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MPAA Rated R for pervasive graphic war violence, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • 2/10
  • A soldier wades in a river in his underwear boxer shorts, and walks out to get to his clothes.
  • the soldiers play cards with half dressed women posing on the backs.
  • There are a few crude sexual references.

Violence & Gore

  • 9/10
  • There are many battle scenes that include firefights from the ground and air, and from a distance and in close-up.
  • Many men are shot and killed and during hand-to-hand combat men stab each other with knives.
  • Troops are ambushed and surrounded by the enemy: they fight with guns and bayonets, one soldier has his hand chopped off, two are bayoneted, three are shot repeatedly, one is blown through the air by a grenade explosion, one is stabbed repeatedly, and many more are shot (this is all accompanied by a lot of screaming).
  • Another battle scene takes place on the island of Saipan and we see ships in the water surrounding the island, planes fly overhead dropping bombs, tanks roll out firing, troops run from trench to trench while firing and being fired upon; explosions send men sailing through the air, and many soldiers are shot while in foxholes and trenches (they jerk and flail from the impact of the bullets).
  • One man is trapped in barbed-wire and when two other men try to free him they are all shot repeatedly, we see a man in flames, a tank is destroyed by a flame thrower and a grenade, a man gasps and gurgles as he dies. a flame-thrower fires at a turret and several men on fire run out screaming. There are large explosions with many men killed when ships fire at guns that are dug into the hillside.
  • A man's leg is shot off and we see him holding the bloody stump while flailing and screaming.
  • Troops in trucks, tanks and jeeps are hit by friendly fire; a jeep is blown over and we see it and its occupants in flames, a truck with men in it is blown up and drives off the road.
  • Planes fly overhead dropping bombs, causing explosions and we see men being blown through the air.
  • One man throws a knife that hits another man in the chest, many men are knifed (we see blood on one knife), one man is decapitated (we see his head on the ground), a grenade is thrown into a group of soldiers who are holding a hostage and they are all killed by the explosion.
  • Troops walk into a mine field and the enemy begins firing on them; the men scatter, some are shot, some are blown up by mines.
  • Two men fight with punches and one gets hit in the head with a shovel, a man is grabbed from behind and stabbed and many others are stabbed. A soldier in a tree is shot, he falls and lands hard on a limb, then continues to fall and is caught around the ankle by a rope and he dangles there, dead. Two men hold each other at gunpoint and another man slits the throat of one.
  • A man picks up a wounded man and runs dodging gunfire and a grenade explodes as they jump into a trench, presumably killing them both. A man, trying to save a little girl, is shot in the shoulder, the leg and then the tank of flammable liquid on his back is ignited by a shot and bursts into flames (he flails about on the ground screaming and another man shoots him).
  • One wounded man carries another wounded man toward a trench, they are both shot again, a grenade explodes and knocks them to the ground. A man runs while being fired upon and throws a bag with a bomb into a hole where men and a weapon are dug in; the bomb explodes and sends men out in flames.. We see a photo of a dead man covered with blood and tied to a pole (we hear that he had been tortured). A stream turns red with blood and we see a man floating dead in the water with both knees blown off (we see torn tissue).
  • A man is kicked, shoved and punched repeatedly; he then grabs his assailant's gun, shoots him and several other men. A man holds a gun on another man, hits him in the chest twice and then they fight with repeated punches to the face. A man punches a man in the face, shoves him to the ground and holds a gun to his head. A man puts a gun to another man's face. Men bury dead soldiers in holes and mark them with crosses and their dog tags (we see the bodies covered with tarps).
  • We see a military hospital with wounded soldiers; one man has a large scar on his ear and down his neck, one man is missing his lower legs and we see the bandages. A man imagines that he hears the screams of the men who are buried in a graveyard as he walks through it. A man talks about roasting human beings.
  • There are racist and derogatory remarks made to the Navajo men who join the Marine corps: a man calls a Navajo a "slant eyed savage," a man talks about being punished in church for speaking Navajo (he was tied to a radiator for two days). A man talks about when people were paid $3.00 per Comanche ear. A man quakes from pain. Troops enter a village to rest for the night and the villagers are visibly frightened; one child is in a great deal of pain from what appears to be a head injury (he is bandaged)
  • from
  • no less than 515 on screen deaths.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main characters are seen smoking and drinking throughout the film.
  • There is one scene where Enders gets drunk of rice wine (Saki) and hallucinates

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • there is a intense scene where a soilder get's his head cut off by a sword, they don't show the soilders head getting cut off but use a white blur to cover it. But after the blur dissepears, you see the soilders head laying on the ground which may be disturbing

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