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7 Mar. 2000
The Wrath of Don/Safety Patrol Sam
The Kids Flip Out When The New Skateworld Movie Starts Filming At Madtown.When Sam Is Forced Into Being On Safety Patrol, He Becomes Abusive In His New Position Of Power.
7 Mar. 2000
Reggie and a Net/Great Sandcastle Race
Reggie Will Do Anything To Make The Beach Volley Ball Team And Join Her Friends Trish An Sherry. Sam Rises To Oliver's Challenge That Nobody Can Beat His Team In The Annual Ocean Shores Sandcastle Competition.
14 Mar. 2000
Escape from Lars Mountain/It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
When the news comes to Madtown to show the new Blader Bowl Otto decides it's his chance to make it to the big time.
14 Mar. 2000
Aloha Kid/Ottomobile
Otto gets jealous when Tito's nephew Keoni comes for a visit from Hawaii. Not only is Keoni an instant hit with the gang, he seems to be able to do everything better than Otto.
21 Mar. 2000
Big Air Dare/Otto's Big Break
Otto and Reggie start a fierce battle of one-upmanship on the mountain to determine who the best snowboarder is.
21 Mar. 2000
Snow Day/Welcome to the Club
Otto and Sam skip school; Ray receives a trial pass to an exclusive club.
28 Mar. 2000
All About Sam/Half Twister
A new kid tries to replace Sam; Twister becomes nervous after a dangerous wipe out.
28 Mar. 2000
Twisting Away/Spot Remover
Twister has always been a handful, and after he angers his parents by digging up the backyard, he overhears them talking about making a change.The Rocket gang gets stoked for some good times when Ray and Tito take them to their secret spot.
23 Oct. 2000
Rocket Repairs/Say Hello to Cement Head
After Otto fixes anew skateboard, The Rocket Gang realizes they can make money by fixing sporting equipment. Business starts slowly, but soon booms after Otto gets the word out. Otto, however, has an agenda of this own.
30 Oct. 2000
Shark Bait/A Shot in the Park
Ocean Shores is overrun with Shoobies so then Otto decides to pull shark hoax tro make everyone leave the ocean.
10 Nov. 2000
Radical New Equipment/Tito's Lucky Shell
Ray And Tito Take The Kids On A Snowboarding Weekend, Where They See A Class Of Physically Challenged Snowboarders.When Sam Finds An Unusual Shell, He Takes It Back To The Shack To Show The Gang.
24 Nov. 2000
The Longest Day/Ottoman and the Sea
Tito Tells The Gang About The Shack's Famous "Wall Of Fame", Where People Who've Performed Amazing Feats Are Honored.During A Camping Weekend, Otto, Twister, Reggie And Sam Convince Ray To Let Them Go Fishing By Themselves In The Boat.
7 Mar. 2000
It Came from Planet Merv/Netherworld Night
When Twister reads a comic book about spacemen invading a small town, it convinces him that Mr. Stimpleton is a hostile alien. Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld, is having a sleep over and he invites the Rocket gang to come.
Rad Rover Come Over/Extreme Nerd
The kids find a stray dog that they take in. -- Sam enters a Robattle competition and tries to defeat Oliver and his group who are the defending champions.

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