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Plot Keywords

code duty
u.s. marine battle
japanese letter
radio saipan
code talker military
diving goreshed
bullet time bullet ballet
spontaneous human combustion screaming
exit wound bloodbath
blood carnage
protection ceremony kaneohe bay hawaii
shell shock arizona
clumsiness food
seagull corporal
hearing test perforated eardrum
legless man wheelchair
wound tortoise
tank bus
hand chopped off leg shot off
soldier of christ oil
immolation reference to jesus christ
fragging semper fi
sniper medal
honor nobility
catholic knife
slow motion scene bayonet
stabbing running
playing cards u.s.s. california
ceremony race relations
bigotry rifle
fire bar
drunkenness drinking
drink bazooka
baby navajo code talker
war paint u.s. soldier
cross grave
throat slitting beating
artillery sergeant
flashback camp pendleton california
american flag family relationships
father son relationship husband wife relationship
ends with funeral last stand
commando cigarette smoking
commando mission commando raid
commando unit jungle
gunshot wound main character shot
ambush judo
mixed martial arts martial arts
gun stabbed with a bayonet
behind enemy lines sword fight
fistfight suspense
minefield steel helmet
colt .45 pistol
standoff battlefield
war violence brutality
blood spatter combat
cannon war hero
hero cult film
american indian main character dies
subtitled scene held at gunpoint
head cut off blood on camera lens
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
stabbed to death shot to death
shot in the chest war in the pacific
solomon islands indian reservation
purple heart prisoner
monument valley loyalty
hand to hand combat field hospital
deafness courage
buddy bravery
year 1944 year 1943
box office flop browning automatic rifle
landmine tommy gun
thompson gun katana
shot in the leg shot in the knee
shot in the hand shot in the back
shot in the arm severed head
severed hand racism
murder gore
exploding body dismemberment
beaten to death mexican standoff
rescue flamethrower
refusing to obey orders racial slur
native american death
man on fire ritual
navajo tribe friendly fire
vomit decapitation
cryptography harmonica
island katana sword
marine hymn friendship between men
silver star hospital
1940s nurse
flute world war two
ethical crisis village
violence hand grenade
u.s. marine corps explosion
based on true story

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