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A mixed bag of a film about one boy's evasion of the holocaust
SimonJack21 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Edges of the Lord" is a mixed bag for a movie with pluses and minuses. The reviews I've read on it so far comment on just one aspect of the film. And, I can't tell if many of them got a very subtle point of the plot. Because of some of the film's weaknesses, I couldn't get as absorbed in it as I would normally for a story of this type. Three aspects of the film stand out most to me. I'll comment on each one after a thumbnail overview of the story line.

Haley Joel Osment plays Romek, a Jewish boy of 11 in 1939 when the Germans invade Poland at the start of WW II. His parents quickly try to train him in some prayers of the Catholic faith. They have found a peasant Catholic family living in the country who will take him in to save him from the Nazis. His parents were going to try to escape on their own. Romek's new family has two boys. One is about a year older than him – Vladek, played by Richard Banel. The other is younger, about seven – Tolo, played by Liam Hess. Their small hamlet has a priest, played by Willem Dafoe. These are the main characters.

There are other characters of course, and as the story moves along, we see everyone and the various incidents as through the eyes of Romek. And, that is key, because it's a story about a boy who was raised Jewish and in a city now being thrust into and experiencing a very different culture. I don't want to give away the ending, but it's the crux of the film, along with Romek's survival. Romek expresses his thanks for these people who didn't try to make him something he wasn't. Now, that's the story and the message.

This type of thing was repeated many times and in many places in Europe, so that Jewish people could be hidden and spared from the Nazi pogrom. One of the best movies that shows this on a broad scale is "The Assisi Underground." That was a true story, based on a book and produced by the author, a Jewish journalist who arrived at Assisi with the Allies during the war. There are other very good movies like this as well.

On the message level, this film is very good. And, the acting is very good by the entire cast – the Polish extras and bit players included. The problems with the film are mostly with the screenplay, the directing and editing. Some specific strong points are scenes of the boys watching the trains at night that are transporting Jews to death camps. Some of the people escape from the trains, and the Nazis hunt them down. We hear shouts in the distance and gunshots. One of the older boys preys on fleeing people for any valuables or good clothing they may still have. Other scenes add to the main plot. The boys see the priest try to catch pigs in order to save the lives of an elderly farm couple who had been hiding pigs. Of course he can't catch the pigs, and the Nazi officers get a good laugh at his futile attempts and rolling on the ground. They then shoot the woman and then the man in the head. The scenes of the priest instructing the children are part of the main plot, as are those with Romek and the priest as he explains Holy Communion to Romek.

So far, so good. But, then there are several other scenes that are extraneous to the story. These unnecessary sub-plots distract one from the main story. Several of these are about extreme behaviors on the part of the young Tolo, having to do with religion. He wears a cap under which he has made a type of crown of thorns. He asks his brother and Romek to tie him to a tree as if to be crucified. Toward the end, Tolo identifies himself with the Jews on the train. He denies being the brother of Vladek, and the Nazis put him on the death train. What that has to do with the story, I don't know. Was it an effort to mock religion?

The editing of the movie with these and other unrelated scenes woven in is not very fluid. So, the film is hackneyed and confusing. It distracts from the main focus. The playing and pranks of the children go on too long. A drunken neighbor peasant who later kills the father of the boys is a distraction. And, toward the end, we see nothing of reaction by the mother or village over Tolo's leaving on the train.

This film is hardly in the tradition of "Life is Beautiful." It has a good premise – to show that there were good people in Poland, including Catholic clergy, who risked their lives to help save Jews. And, as in this case, without requiring or forcing cultural or religious changes on the Jews. If this movie had stuck to that without the several mini-plots that it veers off into at times, it could have been much better– perhaps even a great film. But, as it is, the diversions, distractions, choppy script, weak direction and poor editing take too much away from the impact this film might otherwise have had.
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Very Touching And Moving!
Chloe Ibbetson12 November 2014
I found Edges Of The Lord to be a very touching and moving film! This film really unsettled me but that's what I loved about the film it really keeps you hooked and wondering what happens next.

Haley Joel Osment really proves he has a lot of acting talent! His acting performance was absolutely outstanding. All the way through the film his acting performance just kept showing how talented he really is. His performance in Edges Of The Lord was really touching and I found myself in tears over how realistic he was in this role! His accent was also perfect in this film. Willem Dafoe also gave a great performance he brought his character to life just like Haley Joel Osment did.

I overall am going to give this film a 10/10 it's unmissable it's one of the best, moving, touching on the edge of your seat war films I have ever seen! Everything about this film was just so realistic from the acting to the setting and the costumes. I totally recommend this film to anyone who loves a war film. Please be aware this is definitely not a children's film! This film even had me in tears by the end.
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Great Anti-fascist Film
p.newhouse@talk21.com14 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This film's story could be compared to the classic resistance story 'Le Silence De La Mere' by Paul Vercors. It depicts actions taken by Polish people in their ordinary lives to counter the predations of the occupying Nazis. Actions which could have cost them their lives. It is not, however, a flagwaving tub thumper that rewrites history to make the Poles out to all be innocent angels. There were collaborators and Nazi sympathisers in every one of the allied nations, and this film shows that Poland was no different. Contrary to remarks by other reviewers, not all of the actors were employing fake accents, and not all of the fake accents were inaccurate (I speak as someone who knows people from that region of Poland). The reason for the use of actors from different nations would be that the production was made with money from more than one country, and also because a film with actors from different nations would have wider appeal. The accent issue does not detract from one's ability to watch the film, although I would argue that this is not a film that is there to entertain. It is there to give people pause for thought, and is therefore especially useful in these dark times when the far-right is on the rise across the UK, Europe, and much of the rest of the world.
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A Brilliant Movie
gregg r29 June 2012
A very haunting movie. Pay attention to the last 30 minutes of this movie. Why this movie did'not win a Academy award is a shame. The best performance belong to young Mr. Hess as Tolo. He is amazing, very Oscar-worthy. It's not for the kids, but definitely a adult film. 10 stars for this epic movie. The movie was made in 2001, but still is a great movie in 2012. HJO performance was great, but the film still goes to Leon Hess. At eight years old, he was outstanding. I will never forget his last scene. Haunting and riveting at the same time. Whether you are a Catholic or a Jew or any religion, this is a terrific movie. The very next day, i purchased this movie and added to my very rare selection of movies. Simply mind-boggling.
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For a war movie this is something to give credit...
Atreyu_II12 August 2008
You know something? It's a bit of a pity that "Edges of the Lord" doesn't get the deserved attention from the press, critics and people in general. That happens in part because of its poor marketing and propaganda. The film should also have a better distribution around the world.

I like Haley Joel Osment. At first I only saw this movie for curiosity because Haley is in it. I don't even like war movies. But this one is actually a good surprise inside its genre.

This isn't like the majority of war films. Comparing to others of its kind, this one is soft when it comes to the Holocaust's horrors and violence (although it still is disturbing). But in general, this is more of a drama that takes place during the World War II in the early 1940's. It's a human movie, a story of braveness, survival, sacrifices and also about learning to accept and respect the other people. It also has some funny moments, such as the hilarious pig fart scene!

"Edges of the Lord" takes place in Poland, the country where it was filmed. One of its attributes is the natural beauty of the sceneries and landscapes: a beautiful village, lakes, trees, mountains and green places. The music is beautiful. It's a touching movie either, not just another Holocaust movie.

Haley Joel Osment and Willem Dafoe are the best known actors of this film. They're American. The others are mostly polish actors but not without a Canadian one (Richard Banel) and an English one (Liam Hess).

The fabulous Haley Joel Osment once again proves his exceptional talent and, along with the other actors, he speaks with a very convincing polish accent.

The other actors have terrific performances too, especially the kids: Liam Hess as Tolo, Richard Banel as Vladek and Ola Frycz as Maria. As for the adult actors, Olaf Lubaszenko is great as Gniecio, as well as Willem Dafoe as the Priest. The director Yurek Bogayevicz did a great job with this American-polish special production.

As for the characters, Tolo is a loving but very strange little boy. Vladek starts by being a hateable brat who's always mistreating Romek, but as the movie runs we end up liking him, because he changes his bratty attitudes, becomes a good boy and finally accepts Romek, becoming his friend and even rescues him when he needs to. Romek is the cutest and most loving kid but also a boy who is thought to disguise in perfection his religious roots. Maria is a pretty and provoking girl who also becomes a better person as the movie runs. Who I never like at all are that awful Kluba and his sons: Pyra and, most of all, that horrible Robal.
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A rare example of a failed Holocaust film
Gordon-1125 March 2008
This film is about a Jewish boy being sent to live with a catholic family during the Holocaust.

Normally, a film about a boy suffering in the Holocaust should be a sure tear jerker that touches people right to the core. An example is the Oscar winning "Life Is Beautiful", which to me is still the best film of all time.

However, "Edges of the Lord" is a rare example of a failed Holocaust film. It documents the mischiefs of a group of children that is only weakly related to the Holocaust, that they who could have been anyone in any place. The story is not engaging, and lacks emotional portrayal either, as it keeps going on and on about rather unusual acts between the children. Seriously, how could a teenage girl invite a young boy into a room for an hour and then want the other boys to stone her? Or a young boy running naked in the rain? The plot is weak to start with, and spirals out of control into unforgivable chaos that is beyond redemption.

The deadliest weak point though, is the accent. It is understandable that the director wants to make the film "authentic", but if so, why not make the film in Polish or in German? It would have been even more authentic, and easy on the ears. The resultant fake Polish accent in "Edges of the Lord" is a strange chimera that is very unpleasant on the ears.

The only strong point I can think of is the strong acting by Liam Hess. "Edges of the Lord" is still a big disappointment.
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A Beautiful Film
modline20 December 2007
It is amazing that this film did not receive a theatrical release - surely someone in Hollywood has their head up their ass. This movie could have been a major Oscar contender. It is a beautiful story, told to near perfection. Haley Joel Osment continues to prove he's one of the greatest child actors of all-time, and Liam Hess makes an amazing impression as Tolo. Both performances are Oscar worthy, as are the script, direction, cinematography, and picture.

Without revealing too much of the film focuses on the story of a young boy torn from his parents and Jewish upbringing and forced into a Catholic peasant community during the War. The horrors of the War are shown full, and the children of the community become heavily involved with the church as a means to escape the horrors, especially the impressionable, younger Tolo.

This is definitely one of the best movies to ever deal with the horrors of World War II, and certainly the best since "Schindler's List."
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Good movie!
Jockish21 January 2007
This is not made of real situations but it has happened. Because I'm sure that is was a few boys and girls who get away from home, just like Haley Joel.

I think that this movie is important for other people as well. You know, when we, who lives in the 21th century, doesn't live anymore, people in 100 years can see the movie and think "Oh, that war WAS no good". But we who has grown up with the story a quite familiar with it, or aren't we?

Haley Joel Osment is awesome. Think, that a 13 year-old boy, who don't know the past really, just go out there and act that good. Some say he's just a actor, but i say that he's a genius. There hasn't been any better actor/actress ever.

There is just one single question: When do Haley Joel Osment win his first Acadmy Award for best male actor?
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pensivepoetbabblingbard16 September 2006
I picked up this movie from a video store, not having heard about it before, and watched it on a vacation. I was completely surprised; this is one of the better movies I've seen. It's very moving in all aspects, with wonderful characterization-- characters one loves, and characters one hates. Dafoe and Osment pull of the thick Polish accents very well; so well that it might be a good idea to turn the subtitles on while watching the movie. Without giving any spoilers, I shall say that the plot, though profound, touching, and horrific, is not dramatic just to be dramatic. Every part of the plot, whether it was violent or humorous, religious or sexual, served its purpose in a believable way. I recommend this movie highly, though not for younger children; the R rating it received is fitting, as the movie, though not nearly as violent or sexual as some others, deals with those two themes in a disturbingly haunting manner.
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It's a Crime that Edges of the Lord Is Not Better Known - Or Better Understood
Warning: Spoilers
"Edges of the Lord" is a beautifully shot film. The interior of peasant homes and the Polish countryside glow.

"Edges" includes some unforgettable performances. Willem Dafoe is stunning as nobody's ideal -- and yet very loving -- priest. Haley Joel Osment reveals, yet again, that he has more heart and talent in his pinkie than many bigger stars have in their whole bodies.

Liam Hess, as Tolo, an eight year old peasant child with a Messiah complex, is reason enough alone to see the movie. I've never seen anything like his performance. He is mesmerizing. Had this film received a theatrical release, Hess' performance would be legendary by now.

HJO plays Romek, a Jewish boy who, during the Holocaust, is sent to live with a Polish peasant family. During his time there he has fights, and makes friends, with Polish peasant children. An older girl, teenage Maria, tries to introduce him to love.

This coming of age tale occurs with the Holocaust in the background. Trains of Jews pass through the village; villagers rob escaping Jews. Three Polish peasant characters are shot to death for defying Nazi orders. A pall of menace hangs over every word and deed.

Tolo, who looks younger than eight, takes it upon himself to sacrifice for the suffering humanity he sees around him. He asks to be crucified. He attempts to perform a miracle. Upon learning that Jesus was Jewish, Tolo claims to be Jewish -- to a Nazi. In the end, Tolo does perform a sacrifice, one the viewer did not expect.

Viewers can't fully understand this movie without understanding the background of Polish Jewish relations. Both Polish Catholics and Jews suffered under the Nazis. Nazis, though, targeted Jews for complete elimination, and came dreadfully close to carrying out that evil end.

In recent years, loud voices have claimed that Poles did not do enough to rescue Jews, or that Poles celebrated, or participated in, the Holocaust that occurred, largely, on Polish soil. Poles, less well organized, have tried to present a more complicated picture -- one in which any Pole who helped any Jew in any way risked death not just for himself, the helper, but for his entire family. Poles also point out that there are more Poles honored among the righteous at Yad Vashem than any others.

Too, Poles point out, World War Two was just the latest catastrophe, for Poles, in a two century long history of catastrophes, including domination by hostile Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Poles suffered horribly under the Nazis. There were Poles in Auschwitz, on mass transport trains, and in gas chambers.

Needless to say, this short review can't honor all the competing narratives that serve as backdrop to this movie.

As a viewer, I can say that this film was not a complete success for me aesthetically. Watching films about genocide is hard. If I am going to invest time in such an endeavor, I want to feel that the investment was worthwhile -- that I learned something, or grew as a person, from the experience. Genocide films that have worked for me have included "The Pianist" and "Hotel Rwanda." Both films focused on a single strand narrative that followed one character I deeply cared about.

"Edges of the Lord" does not follow a single strand narrative focused on one charismatic character. Though I liked many, I never became intimately involved with any of the characters. The film's focus is too diffuse, switching from narrative strand to narrative strand.

And then there are the political issues. I can understand the desire to make a film that communicates that World War Two was a tortuous, chaotic prison for all Poles. The Bad Poles here -- the ones who rob escaping Jews -- are bad Poles, period. They also betray their own Polish Catholic neighbors to the Nazis. One, the script makes clear, has performed unnatural acts with sheep. And he rapes a beloved female character.

At one point, a priest confronts a Polish criminal with his crime. The criminal says, "Who are you going to report me to?" World-War-Two-era Poland was a land without justice. The good Poles did was erased, often, by their murder at the hands of Nazis. Bad Poles faced no court of justice; rather, they profited from others' misfortunes.

That this film communicates that understanding is a good thing.

There are political issues in a film in which Tolo, a Polish Catholic boy, a child of the "Christ of Nations," volunteers to be crucified, symbolically, and, ultimately, in a real way, as a gesture of solidarity with suffering Jews. This is an issue that deserves discussion. But, unfortunately, this film was all but buried. It received no theatrical release, and little press. That is a shame.

I do have mixed feelings about this film as an aesthetic product and a political statement, but I also must recommend it for anyone who would like to see an unforgettable performance by a child actor, and for persons interested in seeing the Holocaust from an alternative point of view.
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Are you nuts!!?? Put it back!
ljs00b30 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is the MOST disturbing film I have seen in a long time. If you like this movie go rent Bastard out of Carolina. My God!! A child who believes he is Christ...meh? Good?? No!! Hangs himself on a tree?? No!! Good Movie?? NO!! Put it back where you found it and run away!! Why, oh why, would that dear boy whom everyone had such high hope for after the Sixth Sense be in something this truly traumatizing? At times I wished that I too had a whip so that I too could whip myself for renting this dreadful, horrifying, disturbing movie!! I was banned from the movie selecting for months after this one!! I repeat myself, do not get this movie!! Put it back on the self, that one in front of you, and leave. Go rent a happy movie. I recommend Max Magician and the Legand of the Rings. At least you will get a decent laugh.
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Great movie
Ty607989 July 2005
This is one of Haley's best movies, and I've seen most of his work. I had low expectations, when I started to watch this movie. Needless to say Edges of the Lord exceeded my expectations greatly. The acting in this movie was great. I felt the pains of the characters, as they lived their lives in the darkest days of WWII Poland. I loved the performance of young Liam Hess, he made this movie what it was, by the end of movie you will love him. If you haven't seen this movie yet, go out and find it,trust me by the end of the movie you will find yourself where I am now, writing to tell others how good this film was. If you are a Haley Joel fan this is on of his, hidden treasures. He played a part that I would have never pictured him in, and as usual he put the movie over the top. I just can't say enough about the cast of young actors in this film, all that is left to says is go ahead and rent or buy this movie.
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HJO's Bad Luck
shneur3 July 2005
Does Haley Joel Osment have bad agents, bad managers, or just BAD LUCK? For being the most talented and serious boy actor of his cohort, he's managed get into some of the most gawd-awful movies after his attention-attracting debut in "Forrest Gump" and his big splash with "The Sixth Sense." Now here is a film about a Jewish boy sent for refuge to a rural Polish farm community during the Nazi occupation. Masquerading as a devout Catholic, and interacting with numerous persons of various ages who are mostly at best ambivalent about his being there, offered ample opportunities for the exercise and further development of HJO's dramatic acumen. SO WHO DECIDED TO HAVE HIM SPEAK IN THAT FAKE POLISH ACCENT? I'm usually a pretty non-violent person, but whoever it is should be shot. I'm quite sure Poles speak POLISH, at least among themselves, and to make matters worse the Nazi officers speak perfect English. Add to that the inexplicable quirk that this film was never released to theaters in the U.S. and finally came out direct to DVD four years after it was made, and you have the makings of a real jinx. To end on a positive note, there's a nearly unbelievable performance by 9-year-old Liam Hess, who consistently upstages HJO. Well, I guess turnabout is fair play...
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An 11 year old Jewish boy hides out with a family of catholic polish farmers in war-time Poland
perfectlypunk13 June 2005
There are two stories going on at the same time in this movie, there is the main story of Osment hiding out from the Germans and the tragedy of war, but there is also the story of Jesus. Tolo decides to act out the life of Jesus because the priest told them to "become" figures from the bible, Tolo, the youngest child, chose Jesus and took the role VERY seriously. He wants to suffer to save those he loves from the horror of war. He is shocked to find out Jesus was a Jew and pretends that he is one as well. I loved this movie. I thought it was compelling and very realistic. It shows raw emotion and how people's behavior can change when their lives or the lives of their loved ones are threatened.
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The greatest movie ever
alba50024 April 2005
It has been a long time since I saw a movie this great and this moving. The very unorthodox movie about the Holacoust. This is better than Shindlers List. It is a movie about growing up during the Nazi genocide of Jews. Brilliant! The performance of the character Tolo is beyond anything imaginable. The corruption of the polish peasants and the horror of it all. The horror is not just for the sake of horror. It corrupts the soul of the villagers and it refines the character of some of them like Tolo. Haley Joel Osment also gives one of his greatest performances. His conversion during the German occupation is so deep and so unexpected. It is also very probable and very convincing and yet dramatic.
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Edges of the Lord
artichoke616 February 2005
I can't believe we all watched the same movie! I see many good reviews for this movie, but I cannot agree. First my family and I rented Edges of the Lord this past weekend. My husband and our almost 15 year old daughter could not stomach it. I couldn't either. By the time we got to the quarry scene where the main character gets thrown in, we said that's it. We stopped the DVD and ejected it. Later I did watch to see if the ending was better than the beginning and middle - it isn't. It gets worse! I returned it to Blockbuster, explaining they need to tag this movie for future families - warning, extremely disturbing movie! We were of course aware it was rated R, for violence and mild sexual content. We naturally assumed the violence would be WW2/Nazi related. It is but very sad. But in the end I thought an excellent message would unfold. It doesn't! We rented it because the young actor was also in Second Hand Lions (a wonderful movie I might add!). Do not rent this movie unless you want nightmares. I just cannot find anything good to say about this film. Nearly every relationship - child to child, adult to child, adult to adult is odd. The way the children play is disturbing. The priest was okay in the film. I half expected his character to stray from decency, since almost all of the main characters are strange. But he remained good. I honestly never thought a movie could top Pulp Fiction in the "too disturbing to watch" category for me, but Edges of the Lord tops Pulp Fiction. My daughter was so disturbed by Edges of the Lord, we decided to watch something nice, familiar and safe - we popped in a favorite episode of Friends! I was ready to pop in a Disney movie after attempting to watch this movie. Please, take my advice - do not rent it. Unless you want to watch a very bizarre movie, with little good in it. To be honest, I still don't understand what the exact message was here! I don't want to give away the plot but the ending was even confusing. Thank you.
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One of the best ensembles of child actors
John Smith25 January 2005
I rented this film because I am a fan of Osmet. I was surprised by the performances of almost all the child actors in this film. Liam Hess stole the show. I would have rated this film higher, but the story seemed to meander with no real point at times. The film is very dark and somber throughout but what would you expect from a "holocost" film. The central story is about two boys (one jew and one catholic) who end up living together and experiencing some of the atrocities perpetrated on the jews during WWII by the Germans. The Catholic boy (Liam Hess), who is receiving teachings from the local priest before his first communion decides to mimic the life of Jesus (for what reason I'm not sure) and draws all the other local children into his game. As the film progresses, the story becomes more serious and the Tolo's "games" become more realistic.
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No cure for ADD
George Parker14 January 2005
"Edges of the Lord" tells of a young Jewish boy (Osment) who is sent to live in a rural village in Poland to escape the holocaust where he is schooled in Christianity by the local priest (Dafoe) and falls in with a group of pre and post pubescent kids. Full of filler and painfully slow moving at times, there's little meat on the bones of this film which gathers momentum past the halfway mark with some dramatic elements including a rape and a showdown with Nazis. However, the drama is underdone, too little too late. and poorly integrated. Most will find "Edges of the Lord" too slow. However, sentimentalists and others who can make the buy-in to this marginal story of children surviving under the pall of war will find the film an entertaining watch. Recommended for hanky ringers, sentimentalists, and others into films about children. (B-)
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Worth waiting for!
Sean Richard McCarthy5 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
For several years I have desired to at least SEE this movie! I am so happy to not only have seen the movie, but I now OWN it! This movie has never been theatrically released in the U.S., in fact, I don't believe that any DVD / VHS of it has been released here. I understand that the reason is because it was not "timely" when the shooting was complete. What reason?, why?, & what was Hollywood thinking?!

Now this movie is being imported into the U.S. from many other countries by people who desire to watch it! People like me, who are willing to pay to see such a GREAT MOVIE!

It is not a well known movie yet! So Hollywood still has a chance. But will they? What I mean is, will Hollywood bring this movie to the big screen, or at least to VHS / DVD here in America?!

Oh!, I almost forgot! My review and comments....

Yes! This is a GREAT movie! It is a tear jerker though. It is not one I would say young children would enjoy! As far as I know it is not a true story, but it sure is good!


The ending is quite nice, however, what happens before the ending might leave you feeling a bit more sad than happy for the ending itself! In my opinion, this is not bad! It makes us aware! Watch and see for yourself!


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An absolutely fabulous film
Guildfordian2 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
An absolutely fabulous film.

I have just finished watching this film on DVD and I would like to say that it is one of the very best films I have seen for some time. The film, I think, is based from an almost total child's eye view and is pulled of to great effect. The performances from all of them main characters were truly remarkable, and all with very convincing accents, not easy I would imagine for such young actors. However, the entire film is stolen by the performance of one actor, Liam Hess. His performance made the film for me. His acting was superb and believable (as was his accent) and indeed with such a difficult subject that the film was addressing; it makes the film all the more brilliant.

I am surprised that this film is almost three years old, and I have not heard of it before this? Was this an oversight on my part or was the film just not `pushed' at the box office?

(Spoilers?) The subject contained within the film is a very difficult one to handle and it takes a very skilled team of actors and directors etc. to make sure that the films works, here they do it very well. There are some harrowing scenes, such as the shooting of the peasants and the killing of the boy, which turned the film from a simple yarn into something much more complex. Indeed, it is quite ironic that the killing of the Polish boy, near to the end, caused the life of the Jewish boy to be saved, perhaps some poetic justice?

The holocaust is such a terrible thing in the history of the world, and is a very difficult subject to discuss today, however with films like this is makes the subject just that little bit easier to tackle.

I give this film 9/10 and would say that this is certainly one for the collection.
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See it !
wanatry_me27 January 2004
Having just watched this film I am left quite speechless, not a common experience for me. I wasn't expecting this, neither will you if you see it, and I think it's the sort of film that everyone should see, not your usual hollywood trash, a truly great story that is brutally honest and will remind us all of our childhood. 10 out of 10 for this one
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The film is 10/10 !!
mz1220 December 2003
I consider this film to be the best one with Haley J. Osment. I must admit that first I watched it only because HJO was starring in it (and because the film was shot in my country, ie Poland). Not only does Haley play wonderfully, but also the film itself is very good, mixing the times of WWII with the fragile construction of children's psyche. The film was made in Poland, so it was very nice to see Haley playing in Polish landscapes. I must say I am very surprised that the film was not yet released in the US. In Poland it was shown in cinemas in 2001. In January 2003 the film was released on DVD. A few weeks ago (November 2003) the movie was on TV so it had really wide audience. I don't understand why such a good movie was not released in the US !! If you want, you can write to me: (make sure it's o2, and not 02).
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Worth searching for
Guylian14 December 2003
I saw this film on Australian cable tv. It's a marvellous film with fantastic performances, especially from the children. If it was actually in Polish with subtitles, I imagine it would have received a lot more notice - which is sad because apart from the casting of Willem Dafoe and Haley Joel Osment, everything else is European - but to remove them would be travesty, as their performances are flawless, and I have no trouble believing that both could have spoken in Polish for their roles if called for. As a decendant myself of WW2 era Polish catholics, the depiction of the German soldiers and their treatment of the villagers also rang true - a reminder for people today that every person who was different was a victim of hate during those terrible years of Nazi rule.
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henio_z_rozpusty14 December 2003
"Edges of the Lord" ("Boze skrawki") by Yurek Bogayewicz is GREAT motion picture.

Haley Joel Osment plays Romek, a 11-year-old Jewish boy hides with a family of Catholic peasant farmers to escape the Nazis. I love this boy, and in "Edges.' he's really great. But in this movie we have new very talented child actor, too. 8-year-old Liam Hess, who plays Tolo, little Polish boy, who want save the world is amazing. I never forget this little child with big, sad, grey eyes. Other kids, young polish actors, are pretty good. Willem Defoe and polish actors, Olaf Lubaszenko, Malgorzata Foremniak and Andrzej Grabowski (star of the stupid, but very popular polish TV-series `Swiat wedlug Kiepskich') are 'nice for eyes', but nothing more.

This story is very ambitious, cruel and... true. About war and children. Children and - that's the most important - their lost purity.

In my opinion - 8/10. But, I know, not for all.
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