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Chicago Sun-Times
Crush is an Aga romance crossed with modern retro-feminist soft porn, in which liberated women discuss lust as if it were a topic and not a fact.
MacDowell offers an engaging portrait of a complex woman who has survived life's slings and arrows. It makes Crush an affecting take on modern women.
A surprising and delightful romantic take on modern women.
Miami Herald
What Crush lacks in substance and originality, it makes up for with sheer likability.
Entertainment Weekly
For women who smoke and drink like fiends, the trio of pre-owned babes in this weirdly rotten femme-porn romance have awfully good, unwrinkled complexions.
Crush is that strange mixed bag -- an otherwise wretched movie in which an actress gets to do some of her best work.
After "Chocolat" and this, how about a moratorium on candy-centered comedies?
Philadelphia Inquirer
Despite some jaunty performances and its pretty Cotswolds locale, the film, in the end, is hardly a pleasure at all.
New York Daily News
The tragedy that separates the Good Crush from the Bad Crush is a cleaver that severs the film's relationship with reality.
New York Post
With heavy emphasis on cliché and stereotype, has at least four false endings -- and drags on for nearly two hours -- before it finally contrives to reunite its sitcomish pals for a last drink together.
Wall Street Journal
The script's foolish contrivances crush its content.

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