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the clash of the showman and superstar
alokc26 April 2007
Naukri is a story about a unemployed and physically challenged young man who cannot makes his ends meet. This character is played by none other than Rajesh Khanna the Superstar- no body else would have the guts to take such role in the peak of his career. He dreams and in his dream commits suicide and bumps into a ghost- jolly old showman Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor teaches Rajesh Khanna reasons to live and why people should not give up. Rajesh Khanna wakes in the morning and decides to fight his way and not to commit suicide. A classical type of movie directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee who always gave better roles to Amitabh but here this role could only be played by the Original Superstar. The movie makes you sad but leaves you with a hope that we must live on. Rajesh Khanna is great in this simple role with Raj Kapoor putting in his charisma. The movie may have bombed but the spirit of the movie is worth a watch- it may have bombed as it released at a time when violence,vulgarity and Amitabh ruled and may be the movie got ignored. The greatest setback in the movie is (1)continuity and (2) Very average music by R D Burman. This is a typical Hrishikesh Mukherjee movie- a must see for Rajesh Khanna fans
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Genuine Acting by Original Superstar Rajesh Khanna n Showman Raj Kapoor Superb Combination
ritesh_heartbreakkid26 July 2012
Ranjeet is the protagonist character in the movie. he's physically challenged. His family members are his sister, mother and a younger brother. He's very poor n lives in a room on rent even unable to pay the rent. As usual he is searching for job on the day he comes empty hands. He gets frustrated to the extent that he decides to suicide and commits it on diving on railway track. I would prefer u watch rest yourself becoz I m sure u would be agree wid me that this role was only for Rajesh Khanna our gr8 KAKA....Excellent acting by him n Raj Kapoor as well..Excellent story of movie, Excellent cinematography...Excellent ScreenPlay...and Of course Excellent Ending....U will sure get tears in your eyes if u have seen life from so much closely..10 out of 10 for this movie..Miss U Kaka...:)
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