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Great Adventure game
joachim_lehmann12 November 2000
Well, this is not a film but part two of the greatest adventure series ever written. Do Yourself a favour and get Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck´s revenge and Monkey Island 3: The curse of Monkey Island.
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My favourite Monkey Island game by far
Lam_on_the_lam20 July 2003
The sequel to Secret of Monkey Island sees Guybrush starting his adventure on Scabb Island and people have now grown tired of his story of how he defeated LeChuck so to be the centre of attention again he plans to find Big Whoop apparently the ultimate pirate treasure. Problem is he's on the island run by LeChuck's former first mate Largo LeGrande, Guybrush first sees Largo as not being a problem (mainly due to the fact Largo is very small) but this changes when Largo mugs him. LeChuck ends up getting brought back to life when Largo gets a piece of the ghost pirate's beard from Guybrush. Now LeChuck is thirsty for Guybrush's blood and won't stop at anything to make him suffer.

This game is darker than the other Monkey Island's and I think this had a lot of fun dialogue in it. It also had characters that you can't help but like such as in my views Largo and Wally. The puzzles in the hard version of this game (or the only version on CD-Rom) are pretty difficult and at times you think they made it a little too hard. This game is really, really worth buying and I recommend it to everyone.

Lam_on_the_lam a.k.a Minnie Goodsoup
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Doesn't get any better than this
havoc21112 August 2003
This game is simply hilarious and yes, it's weird. And in my opinion that is what makes this game so great, it's monty pythonesc weirdness that leave me loughing out loud in front of the screen. And the game is this guy Threepwood, who, every time he faces a menacing-looking pirate, always gives you the chance to say the most outrageous, inappropiate thing, just the thing that will most likely get him killed. But he gets away with it. One thing about it thought, the puzzles are so incredibly hard, I can't believe someone can finish this game without having the ocassional peek at the walkthrough (or calling to the Lucas Arts hotline when lost in the jungle). Still, play this game just for the jokes, which have nothing to envy from today's sitcoms and comedies. If you like the Python crew, you'll love this piece of comedy art.
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Here we go again! Weeeeeeeeeee!
jaspervanzyl23 March 2001
The weird, interesting second sequel to the classic Secret of Monkey Island is just about as much fun as the original, probably because director Ron Gilbert has teamed up once more with the brilliant co-creators of the first game.

This time around you once again play Guybrush Threepwood, who, by reputation isn't exactly what you call smart, nor handsome. Ha! Well, this time you have to find something big... The TREASURE OF BIG WHOOP!

The sequel is also filled with hit-the-spot punchlines lines, for instance:

Elaine: "Get out of my house, Threepwood!"

Guybrush: "But I came all this way just to see you. At least get me a beer!"

Overall, the sequel isn't quite the original, but certainly lives up to all expectations. Praise Ron Gilbert for what he's done for games, and let us always remember Guybrush Threepwood!

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Funniest game ever!
edwardgoodall14 March 2002
I remember playing this game a few years ago (I still play all four). I have to say this is the funniest game i've ever played! What other game overs you the sight of a man wearing a pink dress with boots! I highly recommend this to those of you out there who have a brilliant sense of humour and fun.
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Quackle20 February 2003
Warning: Spoilers

Unfortunately, I dislike this sequel to the brilliant "Secret of Monkey Island". It is a long drawn out story (I believe it's the longest out of all 4 Monkey Islands), and it does get boring to play after a while. The end is also rather baffling, and it does take the mickey out of Star Wars... 4/10
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Great! Strange but Hilarious all the time!
Squirelly Joe30 May 2002
So, after it's opeining sequence, we see Guybrush (once again) telling the tale of how he defeated LeChuck. The Story is starting to get old. So, soon he's off in search for a new one. The fabulous treasure of Big Whoop. Soon he find's LeChuck is back and is after him after literally "GIVING" a piece that could bring LeChuck back. Over all it's a great game with characters you can relate to.
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Just didn't do it for me
apjooz8 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I need to make some direct comparisons to The Secret of Monkey Island (10/10) otherwise it's hard to illustrate what are the things this game lacks. So here we go:

-Objective: In the first game, Guybrush wanted to become a pirate. Later in the game, governor, which he kind of had a crush on, was kidnapped so he went after to save her. In this game Guybrush goes after a treasure we know nothing about. Totally not motivating.

-Atmosphere: In the first game there was this feel of danger and threat of ghost pirate LeChuck from the very start of the game when the player entered the Scumm bar and talked to the characters. You also had this mean sheriff Fester Shinetop to look out for. The whole Melee island was lively. In this game you kinda get the same thing at the start of the game but Scabb island is dead, there is no-one there. And all this spooky and threatening atmosphere is almost totally forgotten in the way too long second chapter of the game.

-"Realism": The first game was funny, childlike adventure in which you could totally dive into the adventure. This game, however, is full of scripted disappointments and reminds you of the boring real life. Nagging Elaine is the best example I can give you, Guybrush also faces a lot of misfortunes.

All in all, just doesn't feel like a grand adventure for me.
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LeChuck Strikes Back
Progressive-Element24 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Like it's predecessor, there's plenty of references to the Star Wars series - along with Indiana Jones. Much like those films, this goes the 'dark second act' way, though it's still laugh-out-loud funny all the way through. A plot twist at the climax is even a direct riff of The Empire Strikes Back.

Guybrush, now a mighty pirate, is unfortunately still a little shallow in the brain department. When we first see him, he's dangling on a rope, a large chest in his hand, holding on for dear life. Elaine Marley suddenly turns up, abseiling down, and asks Guybrush how he got himself into this mess. Guybrush proceeds to tell his tale... and the game proper begins.

One factor I didn't mention in a review I posted for the first game, was the excellent music that played a big part in the game's appeal. This game's soundtrack surpasses that game and never lets up - though the Amiga version, awesome as it was, wasn't as technically proficient.

When we start, we see Guybrush, on Scabb Island, telling the tale of his defeat of LeChuck to some pirates. It seems though, that he's been telling this tale far too often as everyone has become bored of hearing it - though they never quite remember it accurately, one version of the tale being a pirate drank so much root beer than when he burped he exploded...

Like the previous game, its split in four parts, essentially four acts.

Part 1, The Largo Embargo, reveals Guybrush, searching for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop, is trapped on Scabb Island along with everyone else thanks to a ludicrously extortionate embargo courtesy of the bullying Largo LaGrande. A chance meeting with a voodoo priestess, who he'd met in the previous game, allows Guybrush to create a voodoo doll to rid the island of Largo, who it is revealed was a former accomplice of LeChuck's. When Guybrush however, starts boasting to Largo that he slew LeChuck and presents him LeChuck's beard as proof, Largo snatches it before escaping. Guybrush has inadvertently given him the means to resurrect his undead nemesis.

Part 2, Four Map Pieces sees Guybrush flit between Scabb, Phatt, and Booty Islands to track down the four pieces of a map that will reveal the island Big Whoop is buried on. As revealed by the voodoo priestess, Big Whoop holds the key to defeating the now-zombified LeChuck, who has sworn vengeance.

Part 3, LeChuck's Fortress, sees Guybrush smuggle himself into LeChuck's creepy fortress after a cartographer, Wally B Feed, is kidnapped to prevent him revealing Big Whoop's location to Guybrush. Guybrush soon discovers Wally is bait for a trap. LeChuck has set up an elaborate means to kill Guybrush - fortunately, our hero's entry into a spitting competition earlier comes in handy...

Part 4, Dinky Island sees the story come full circle as Guybrush locates Big Whoop. Right after finishing his story, Guybrush once again finds himself in a showdown with his undead nemesis.

The ending of the game is it's only real sour note. It seems like they either didn't know how to end it, were going over schedule and simply rushed it, or they wanted to leave things open for another follow-up. What we get anyway is a strange Twilight Zone-ish ending, where it initially seems like it was all a dream, but then we discover, it's far from over...

Mixed feelings about the ending aside, a masterpiece.
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Guybrush grows a beard
TheHande16 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Monkey Island 2 has always been my least favorite game in the series. The reasons why I don't like it are easy to get into, but first I'll mention the positive aspects of this title.

Graphically the game is beautiful for the time, with excellent cartoony animations and great variety with its locations. Many of the characters from this game such as Wally, Bart and Fink, and especially Captain Dread are some of my all-time favorites. What I really loved about the game however was the high-quality soundtrack of Michael Land. He gives us great variety with the melancholy tunes of Scabb Island, the memorable Largo theme and Bone Song, and the warm reggae beat of the Jolly Rasta. This game easily has one of the best soundtracks in the series.

The reason I hate this game is that it takes a very specific change for "mean" with its comic approach. Guybrush is an utter jerk and much of the humour in the game is not very enjoyable for this basic reason. In other games Guybrush is bumbling and lovable, but MI2 you actually want bad stuff to happen to him because he has become really arrogant since his defeat over LeChuck.

Additionally, the game is hard. Part II in which you have to collect the four map-pieces, there are so many things that you have to accomplish that it's easy to lose track of what you're doing and what is your main priority. Also, puzzle sometimes require quite large leaps of logic and given the effort required to finish the game the ending is a real let down.

In my view, the weakest in the series.
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This game is better than your face
Retspec3 July 2003
Because I would definitely plant one on Guybrush, and I'm perfectly comfortable with my sexuality. But not yours.

Those who say it's too long, or weird really don't know what they're talking about. If this game is weird, then so am I.

Play it now, skanks.
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