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Chicago Sun-Times
This is a movie for those who sometimes, in the stillness of the sleepless night, are so filled with hope and longing that they feel like -- well, like uttering wild goat cries to the moon. You know who you are.
Boldly goes where Hollywood rarely treads: into the passionate, intense, and complex world of girls at the point in their lives when self-discovery is combined with enormous vulnerability.
Miami Herald
Lost and Delirious doesn't need metaphors for the power of strength and healing. All the passion and pain it needs glows ferociously in the eyes of its young women.
Pool captures the crazed urgency of first love -- the feeling of a passion so fierce that even a disapproving society can't crush it.
Entertainment Weekly
Evokes the intimacies of teenage girls with unusual delicacy, and Perabo's performance is a geyser of emotion.
New York Daily News
Sophisticated in that European way and predictable in that Hollywood way.
New York Post
Perabo gives a fairly impressive and flashy performance, even when the script descends into melodrama.
New Times (L.A.)
The movie is beautiful to look at (lensed by Pierre Gill) as are the girls, but it takes its clunky message so seriously that it often verges on silliness.
Los Angeles Times
Will divide audiences between those whose hearts have been tugged into going along with the picture way past common sense and those who find it impossible to accept the film's credibility-defying developments.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
It has a frenetic, unsettled edginess that chafes against its serene, woodsy, upscale private school setting.

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