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18 Feb. 2002
Home Sweet Home/What a Tangled Web We Ski
This is one righteous show packed with speed, thrills, spills, and whatever! Hang on for a wild ride in Ocean Shores, California with extreme sports fanatics Otto Rocket, his sister Reggie, and their buds Twister and Sam.
18 Feb. 2002
Twister's Hat/Tito-Thon
Twister loses his hat on a rollercoaster at the pier and reminisces with the gang how he got it from his parents when he was a little kid.-Tito's friends are in town from Hawaii to partake in the Ocean Shores Triathelon.
8 Apr. 2002
The Lingos/Shack Attack
"Shoobies" invade Ocean Shores and begin copying of the kids lingo. -- Ray is thinking about selling the Shore Shack.
9 Apr. 2002
To Be, Otto Not to Be/Reggie/Regina
When Otto meets up with some "Soul surfers" (or as Reggie calls them "Surf bums"), he begins ignoring his pals and his responsibilities. -- When a new student named Trent comes to Ocean Shores, Reggie starts acting strange...
10 Apr. 2002
Reggie's Pen Is Mightier/Kayaks Amok
The Gang finally get invited to the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race with Ray and Tito. - Reggie decides to write an article in her Zine on the "Top Extreme Athlete" of Ocean Shores, which gets all the local kids competing for the title.
11 Apr. 2002
Tito Sitting/There's Something About Breezy
When Ray goes out of town, Tito volunteers to look after Otto and Reggie. Will Tito let the kids get away with murder?-Ray is smitten by the new Sunset Surf clothing rep named Breezy, who gets everyone's attention with her skating and surfing skills.
12 Apr. 2002
Twisting Places/Power Play
Mrs. Rodriguez tells Lars he won't be able to compete in the NHL Breakout with real pro-hockey players unless he doesn't bully his younger brother.
11 May 2002
Sim Sammy/Otto Hangs 11
Sam creates a video game about his friends in Ocean Shores.-- It's Otto's eleventh birthday and he decides it is time that he should begin preparing to become a professional athlete.
1 Jun. 2002
Less Than Full Otto/Card Sharked
After Otto beefs on a wave, he becomes scared of doing it again while surfing, skateboarding and roller-blading. -- When Otto swindles Twister out of his "Rhino" surf card by giving him a blank piece of cardboard, trouble ensues.
14 Oct. 2002
Major Scrummage/Snow Bounders
Trent decides to teach the Rocket kids Rugby, but thinks the sport might be "too rough" for Reggie!--When the news warns that a storm front called El Nada is going to hit Ocean Shores, Ray and Tito expect the worst.
29 Nov. 2002
Beach Boyz and a Girl/X-treme Ideas
Reggie and Otto get inspired when they discover a record that Raymundo and Tito did back when they were kids.-- The kids' favorite show Extreme Sports Network asks for submissions to find out what the most original"extreme sport" in Ocean Shores is.

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