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Baltimore Sun
As scary Halloween movies go, Thirteen Ghosts' "Oh, please" factor is pretty darn high.
Oddly comforting in its inconsistent acting and bad monster makeup.
Too distinctive-looking to dismiss out of hand, but it would help to be able to look through a magic viewfinder (or maybe magic eraser) and make its script disappear.
Boston Globe
A formulaic script, a tired plot -- and uninspired dialogue all point up the real star. It's the house,
It's an event film, all about flash and spectacle, even though the movie itself is void of any real substance.
Entertainment Weekly
The result is a Halloween movie in horror limbo.
Philadelphia Inquirer
13 Ghosts is the type of project that all parties concerned will have to live down for the rest of their lives.
New York Daily News
If only half as much attention had been paid to story and character as to set design, the cast wouldn't be playing second banana to a gut rehab.
New York Post
What follows is very gruesome indeed, though the footage of people being chased by hideous ghosts soon becomes rather dull.
Chicago Sun-Times
The physical look of the picture is splendid. The screenplay is dead on arrival. The noise level is torture.
The movie's one good performance is given by the house, full of ominous inscriptions, inscrutable chambers, and fiendish machines. The human characters are played with various degrees of manic overacting.

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