Season: 1
Year: 2001

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1.1

6 May 2001
Mary Ann is working hard in daytime TV,hoping to get an evening show like bitchy Bambi Kanetaka. Brian feels neglected but resists the urge to sleep with old flame Jennifer. Mouse, working at a garden nursery with boss and sometime lover Ralph, goes with Ralph to stay with Ralph's former beau Cage, a heart-throb film star of the 50s and 60s, with whom Mouse has sex. Frannie Halcyon summons Mary Ann with a scoop story. DeDe and her children and Dor did not die in the Jonestown massacre as believed but escaped just before it. Dor is in Cuba but DeDe and her children are back in San Francisco and Mary Ann is to carry their story. Magazine writer Prue Giroux meets an attractive mystery man, Luke, living in a hut in a park and starts an affair with him whilst Mother Mucca comes to stay at Barbary Lane and works in a homeless shelter.

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode #1.2

13 May 2001
Frannie takes DeDe's children on a cruise to Alaska to shield them from the publicity of Mary Ann's story. Prue and Luke are also on board and, whilst Franny denies that they are her grand-children, Luke disappears with them, proving DeDe's fears that he is really Jim Jones, who did not die in Guyana and was very attached to the children. After seeing Jon Fielding, now the ship's doctor, Franny returns home with Prue whilst DeDe and Mary Ann fly to Alaska to look for the children. To stall for time Anna, Mouse and Brian kidnap Bambi, who has got wind of the story and keep her chained in the cellar whilst Mother Mucca introduces Anna to Royal Reichenbach, the philanthropist who runs the homeless shelter.

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode #1.3

20 May 2001
Royal Reichenbach begins dating Anna but, on hearing of Mother Mucca's past, realizes that he is her father. Jon returns to Barbary Lane to begin again with Mouse. The search for the children in Alaska proves fruitless but Prue discovers Jones with them in his hut and rescues them after Jones has set out to the Halcyon house. She warns Frannie's housekeeper Emma, who shoots him and the women bury him in the garden. Bambi is released but is prevented from reporting her captivity when Mother Mucca, before leaving for home,recognizes her as a former call-girl. Dor returns from Cuba and Mary Ann gets married to Brian, though Mother Mucca has died in the meantime and one of her girls represents her at the wedding.

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