Robbies car clearly lists the engine as a 6.6 on the hood scoop. 6.6 is a big block V8 not a 6 cylinder.


Joe's copy of Auto Trader disappears between shots when he is at Buffalo Bob's.
Joe's carnival girlfriend pulls her shirt's shoulder strap down twice the same scene without putting them back up.
When Joe and Robby begin race, Joe's car kicks up rocks and Joe takes off. View from our angle shows Robby's windshield intact. Next, from Robby's perspective, windshield damaged in several places.
In the scene where young Joe Dirt is left at the Grand Canyon, he is wearing a green cut off shirt. In the next scene as he is walking away from the Grand Canyon he is wearing a white shirt.
When Joe drives through the security gate, he clearly breaks the crossing arm but the next angle shows it intact.
When Robbie reads the letter Brandi left for him about Joe's parents to Joe, Robbie says "Dear Robbie", but in the shot of the letter it just says "Robbie".
In the beginning of the film, you see the 8 track tape in the player and Joe "turns it up". The label reads "Lynyrd Skynyrd Second Helping" and "Steroe 8" (with stereo spelled wrong). In the next scene when he turns the music down at the guard shack, the label is torn up and not legible.
Towards the end when Joe gets his Hemi back and everyone is getting in, you can clearly see Clem getting into the vehicle twice.
In the beginning we see Joe Dirt pulling into the radio station in the car he picked up before taking Jill out on a date, but we later see that he abandoned that car on his way to Silvertown when Robbie reads him the note.
When Joe kicks over the shelves of clowns, his dad has a beer can in his hand in one shot, but not the others.
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When Joe Dirt is standing outside his parent's abandoned house at night there is a porch light on.
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When Jill is talking to Joe Dirt at the carnival, they show her playing with the chain around her waist. In another scene, they show a side view of them talking and the chain isn't there any more.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the alligator goes to throw Joe, we can see one of the wires just after he lands on the ground.

Factual errors 

After Brandy's father returns from the hunting trip, he is in the back of a police squad car and opens the door himself. These doors only open from the outside.

Revealing mistakes 

When Joe is doing his alligator show, the wiring harness that picks him up when he is in the alligator's mouth is visible.
When Joe is standing on the bridge, cop lassos him with a bungee cord. As he falls, the single rope appears to become three or four.
Cafeteria Scene: When Joe goes to clean up the puke pile in the cafeteria, he clearly flinches before being hit with the first 2 hot dogs; he clearly knew they were coming.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Revealing mistakes 

When Joe has his The Wizard of Oz ending, Charlene reveals that she is now missing her thumb and middle finger on her left hand. In a shot in which Brandy unties Joe's bandage, Charlene's left thumb can be seen.

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