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This one had me hooked for months

Author: Dockelektro from Portugal
6 August 2002

If there is one game that had me fascinated from beginning to the end, if there is one game that had me in dispair for finding the solution, if there is one game that reminds me of part of my life, this must be it. The storyline, the settings, the characters, the action set-pieces and the enigmas made me sometimes jump in my chair, and crave for a motion picture adapted from the game. The storyline is one of the most fascinating in years, and feels like it's the best movie never put on film. If you never played this one, you should, even now, it's one of the reasons why sometimes it feels good to have a functional 386 computer with only a diskette drive and a pc speaker with that unique kind of music. Any spectrum cult-follower knows what I mean. Mythical game, and the most addictive thing to ever grace the VGA screens ever.

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Breathtaking! One of the Best Games Ever Created!

Author: Nick Dets from US
7 August 2003

I was in kindergarten when Lucas Arts' "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" was popular on the computer game circuit. There still, to this day, hasn't been a game to capture the imagination quite like this. The brilliant intellectual adventure is complimented by unforgettable visuals, inventive, innovative ideas and great humor.

Few games have been able to combine so many good elements so adroitly. Hand to hand combat, car chases, challenging puzzles, submarine and hot air baloon operation and communication all were mixed into one ultimate game. The "Fate of Atlantis" captures the romance and wonder of the film series as well, making it a marvel for film buffs.

The story begins in the attic of the college Indy teaches at. From here, we learn of the mythology of Atlantis from Plato's diaries. With the help of an old flame named Sophia, Indy travels through many wonderful locations like Iceland, Turkey and Monte Carlo in search of the sacred underwater city of Atlantis. An evil Nazi general named Kerner and his men get in the way, making it a huge, magical, terrific journey.

This is one of those games I will always wait for something to come close to par with it. Like "Contra" or "Star Wars" for Nintendo, nothing will ever come close!

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Indiana Jones IV in a game

Author: Lothar_gr from Athens, Greece
26 January 2006

This adventure game has it all ... a great story that unfolds in the right way, hard ( but not insanely hard ) riddles to solve, and long playing time - even longer due to the 3 ways to play it. 3 paths as the game names them. The "fists" path a way to play the game with more action ( fights etc ), the "wits" path, a way with more riddles, and the "team" path, where Indy brings along Sophia in his quest for Atlantis and is a sort of combined action and riddles.

But the best feature of all is that this game has a true "Indiana Jones" feel. You feel that you are really inside a Indy movie! Everything from the original films is here, the action, the feel, everything.

The story is completely new. This time Indy goes for the search of the mythical city of Atlantis. In his quest he will face many dangers and enemies, and in the end he will discover a great secret of the Atlanteans.

The cast of the characters is also almost completely new to the "Indy" series, since from the original cast we see only Indy himself and Marcus who makes a very brief appearance. Sophia Hapgood plays the role of a new "Indy girl" beside Indiana Jones.

Everything combined this is a great game. Its story would alone make a great Indy movie ( easily it could have been a "Indiana Jones IV" based on this ). Do not stand back because of the game's dated technical abilities ( VGA 256 color graphics, MIDI music and a voice-over that isn't very good - the voices of the actors are great, but the sounds were not recorded very good - other times they are too loud, other times too silent ), it sure worths every minute you spend playing it.

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One of the best games ever made, pretty much

Author: MovieAddict2016 from UK
12 December 2005

This was one of those revolutionary PC games that pretty much defined the future of gaming. It's an interactive puzzle game where you travel around the globe as Indiana Jones sorting together clues to advance onto other areas.

It is crafted similar to "Police Quest: Open Season" - you can choose whom to talk to, what clues to take with you, where to use the items, etc. It's very interactive and was one of the first of its kind.

I used to play it on my friend's computer all the time. Now it's really outdated and hard to find but I think if George Lucas and Stevey Boy were smart they'd throw away that turd of a script they've got going for "Indy 4" right now and use this video game plot as a spin-off. The concept of Atlantis is far more intriguing than some "Sword of Fire" or whatever they've got going now.

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fun game!

Author: swpadawan (Humbugg87@aol.com) from A galaxy far far away........
23 May 2002

When I first played this game I knew it would be fun. You get to choose what Indy says and what he does. His sidekick Sophia Hapgood is helpful at times, but also a nag. The graphics aren't the greatest but the game is very entertaining, like Tomb Raider. This game was supposed to be made into a movie. I suggest this game for an Indy or adventure fan.

If you like this game try Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.

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Gripping... a quality game

Author: A4B4 from United States
27 December 2002

One of the things I like most about this game, and the reason I like this over any other game, is the completely different storylines. Depending on what you say, you'll either find yourself fighting everyone, outsmarting everyone, or working with your partner. This game had three completely different stories, each fit to be a movie, and the graphics for the time it was released are astounding. I also like the comments the characters would often say, and the manner in which it was programmed. I only wish more games, now with newer graphics, could be like this.

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Best adventure game ever!

Author: Alejandro Pérez from Madrid, Spain
12 May 2000

OK, perhaps you don't believe it. You MUST play this game in order to know how good a storyline can be and how great puzzles can be designed. But the main great point in the game is the character and his whip, his relationship with a woman, Sophia, and the incredible ending. Get it! Now it's much cheaper!

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Excellent Game

Author: chris-chrispete from United States
6 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While this game is now ancient by today's standards, it is still one of the best of its time period, and features a great set of puzzles that prove just difficult enough to frustrate you before you figure them out, as well as a helpful-but-not-too-helpful hintbook if you can find it.

The game features a wide range of locations, varying from jungle environments to Iceland to, yes, Atlantis. Each set is, as I've mentioned, pixelated and awful by today's standard, but if one is willing to look past this at the amazing care, work, and detail that went into the game, one will find a wealth of devotion put in by the designers.

Replay value is also great; with three different paths and two different endings, you can choose to use your wits, fists, or teammate to make it through and defeat the Nazis.

Dialogue is also great, with references to movies from throughout the nineteen hundreds.

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Storytelling to perfection: one of the most cinematic games ever

Author: Field78 from Netherlands
23 June 2015

It has been almost 25 years since LucasArts released this little gem of an game, and I am sure to be among many gamers to have placed it on top of their list of all-time favorite computer games. Games based on movies are by no means a guaranteed success (more often than not they were mediocre at best), so it is always thrilling to be able to play a game set in a beloved fictional universe that turns out to be such a genuine masterpiece. It may even have set a standard, because there has been a steady increase in quality for most tie-in games since then.

The main element responsible for this is the decent story and elaborate scripting. Many license games and a lot of Indiana Jones games made the mistake of creating a simple succession of highlights; either the game becomes a glorified shooting gallery or beat 'm up with only the scenery changing per level, or the 'challenge' is to walk from object to object or from one end to the other as a flimsy excuse to glue the cut-scenes together which tell the story. Atlantis suffers from none of these pitfalls; the creators approached it as an interactive adventure where the player is responsible for most of the actions along every step of the way. Best example is the interactive prologue, whereby we get reintroduced to Indiana Jones as our tough, resourceful yet clumsy and fallible hero. After finally finding the object he needs, we've already been acquainted with the controls and gotten to know one of the important locations in the game. It is the kick-off to an adventure that will lead once again to Indy finding out the truth about one of the most influential legends of mankind, and it is great fun to be able to do it yourself.

The story of Fate of Atlantis is not simply presented to us, we have to find it ourselves by interacting with characters, identifying clues and locating important items. The puzzles and challenges make all the traveling and changes of scenery part feel very natural instead of obligatory scripting of events. Some of the puzzles are pretty hard and it wasn't uncommon for me to wander around aimlessly before finding a solution, but sometimes stumbling onto these is all part of the natural process.

Another great part of the script is in the story branching. This is definitely one of the games with the highest replay value. It took me some time to find out that there are three different story lines, but this only made me more adamant to play all three of them. All three stories are full of the action, adventure and humor that the film series is so famous for, so that really adds to the experience of being in an Indiana Jones movie.

To think that this game is still so enjoyable after all those years and in spite of all the technical limitations is perhaps the best proof of its enduring quality.

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Better than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Author: petra_ste
23 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As thrilling as Raiders of the Lost Ark, as funny as the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a great point-and-click adventure where Indy travels around the world (Iceland, Paris, South America, Greece...) to discover the location of the legendary lost city of Atlantis and stop Nazis from recovering the island's powerful technology.

The Fate of Atlantis boasts clever puzzles, crisp dialogues and interesting choices: about halfway though, the player can pick between three different paths, one more focused on puzzles, another more action-oriented, and a third in which Indy teams up with his old flame Sophie.

A must-play and one of LucasArts' gems: the game's epic premise, quirky characters and imaginative set-pieces put the fourth Indiana Jones movie to shame, much like Knights of the Old Republic dwarfed the Star Wars prequels. Sometimes films could really learn something from games.

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