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MPAA Rated R for strong violence/gore, language and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • Several instances of sexual innuendo, including references to oral sex and vampire sex. We repeatedly (flashbacks) see a naked woman in the shower; she rubs her bare breasts with blood several times. As the blood is washed away, her nipples are visible.
  • A woman in a convertible lifts up her top and shows both bare breasts to a man in a car beside her.
  • A man takes off a woman's shirt and pants and we see several shots of her bare breasts. He lifts her panty to some extent to see a bite mark. However, pelvic area is not shown. The man then lifts her and puts her in a bathtub. Later on she becomes uncontrollable and two man try to keep her down.
  • A woman is naked in a trailer. Her breasts are visible.
  • We see repeated scenes and numerous shots of a woman in a tub; we see her bare breasts several times. We see a naked man and woman in bed together; the woman's breasts are visible. A naked woman and uncovered woman on a bed talk to a man and we see her breasts. We see a couple having sex in a car, making loud noises and eating blood off each other while having sex; the woman's breasts are visible. A man pulls down the top of a woman's underwear. A woman is standing in a crowd and we see her bare breasts. We see a man in boxers on a bed; he hears lots of sex noises coming from the next room.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman in a shower is covered in blood. We see a knife and then hear stabbing and screaming sounds. A man kills another man by grabbing and ripping some organ out of him; we see blood all over the killer's hands and then watch him lick it. A man is shot in the chest and killed. A man hits another man in the head with a shovel. A man punches a woman in the face; she catches fire and then explodes. A man hits a woman over the head with a shovel. Twice a car drives through a wall. Gas leeks out of a line in a motel and the building explodes (lots of flames). A man is shot in the gut and blood squirts out all over his shirt and face. A man is shot with a shotgun and we see the blood wound all over his shirt (front and back); the man is blown by the force of the gun onto a car (blood is on the windshield) and then a man covers the dying man and his car with gasoline and ignites it (both man and car go up in flames). A man punches a man in the face; a man punches a woman in the face. A man shoots a moving car several times. We see blood all over a man's face and hands. A man steps on a snake, grabs it, and then we watch the fangs go into the man's skin as the snake bites him. A man's throat is slit and blood gushes out; a woman starts ferociously licking up the man's bloody neck as if she's a wild animal. A man puts a gun in another's mouth and shoots him to death. A few times a man vomits blood. Two cars collide with an oncoming car. A car runs into a truck, causing a big explosion. We see a knife go into a man and watch him vomit blood. A man and woman pin a woman to the bed and the man pulls down her underwear and bites her (infects her) below the naval (we see blood). A woman is shot several times and knocked through a window; she falls off a roof and dies. A man is shot in the face and we see blood dripping down his face and arm. A tarantula crawls up a woman's arm. A man is shot several times in the chest. A man chokes another and punches him in the face, causing blood to drip out of the victim's nose and mouth. A man in a car smashes another man also from his mouth; then the man catches fire as the building he's in goes up in flames. A car has a flat tire and swirls off the road. A man shoots a gun in a desert for fun.


  • About 70 F-words, many anatomical and scatological references, several mild obscenities, a few religious profanities, some insults.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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